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"Rocky Hero Biography" public test bug frequency of the official direction of the player apology

A few days ago, Nexon Company issued a letter of apology for the company's recent system confusion. The Nexon company promises to fix it as soon as possible because of a token error every day in the early days of the test, and this bug even seriously affects the game's upgrade. Sufficient tokens will be added every Monday and Friday 10 o'clock in the morning. However, contradictions remain, even more serious. Today, Nexon Company has proposed a solution to this bug, what do you think of the measures taken by nexon companies during the crisis? In any case, the accident reminds Nexon that the company must ...

"Battle Hammer ol" Korean clothing died before the public test announced the end of service

After the Taiwan version of "Battle Hammer Online" in Today (2010) June end of service, South Korea NHN company September 7 also issued a painful announcement on the game's website, announced that the Korean version of the war Hammer Online will end the service at the end of this month.  "Battle Hammer online" in Korea even the public test has not begun to be given up. Battle Hammer ol in order to successfully promote the Korean version of "War Hammer Online", NHN even in the game before listing to help the role face "battle Hammer Online" Korean version of the agent NHN is in local time today two o'clock in the afternoon with EA together in the official ...

Bug problem solved "Final Fantasy 14" open today

More play network, a few days due to temporary bugs and can not be opened on time to test the Final Fantasy 14, today's official website issued a notice, the bug has been resolved, the game will be officially open today. Bring in a detailed report later.

Express: Final Fantasy 14 causes a delay in the test due to a fatal bug

Play more games Online (Lich Congus) September 1 News, originally scheduled for today's Japanese time in the morning 11, the Square Enix "Final Fantasy 14" in the number of hours before the official website suddenly announced because of the discovery of fatal bugs and suspended. At the same time, the official also said that the public test activation Code of the issuance of activities also suspended.  And the download of the test client (3.2G) is also suspended from 11 o'clock. Official announcement screenshot Currently the official does not indicate when the test will start again, there is further information to play the game network will give you a detailed report.

A major bug "Final Fantasy 14" was forced to postpone the test

The "Final Fantasy 14", which was scheduled to open on September 1, was officially confirmed to be delayed by a "major bug" in North America and Europe. Bring in a detailed report later.

"Final Fantasy 14" The date of the determination of the theme music MV release

Multi-Play Network (compiler/Lin Jie) SE official Twitter recently announced that "Final Fantasy 14" PC version of the game day service will be in Japan September 1 noon 11 o'clock, the beta version of Beta Beta. U.S. and European tests will start on August 31 19 o'clock (Beijing time is about August 31 3 o'clock in the morning) before the game has been in the closed test stage, and with the release date approaching, SE official finally announced, and the third phase of the closed test August 25 will be all over, And on September 1, the public test of Japanese clothing. The version of the public test is previously ...

The public measured less than one year Han Yi "Angel's Love ol" Stop Luck

By South Korea Eya Soft company operation of the Korean clothing "Angel Love Ol", will be stopped on October 28.  and Han Yi "Angel Love ol" is not yet a year.  Starting from November 18, 2009, the Korean uniform "Angel of Love Ol", although held with car models dating and other activities, to attract the attention of players, and because of the cute picture by the players love, but due to the content of slow updates and other reasons, the player gradually reduced, finally can only stop. (Edit Zhang Xing)

XB360 "Monster Hunter ol" will be on-line after the end of the day

More games to play Network (compiler Wizard Congus) July 1 News According to Japanese media news, currently in the public survey of the Xbox 360 version of "Monster Hunter Pioneer Ol" will be in Japan July 7 morning 10 beginning to enter the maintenance, and maintenance will be on the same day to enter the official online. However, it should be noted that although the public test phase of the Xbox's silver members can also play, but when the game officially online, the need to upgrade to the gold member to continue to play. The player who buys the game disc needs to use the code after entering and playing the same bundle of Xbox Live12 months ...

Nine City "Miracle World 2" August Public test Client launch download

Sina Science and technology news July 20 afternoon, nine city agent operation of the "Miracle World 2" (SUN2), will be launched in August, the game's public test account registration, activation and client download today officially launched. According to the introduction, "Miracle World 2" as the Korean Network Zen (Webzen) Miracle series of the latest works, continuation of the Miracle series of classic play and game elements, such as the dream of gorgeous wings, unlimited free PK and so on.  And on the basis of the continuation, "Miracle World 2" also carried out a number of improvements and innovation. Nine city said, "Marvel World 2" full public test surface ...

Korean imitation "alloy warhead" online game gigaslave plan 29th public test

South Korea GNI soft development, Sesi soft operation of the horizontal plate shooting online games, "Giga Slave" will be ready for the public test on July 22, and plans 29th official test. (Click to enter the official website) before, "Giga Slave" has completed 3 times, and the plan for a 1-week preparation of the public test directly into the formal test. Horizontal board shooting Games "Giga Slave" as "Art of War", in order to horizontal version of the unique simple operation and shooting, embodies a good feel. and similar to the horizontal version arcade game "Alloy ...

"Special Forces 2" video debut first-half public test

April 6, the latest news, South Korea CJ E&m yesterday officially held a press conference in Seoul Cave, announced its 2011 FPS Force "Special Forces 2" will be in the first half of the public test, and the media for the first public video game.  The top half of the video is currently run by Nermarble, "Fate Warrior ol" Introduction video, the second half is looking forward to "special Forces 2" promotional video. "Special Forces 2" still by the FPS plant Dragonfly for research and development. As a follow-up to the special forces, in combat, the former ...

"The Day of the Three Kingdoms" Korean service Test experience value trading system is causing controversy

(Compiling/Xiao Hee) Korea Hanguang Software "The Great War Prologue" as the topic of the Three Kingdoms theme MMORPG "The Three Kingdoms" will be in the Korean formal test today 2 o'clock in the afternoon. "The Three Kingdoms" is the Hanguang software after 4.5, 16 billion won the new game.  The Chinese classic "Kingdoms" as the foundation, the inclusion of Western fantasy color, advocating PvP and city warfare, and joined the heroic transformation system and other innovative game play. In addition, the beta version will be added to the new experience value trading system, that is, experience value in the form of goods transactions, players can be "experience-value backpack" way with the ...

China's first corporate cloud computing application opens

"Cloud" storm hit, China's first enterprise cloud computing applications opened the world's leading cloud computing services provider, in the recent completion of the CRM product of the new user interface (UI) research and development, the new UI more concise interface, new user-friendly functions, more user-friendly, is a major leap in CRM. In order to enable users to fully experience the new UI screen, hundred will start the National public Test competition on February 20, the entire enterprise users and individuals can participate. The user simply enters the active page ( ...).

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