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EGL-K1 "free basketball" National Internet Super League

EGL-K1 "Free Basketball" National Internet Cafe Super League is a large-scale Internet game hosted by Hubei Shengtian Network Technology Co., Ltd., a professional gaming content provider EGL Athletic Union and Century Tiancheng K1 event platform, serving the national Internet cafes. National Internet cafes League, the total prize money of more than 150,000 yuan, from May onwards the total race lasted 3 months, for the free basketball fans across the country to create zero threshold civilian events. EGL-K1 "free basketball" National Internet Cafe Super League because of its largest scale, the longest time, the most participating teams, the highest bonuses, was ...

EGL-K1 free basketball to start the second round of election

Known as the "Best Basketball Game of the Year" by "the largest scale, the longest period, the most participating teams and the highest prize", EGL-K1 "Free Basketball" National Internet Super League has been launched at the moment. A few days ago, the first round of the sea election has decided 8 promotion teams - the promotion team is preparing for the offline race recharge! And on the evening of June 12, EGL-K1 free basketball second round of the sea contest is about to open soon! EGL-K1 "free basketball" National Internet Super League is by Hubei Shengtian Network Technology Co., Ltd. to serve the national Internet cafes professional gaming content providers ...

Egl-k1 "Free basketball" the first round of the National Internet Café Super League

  EGL-K1 "Free basketball" the National internet Café Premier League first round of auditions ended successfully yesterday, the telecom area and Netcom District promotion team were released. The final of telecom and Netcom area is eliminated by the integral elimination system, the team of each district in order to fight for 4 valuable line places to give great efforts. Below announced Egl-k1 "free basketball" the National Internet Café Super League first round telecommunication area and Netcom Area 4 promotion team. The first round of the telecommunications sector Promotion team: Friends of the Mountain CAG Sports Club, the Hilton Korean pine, Xinjiang road   Telecommunications team ...

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