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Hyper Cloud Dong Xin: Cloud servers are for specific cloud applications

As the word cloud gradually became popular, many of the nouns associated with it began to flood users ' eyes and ears, and "cloud Server" was one of them. However, what is the "cloud server"? What is the difference between it and a traditional server? I believe many users still have doubts. Recently, a chance to let reporters interview China's first "cloud Server" supplier World Super Cloud company vice President Dong Xin, will be "cloud server" a probe. ▲ World Super Cloud Vice President Dong Xin is different from the traditional server! Two characteristics of cloud server what is Cloud server?...

High density servers are needed in the cloud computing Age data Center

At present, the famous interactive website ">facebook already has 500 million registered members,   And the company is working on how to improve server computing efficiency in a limited space to cope with exploding business growth. The ultimate solution, however, is to deploy a high-density data center, with Facebook's improved data center in Silicon Valley, which is only 14560 square feet in size. But don't ...

IBM leverages cloud computing resources to automate configuration of servers

The latest series of campaigns suggests that the blue giant is taking big strides on the road to perfecting the cloud computing technology platform. While recently releasing a system-level software--VM control that can help users manage cross-platform virtual servers more efficiently and reduce data center costs, IBM revealed that a more high-performance Power7 processor is also scheduled to be launched early next year. In addition, the annual IBM Rational Software Development Forum is based on the "Software Economics" ...

Oracle releases new SPARC servers world's fastest CPU

"Tenkine Server channel March 27 News" Oracle today announced the launch of a new SPARC T5 and M5 server running Oracle Solaris as a comprehensive upgrade to the high-end SPARC server product line. The newly launched Oracle SPARC T5 Server is based on the world's fastest microprocessor SPARC T5. The world's fastest microprocessor SPARC T5 today's business needs strong computing power to fully tap large data to maximize competitive advantage, using analytical tools to explore ...

For Cloud Servers Intel will release SoC SoC

In cloud computing deployments, the implementation of high-density servers has been further enhanced, and Intel hopes to take a bigger share of the big cake in the server market by shipping server chips to be released next year. Intel hopes to integrate Broadwell-DE high-performance server chips on its server boards. As Intel's first system-in-server server chip, the Broadwell-DE chipset does not support slot mounting, which is the difference between the chip and other standard server chips. "It can achieve more high density ...

A new generation of Dell PowerEdge servers revolutionize storage and management

[YORK server channel September 12 news] September 10, 2014, Dell announced a new generation of Dell PowerEdge servers officially released. The new generation of Dell PowerEdge servers is designed to help customers around the world meet and optimize the evolving requirements of applications and workloads, optimize cost-effectiveness for the widest range of Web, enterprise and very large applications, and leverage first-class capabilities in storage, processing and memory technologies Technology and industry-leading system management capabilities. New Generation Dell PowerEdge Server New Release (From left Dell Greater China ...

Wave trusted servers to fill cloud computing security space gaps

"Trusted Computing" is not a new term for the industry. But in the server domain, the application of trusted computing and products has not been a breakthrough development.   This may be due to the server for performance and stability requirements higher, in the development to the virtualization server, the underlying platform virtualization is not effectively supported, on the other hand, the user's own confidence in computing and the degree of adoption is far from reaching the standard of popularization. However, with the great changes in the international information security situation, especially since the "prism door", the state and enterprises are facing unprecedented ...

Dell will provide dedicated servers to help businesses build private cloud

Dell said in Thursday (August 23) that it would provide dedicated servers within the Dell Data center and external application and storage services to companies seeking to build private clouds. Dell's "Cloud dedicated" (Dedicated cloud) program is designed to reduce the strength of the local hosting server's companies and migrate the work to Dell's data centers outside the company. Dell will provide IAAS (infrastructure services) services through a private cloud. This reduces the cost of deploying servers and managing services locally. Dell says the program helps companies migrate applications to the cloud. ...

How to structure a cloud computing platform based on virtualization technology

With the promotion of business, how to improve the system performance of cloud computing has become a new research topic, aiming at these problems, this paper mainly puts forward the architecture of cloud computing platform based on virtualization technology, and studies the server cloud of platform, which is the core of the platform. Virtualization Technology Studies virtualization technology, can be a physical unit virtual into multiple logical units, so that a physical unit can run multiple applications. This has an inestimable effect on the efficiency of resource use, and the management of various resources is more convenient. The current cloud computing model is mainly divided into: private cloud, public cloud and mixed cloud ...

SOA-based cloud computing PAAs platform in the logistics field

1. Logistics enterprises in the plight of many logistics enterprises in the competition, whether the enterprise can stand out, mainly depends on how quickly and efficiently adapt to market changes. A company that wants to be able to adapt quickly to change needs a flexible system that maximizes proximity to customers, responds to customer dynamic needs, and helps companies seize dynamic business opportunities. Therefore, the business processing of enterprises must go out of their own scope, with multiple customers and partners to coordinate. For example. An international freight forwarding company's business, usually across the corporate boundary ...

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