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No winter Night online games using multiplayer online model similar to Diablo

Before, there have been news that the Dungeons and Dragons, Ol, Bo Tak door series, no winter Night series of developers Cryptic studio may develop no winter night online games version, and recently, there are news, no winter Night online game edition named "Neverwinter", under the Dragon and Underground City series, and,  The game is not an MMO, but multiplayer online RPG mode, and the game is likely to be more biased against the Diablo type. At the beginning of the rumor that cryptic studio is about to launch a dragon and underground City series of MM ...

Corporate video Conferencing There's a "free lunch."

When it comes to video conferencing, back in the 10, it's one of the most extravagant investments in the business, and the high cost of use is a way of burning money for businesses. Video conferencing system just entered the Chinese market, because of the large investment in technology research and development, harsh application conditions, poor compatibility performance, hardware and software requirements of many reasons for its price has been high.   Even today, the video conferencing system is often a port of tens of thousands of prices are not the average enterprise can afford. However, 10 years later, we see that with the rapid growth of mobile internet, not only all kinds of new mobile ...

"Chinese online game Death file" released: NET game elimination rate up to 1:1

"NET swims how much money, lose how much money", the net swims industry has circulated such a word.  Industry personage points out, in the big company scenery makes money behind, more unknown company already quietly disappears, unfortunately more people only see make money, did not see loses money, this is the net swims the profession to produce the risk the big reason.  More games online recently launched the first Chinese online game death file, according to the report data, the past ten years, for various reasons in China after the operation was forced to choose to shut down the server's large number of online games more than 120. According to the Ministry of Culture's first issue of ...

Cloud game Pioneer OnLive: the opportunity to subvert the gaming industry still exists

As one of the most anticipated applications of cloud computing, cloud gaming was once considered a disruptive change in the gaming arena. However, the birth of three years, the cloud game is far from Universal, leading OnLive also fell on the road.  So, does cloud game have any chance? Sinorama reporter Feng Haixu 2009, OnLive just launched the experience of cloud gaming services, although some questioned, but many people think it is a revolutionary innovative products. OnLive's philosophy is that, through the concept of cloud computing and technology, in the cloud game operation mode, all games are ...

Multi-Play Network President Lee Colling: Plagiarism will never create a new era

Hou Jiyong Beijing reports Lee Colling more than 10 years of playing the world is the result of groping, but this is not Lee Colling dream, his dream with the help of more play, yy success, become China's most successful real-time community, challenge the Facebook model. Zhongguancun Renmin University of China, the East gate of a bar, Beijing rain night, more play Net founder, President Lee Colling sat opposite reporters looking back at their own entrepreneurial road, not by feeling: if I continue to be a journalist, I still like everyone in the running news, in order to get a chance to ask questions kept hold. He graduated from Renmin University of China and spent years in this area ...

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