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Porticor proposes cloud encryption solutions to simplify data encryption

Data is generally protected by PKI, where data is encrypted, it creates a public key, theoretically decrypted by the private key held by the authorized person. However, this type of data protection extended to the cloud is complex. Migrating to the cloud poses a new set of complex security issues for the IT team due to the lack of direct control over data security. In addition, cloud vendors believe that data security is a common responsibility for service providers to ensure physical security, and that users must ensure their own servers and data. It is speculated that encryption and key management require a strategy, and that the key needs to be stored outside the cloud rather than inside ...

2014 Security: Focus Cloud encryption, network virtualization

The advent of 2014 has not halted the threat of data security. Just happened to pay the treasure inside Ghost events show that this is a war that is impossible to stop, and the latest US National Security Agency (NSA) quantum computer, which can decipher any cipher and encryption algorithm in the world, means that the security challenges we face are increasingly diverse. At the dawn of the New Year, Kindervag, the lead analyst at Forrester, has predicted for us what cyber-security professionals will face in the 2014 ...

Cloud computing Security: The pros and cons of cloud encrypted data

With the spread of cloud computing, businesses are storing more and more of their core businesses and important data in the cloud, but companies are increasingly worried about data stored in the cloud.   At this point, more cloud encryption service providers have sprung up. Many studies have shown that there is a big divergence between cloud service providers and their customers about who should be responsible for the security of customer data: Suppliers put their responsibilities in the hands of customers, but customers generally disagree. According to the Ponemon Institute last year ...

Hang production "Invisible Cloud Encryption Cloud disk" to the cloud disk information added password lock

"There is a cloud of rain in the wind, a cloud made of rain."   "Now, this song has been sung for a long time seems to be changed the lyrics is appropriate: Because the cloud is no longer just rain, but 0 and 1." Cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud terminals, cloud services, Foggy, a Yunshan. The popularity of cloud disk products, to the netizen in the preservation of data information on the provision of a great convenience. According to the latest data released by the Analysys think-tank, the number of domestic personal cloud storage users (Web version) has more than 351 million people, 2013 China's cloud computing industry scale ...

Mixed cloud Security: H-P key split encryption

To be able to better enterprise data security, away from the growing number of experienced hacker attacks, HP's new capabilities help IT staff encrypt data from the points they create, regardless of whether the data is in the cloud or local.   HP Atalla Cloud Encryption protects a range of unstructured data, such as payment information, electronic health files, and core critical systems of financial institutions, and can run through their entire lifecycle. Because of the current Hacking Team collaboration, each of them has their own point of skill, able to penetrate the security central, extract key corporate assets, protect such information without ...

Gartner: Strong divergence of cloud security growth still exists

According to Gartner, the 2013 market for cloud-based Security services will reach $2.1 billion trillion and will grow to $3.1 billion by 2015.   Gartner says Cloud security will keep growing strongly, but revenue opportunities will vary. Ruggero Contu, Gartner research director, said: "The cloud security market is still a viable market for providers to offer many opportunities for expansion." Encryption will be a new growth area, but it is still more complex. People are most interested in cryptographic products from the Yunan company because of this ...

Cloud Security: Security Cloud Backup deployment use case analysis

Security Cloud Backup has been a growing concern because it allows businesses to keep costs to a minimum while deploying offsite backups. In this article, we will analyze a specific use case for a secure cloud backup, which is comprised of the systems we describe in this article: An Enterprise internal replication server, Porticor Cloud security, and Amazon S3 as the final backup destination. Secure Cloud Backup: Business needs in this use case, the enterprise is struggling with inefficient and costly offsite backup infrastructure that requires ...

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