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Hyper Cloud Dong Xin: Cloud servers are for specific cloud applications

As the word cloud gradually became popular, many of the nouns associated with it began to flood users ' eyes and ears, and "cloud Server" was one of them. However, what is the "cloud server"? What is the difference between it and a traditional server? I believe many users still have doubts. Recently, a chance to let reporters interview China's first "cloud Server" supplier World Super Cloud company vice President Dong Xin, will be "cloud server" a probe. ▲ World Super Cloud Vice President Dong Xin is different from the traditional server! Two characteristics of cloud server what is Cloud server?...

Oracle releases new SPARC servers world's fastest CPU

"Tenkine Server channel March 27 News" Oracle today announced the launch of a new SPARC T5 and M5 server running Oracle Solaris as a comprehensive upgrade to the high-end SPARC server product line. The newly launched Oracle SPARC T5 Server is based on the world's fastest microprocessor SPARC T5. The world's fastest microprocessor SPARC T5 today's business needs strong computing power to fully tap large data to maximize competitive advantage, using analytical tools to explore ...

Shut down ghost servers, save energy.

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Ten Best Practices for Cloud Deployment

According to CompTIA, the IT trade association, 80% of businesses today claim that they are using some form of cloud solution that includes virtual machines that can be enabled on demand, as well as easy-to-buy, easy-to-use application. Laura Maio, manager of customer solutions at Trend Micro, believes there are currently three key trends driving the use and deployment of the cloud: The first trend is that businesses use the public cloud as a natural extension of their internal environment, and the second trend is for businesses Of non-IT business departments using public cloud can access services faster ...

Small and medium-sized enterprises must pay attention to seven aspects of the purchase of foreign servers

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud mainframe technology hall facing the development of large data on the Internet, many small and medium-sized enterprises traditional business has been hit by the upsurge of new business, at this time, the previous small and medium-sized enterprise used a single virtual host can not meet the needs of business development, Strong data exchange and storage for IDC product performance requirements are more and more high, followed by security is a huge challenge; in order to break through the virtual host itself in all aspects of the restrictions, high-performance High security server to become the majority of customers the first choice, so far, the server market has been vigorously developed ...

Earth's fastest product Oracle releases new SPARC servers in China

"Tenkine Server channel May 15 News" The fastest server on the planet! Oracle launched a new SPARC T5/M5 server with the fastest microprocessor in the world, offering a full range of applications beyond the IBM power7+ processor, at a new SPARC series server launch in Beijing yesterday. This time "' Core ' power, new limit" Oracle New SPARC Series Server Conference tour will be in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi ' an, Jinan 、... in late May

Oracle launches enhanced data analysis software for business intelligence cloud servers

Oracle Global Assembly, October 3, 2012-Oracle announces enhanced data analysis software optimized for Oracle exalytics Business Intelligence Cloud Server (Oracle Exalytics as Machine). Oracle exalytics Business Intelligence Cloud Server is the industry's first high-speed integrated design system with business intelligence software and hardware, providing the ultimate performance for data analysis and performance management applications. From discovery information to visualization to mobile data analysis ...

Energy-saving switches and servers: Environmental protection is a popular trend or a real value.

The term organic is probably the most widely used in the food industry, but green it is also used frequently. But unlike green-food advocates, not every IT professional buys it products because of the environmental benefits. The IT industry is increasingly focused on it environmental protection, and it is now becoming easier to find some energy-efficient switches and servers that can help businesses cut back on unnecessary energy consumption. While many companies are willing to choose products that may reduce their spending, the adoption of environmentally friendly products can also add a certain cost. It organizations should consider the size of their environment, as well as the total embrace ...

Why Hong Kong servers are becoming more and more popular

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall now People's life can not be separated from the network, especially in China, the development of the Internet seems to have reached the peak, This creates business opportunities for many people on the web. With the increasing number of stations, there is a growing demand for the leasing of domain names and servers, so there are more and more people renting servers. Domestic server ...

Trend Technology Enterprise Security Cloud Disk brings "best" cloud storage

Cloud computing has been hailed as the beginning of the fourth information revolution, with its full use of the Internet's penetration and seamless integration with mobile interconnecting devices, providing users with almost omnipotent super services. However, the data stored in the cloud on the one hand create unlimited value, on the other hand, is becoming a super hacker, network illegal organization, APT attack "target".   Over the past few years, the major public cloud manufacturers frequent leaks of the incident so that users are quite worried, the emergence of trust crisis so many enterprises have turned, choose to build private cloud storage platform. To build a private cloud that is both perfect and practical, businesses must ...

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