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"Big" tat his first time as a man (figure)

Tat St for the first time in more than 20 years as the protagonist of the story tat in the film as the famous TV presenter, Uncle de, but its host program "Big" ratings decline, borrowing stocks and loss of this, owes a lot of foreign debt.  However, a chance, Uncle de unexpectedly in a noisy city buried in the ancient town found a valuable material, thus unfolding a sad happy life. By Hunan Satellite TV host Yang Le, Tat, Li Beqing, Liao and other starring "Big" will be landed on 11th in the national theaters, but Sichuan viewers can be on 8th to the theater to mention ...

Tat St More than 20 years, "big man" said every time the protagonist

TAT: Every time I am the protagonist (reporter Yang Lianjie) The comedy film "Big Man", scheduled for release 11th this month, released a trailer in Beijing yesterday. Stephen Chow has repeatedly cooperated with Tat starred in the film's actor-TV presenter Uncle de.  "Golden supporting" tat site for their own name, said that each time he played the protagonist. "Big" assembled tat, Lin Zizong and many other comedians, although known as "big Man", is about the sweets and bitters of the little people. Tat played by Uncle de in the film Encounter Life Trough: Host program ratings drop, stock losses debt ...

Li and his daughter are close, they want to put the family first.

Li and daughter intimate exposure is willing to put the family in the first 2010 years, Li Postpartum comeback became the focus of attention. At the beginning of 2011, Li is a full-scale attack, from the host program to turn for the boss to invest in TV dramas, work busy. [Page] However, Li has admitted that she is willing to put her family first if she chooses her work and family. She likes to clean up the house at home, like to serve her daughter and play with her daughter. It seems to her that all things are not important to her daughter, and her intimate chat with her daughter is the greatest pleasure for her and her husband. [Page] ...

Buy red sister after the case comeback host program: Don't Worry about me

Buy red sister (data map) yesterday, Beijing TV station Green less channel held a new program "the strongest lineup" premiere launch. Buy red sister in "fight son case" comeback, as host. Buy red Sister said: "I want to use this program as a new starting point for everyone to bring happiness, I hope to like my audience do not worry about my current situation." "Wang

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