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Client Interaction Design Fit--screen size

Almost all Internet applications are migrating to mobile phones as the application platform for each mobile OS is online. But unlike PCs, PCs have evolved over the years, in the design formed a lot of unwritten rules, such as the width of the Web page is around 960px "of course, as the overall computer screen to large size and high resolution development, in addition to the background widescreen adaptive, many pages are also moving towards a wider direction of development." A wide range of mobile phones, the size of the screen, the proportion of different, and the phone's screen itself is small, so it is necessary to consider the application of different screen size ...

Comparison and evaluation of four interlocking screen software of Android platform

One, lock screen interface, who is the most beautiful with Google's Android smartphone platform popular, its mobile application software is also increasing. And the mobile phone lock screen software is commonly used in daily life an application. Today, we will go lock screen, lock screen Assistant, Ripple lock screen, magic lock screen, such as four more commonly used lock screen software to make a comparison, to see their performance on the Android platform. App Go lock screen is a cool interface of the lock screen software, with a variety of lock screen scheme, in the lock-screen style can activate the phone, SMS, photo and other functions, emergency unlock function, accident can also ...

Android Tablet PC Design

There is no longer a need for designers to create experiences for a variety of mobile devices than they do now. As tablets are being accepted, we are in the post-PC era, and the company will take advantage of the quality of the tablet's user experience to capture the user's attention.   Successful Android tablet applications require a great idea to encourage users to download, use, and retain, as well as a user experience that makes it intuitive for Android users to find and adapt to the use of the environment. Next, learn about the ipad iOS user interface with Android ...

Logo design principles in the Android 2.0 environment

Create a unified look, feel the full user interface will increase your product added value. The refined graphic style also makes users feel more professional in the user interface. This document provides some information to help you create icons in different parts of the application interface to match the universal style under the android2.x frame. Adhering to these guidelines will help you create a seamless and unified experience for your users. To make the work of creating icons faster, you can download the android icon template package. For more information, please visit the Android icon template package for use. Android ...

Another perspective landscape: mobile phone product design horizontal screen mode

The process of designing is more than thinking. A valuable design, not how gorgeous design, how successful innovation is how successful, those who will know that he is a good designer to do such a design, his design is the essence of what is. Internet products or mobile products even more so, designers need to know what your product to solve a core issue, and then propose a sufficiently elegant solution, so as to solve the user's "pain point" problem, give users the most intimate design. When I first started designing, I liked to add complex animations to some details.

IOS, Android, WP three mobile operating systems horizontal contrast

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > If you're looking to buy a new smartphone (perhaps your first smartphone), it's important to spend your money to satisfy yourself. The choice of smart phones is actually a large part of the choice of operating system ... If you're struggling with IOS, Android, or Windows Phone, you don't know which one to buy, so lately ...

IPhone 6 Plus experience: Embarrassing for big screen Android phones

Donews November 7 (reporter Shifei) after receiving the iphone 6 in half a month, Donews reporter also uses the iphone 6 Plus one week time. As one of the biggest updates Apple has ever made, if you are a consumer who has been using a big-screen mobile phone, it would be handy to believe that iphone 6 Plus will work. With the iphone 6 in detail, the 6 Plus is primarily experiential, compared to the iphone 6 and competitor and ...

Android vs iPhone icon design guide

Before researching the icon design for Android, it's important to understand how the Android interface fits into a variety of screens. Adaptability As mentioned in a blog post, because the same UI element (such as a 100 × 100 pixel image) looks smaller on a high-precision screen than on a low-precision screen, in order for both screens The picture looks similar effect, you can use the following two methods: The program will scale the picture, but the effect is poor. Provide a picture for each of the two precision screens. But the parameters of the screen are varied for each ...

Android Wear Design Guide

This article by Jiangnan University Graduate School of Design translation Lu child, see a new form of a new UI design patterns. At a high level, Android's wearable UI consists mainly of two core aspects: advice and inquiry. Applications play an important role in both. Suggestions: The information landscape is a vertical list of layouts, each of which shows useful or timely information. Just like Google Chrome on Android phones and tablets, users sliding vertically, understanding card briefs, or using it for themselves ...

Android user interface design: relative layout

Understanding the layout is important for good Android programming. In this tutorial, you'll learn all about the relative layout, which is used to organize user interface controls or gadgets on the screen relative to other controls or their parent layout. When used correctly, relative layouts can be powerful and flexible layouts, and many interesting Android user interfaces can be designed based on it. What is a relative layout in addition to displaying the control in a row or column of a linear layout, the relative layout is also androidhttp://www.aliyun.c ...

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