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Hacker groups claim to attack corporate servers such as Symantec

Page 1th "> Hacker organization claims to attack Symantec and other corporate servers recently, several hacker organizations claimed to have attacked ImageShack, Symantec,   PayPal and other organization's servers. November 4, a hacker organization called HTP has hacked into the Web servers, MySQL databases, routers, and tubes used by imageshack ...

HP displays arm Low-power servers or threatens Intel status

Beijing time, November 2, Hewlett-Packard unveiled a plan to work with chip designer arm and AMD to develop ultra-low-energy servers, a move that threatens Intel's status. With the rapid growth of data centers and the increasing consumption of electricity on the Internet, many technology companies are looking for ways to make servers more efficient and save energy. HP launched the Low-power server system was originally launched by the chip testing technology company Calxeda, Calxeda mainly designed the ARM architecture server chip, HP called this Project "project M ...

IDC Experience: SME Web site Select the benefits of independent U.S. servers

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall with the rapid development of the Internet economy, more and more enterprises began to expand the global business road, however, in the beginning of the site, there is also a vital task, that is the enterprise IT server equipment procurement; Many of our friends know that choosing a U.S. server for a global business is a good idea, but there are still some concerns about the choice of American servers for startups, such as: When facing us stand-alone servers and virtual servers, why not ...

Energy-saving switches and servers: Environmental protection is a popular trend or a real value.

The term organic is probably the most widely used in the food industry, but green it is also used frequently. But unlike green-food advocates, not every IT professional buys it products because of the environmental benefits. The IT industry is increasingly focused on it environmental protection, and it is now becoming easier to find some energy-efficient switches and servers that can help businesses cut back on unnecessary energy consumption. While many companies are willing to choose products that may reduce their spending, the adoption of environmentally friendly products can also add a certain cost. It organizations should consider the size of their environment, as well as the total embrace ...

Flash memory is a new trend for servers that handle storing data in CPUs

In order to maximize the speed advantage of solid-state storage, more and more vendors are moving flash storage to the CPU that is closer to processing "> Storage data." Stec and OCZ Marvell Group also launched a flash memory device based on the pci-express (PCIe) bus interface last week. STEC Company is the first to enter the market, and launched a ...

Advantage cost savings for Enterprise managed servers

Managed server refers to the user entrusted with a perfect computer room, good network and rich operating experience of the service providers to manage their computer systems to make it more secure, stable and efficient operation.   That is, users put their own network equipment (servers, switches, etc.) in the professional server room provided by IDC service providers, enjoy high quality bandwidth, increasing value-added services and 24x7 maintenance and monitoring services. That is, the purchase of a server to the local telecommunications, netcom computer room, the use of this business, hosted by the server can achieve uninterrupted high-speed access int ...

Ministry of Culture crackdown on piracy: Internet cafes and video servers

November 10, the Ministry of Culture issued the "national Cultural market Intellectual property protection Special Law enforcement Action Program" notice, in the Moon March ago, cultural law enforcement departments will comprehensively combat piracy. According to the Ministry of Culture's notice, the Cultural law enforcement department will crack down on the internet game, "plug." In accordance with the provisions of the interim measures for the management of online games, resolutely eliminate unauthorised, unauthorized erection of the server, to provide external procedures, unauthorized Internet game online operation, online game virtual currency issues or transactions, such as illegal network games operating activities of the website;

A5 Marketing: An analysis of the original corporate web site is down the right or not ranked the five major reasons

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud mainframe technology Hall Once upon a time, you are in for the original site was down the right or not the rank of worry? In fact, many business owners in doing SEO will ask, the content of our corporate website is obviously original, is a word we beat out of a word, the site early rankings up, But Baidu big update after the ranking dropped, and the weight and flow is gone, such a problem is countless. From the current data shows that every day a large number of corporate sites are down the right, by K, was plucked hair, the reason is also very ...

AMD wants to break free of PC chains: Market for telecom servers

Sina Science and technology news Beijing time January 9 morning, AMD Senior vice President Lisa Su (Lisa Su) in an interview at CES, said the company is experiencing a difficult corporate culture transformation, overweight communications, servers and other new markets. Long-term PC chip design senior engineers are trying to adapt to the new way of working. 2011, AMD CEO Courville (Rory Read) dug Lisa from Lenovo. Previously, she worked in Freescale Semiconductors and IBM. Wall Street and Silicon Valley see her as the most promising executive of AMD. Lisa Watch ...

Data for the corporate network dark attack and defense war

Data for the corporate network dark attack and defense war. Data caching, also known as data extrusion, refers to the transfer of data from a computer without authorization. For the corporate network, these types of attacks can be done manually, such as using a USB drive; in addition, this attack can also be automated, when the need to use the network to transfer data. In this article, we will highlight the web-based data caching techniques used during penetration testing, along with the corresponding security hardening measures. As tunneling technology, we assume that we do not have valid domain credentials. This means that I ...

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