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Enterprise Architecture in cloud service era using mixed software as service

By reading this article, it architects will learn how to use the EA tag and IBM Rational System Architect to communicate effectively with business users and other stakeholders, including service providers. Good Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the main driver of effective adoption of a service-oriented architecture (SOA), which was proposed a few years ago, and many customers have paid for project failure or half failure due to lack of "due diligence" on EA. The main part of the architecture (between business processes and IT services ...).

As a cloud service provider, what benefits can the pro-plus communications cloud bring to developers?

In the field of communications cloud, pro-Plus is a veteran, from the beginning of the establishment, the pro-plus communications cloud has been committed to the field of multimedia communications, accumulated a lot of technical basis and experience. Along with the rise of mobile internet and cloud services, pro-plus communications cloud aimed at the mobile app social, chat just need, through the cloud service model, fast and easy to provide multimedia communication features to developers, so that developers can quickly for their own app to add users in the application of single chat, group chat, walkie-talkie, Real-time voice chat and other functions, so as to help the app social. If a developer does it himself ...

Security as service: the advantages and risks of cloud security

The field of information security hides a dark secret from us: We are fighting a losing war and losing our position at an alarming rate in the form of data leaks. This is not because we are not trying to protect the assets of the enterprise, but because it is a simple fact: the attackers have more time and tools to attack than our defenses. Some enterprises simply do not have enough money to invest in the resources needed for information security programs, while others try to deploy "half-baked" information security programs to meet compliance requirements with minimal personnel and budgets. Visible, we are fighting a war and ...

Explore user expectations for cloud service standards

When cloud services are running smoothly and service level agreements (SLAs) are in place, business parties, businesses, and institutions may want to transfer data from cloud storage to different providers, but find it impossible to do so for some reason. One reason is that the data format required for API calls to store data in the cloud is incompatible with, or not interoperable with, API calls used by different providers to store data in the cloud. As a result, the business side will be confronted with data transmission failure due to the format used by different providers before choosing a provider to provide cloud services ...

"Cloud outsourcing" model will lead the 3.0 era of service outsourcing development

At present, we are in the beginning of the third wave of information technology revolution, cloud computing will become the latest "destructive" driving force, can improve social productivity, promote the overall social information, and completely subvert the current business model and system. From an industrial point of view, as in the 90 's "millennium bug" for India's outsourcing enterprises brought about by the development opportunities for China's outsourcing industry, this is China's service outsourcing industry and enterprises "overtook" the world's big opportunity. The development of information technology from the computer, Internet age now into the 3.0 era, that is, the cloud era. Modern service ...

Each cloud storage vendor will backup as the preferred service to launch

Each cloud storage vendor has backup as the preferred service to launch, and backup is the most popular way to use cloud storage.   Since cloud backups are often considered to be only for small companies, some large enterprises are currently using this technology for data protection in remote offices and desktops and notebooks, or as a complement to existing backup systems for archiving and offline backup. The benefits of backing up to the cloud are obvious: no need to back up the architecture, minimize the enterprise's need for IT resources, and make it a part of the monthly enterprise operating costs on a pay-as-you-go basis. But given the safety of the question ...

Choosing a cloud service provider as a wife: six major factors

Whether you're a big company, a small company, or a developer who wants to start a business, choosing a cloud provider is a tricky business. The cloud services you need may soon exceed the support capabilities of your service provider, so you need a service provider that can grow with you. Here are six ways to help you and your business choose the right cloud service provider. 1. Uptime and service level agreements are very important for uptime, especially when you're engaged in online business, and your customers need to get information and trade through your website. Think about if your site is on holiday service ...

CIOs do not care about the energy efficiency of cloud computing, categorizing it as a cloud service provider

What is the green cloud computing? And self-built and operating data centers for comparison, the cloud computing whether energy or energy? Compared with the hosting mode, cloud computing is not really have a higher energy efficiency? And Advanced Data Center Hosting Services (Ideally Power Usage Efficiency - PUE = 1) What's Cloud Computing? Which is more energy-efficient than buying your own cloud from a cloud service provider (building your own services and applications under your corporate firewall)? Most CIOs can not back ...

"Pioneer" Universal data high available cloud services behind is a powerful service operation + open platform

At the "2014 Global Cloud Computing Conference" in September, the Universal data officially released the GDS cloud disaster preparedness solution, which further consolidated its position as China's disaster recovery industry leader, established in 2000, the world's data, the beginning of the main disaster preparedness business mainly, Since 2007, the expansion of the entire data center business, currently in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Kunshan, Chengdu have built a high level data center, the country has 17 data centers operating. In an interview with senior Vice President Chen Yilin of kingdoms data, it was mentioned that there were no extensions to North America, Europe and other regions ...

Yat Chong Cloud customer Service: A SaaS-based cloud Enterprise Services tool

The SaaS Pioneer Series is CSDN cloud computing channel, dedicated to free reporting on domestic SaaS market segments including OA, CRM and other fields of pioneer enterprises, in the previous reports, we have reported the different customers, Worktile, DAYHR, the market has a warm response, Many SaaS start-ups have joined us. Today's recommended business is from the beautiful abundance Chengdu, Yat-Chong Cloud customer service is a SaaS based Cloud Enterprise Services tool for enterprise external customer Support services (after-sales service) and internal staff support services, ...

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