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What Windows Azure is doing in the past year

Since the release of the beta version of Azure from Microsoft two years ago, the azure cloud operating environment has not changed much in some ways. But in other ways-such as functional, organizational and marketing-Azure has changed dramatically, especially in the last 12 months. Microsoft started the Windows Azure Project when it was called "Red Dog", but only a small team of 150 people. But by today's location, the Azure team has reached 120 ...

Windows Azure new Feature backup service official release

This morning, we released a series of updates to Windows Azure. These new features include: • Backup services: Officially released Windows Azure Backup service hyper-v Recovery Manager: Open preview of Hyper-V Recovery Manager in Windows Azure • Virtual machine: Remove connected disks, set warning, SQL AlwaysOn configuration Active Directory: Securely managing hundreds of SaaS applications • Enterprise Management: Making ...

Azure leaves Microsoft for Fujitsu

Redmond Platform as a service (PaaS) technology in the embrace of Microsoft a full year later, finally left the Microsoft Data Center, to the IT giant supplier Fujitsu. Microsoft Azure is already running at Fujitsu's hardware in the Tokyo Data Center, and, despite the change of owner, users can interact with Microsoft's Azure service in the United States. August, Fujitsu Global Cloud platform/a5 (fgcp/a5 or Fujitsu Az ...)

Windows Azure pack--Microsoft Private Cloud Development Future

Cloud computing has been supported by a lot of users from the advent of cloud concepts to more and more instances. But in the face of a wide range of cloud solutions and tools, users who are just beginning to try cloud applications are more confused and disoriented. The biggest concern for users is the complexity of cloud deployments. In fact, finding the most appropriate cloud environment for a business--the best we can call it--is simple. In the case of Windows Azure Pack, Microsoft offers Microsoft users a free set of data to install into ...

Windows Azure Cloud Platform is so popular

In recent years, the total number of patents within Microsoft has more than 40,000, Microsoft's global investment of more than 9 billion dollars for research and development, said Microsoft is a treasure mine is not exaggerated, because it is in there are too many good technology, resources to precipitate there. From the release of the oldest version of Windows to today's release of the Windows Azure Cloud platform, countless programmers are familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio, and countless partners are developing applications on the Windows platform, and in their eyes, Microsoft has always been the technology leader in the industry ...

Azure Partnership needs to get rid of Microsoft Cloud White label

At times, Shanzhai may have the same performance as a designer, and achieve the same efficiency. A growing number of large, white-labeled cloud computing is emerging, and simple cloud-computing providers are realising that each of them is unable to effectively cover the entire market, and they need the help of their partners. Microsoft announced at its recent Microsoft Global Partners conference that it would launch its azure partner with a white-labeled Windows Azure for Resale, a move that would allow its partners to use their own ...

Windows Azure: Living Cells to Drive China's Public Cloud

Windows Azure is an enterprise-class cloud computing service platform from Microsoft that offers a very large amount of operational flexibility and more options for all personal and business users. At the same time, Windows Azure is also the core of Microsoft's business model transformation from traditional sales authorization to paid subscription mode. Through the Windows Azure platform, Microsoft can better provide services such as Exchange, Office and even Windows in the cloud. Since Microsoft Windows Az ...

Azure Services Discovery-Storage BLOBs Storage

The previous article is about the table storage of Azure Service, this article is mainly aimed at the other kind of special storage-binary in azure, such as unstructured storage, if our Azure services need to save non-traditional or structured data, such as pictures, audio and video media, etc. Then we need to use the BLOB storage.   The Windows Azure platform provides a good hosting platform and programming model. Blob storage differs from Azure table storage in terms of concept, before we see table storage being the heaviest ...

Why choose Windows Azure to host SQL?

Author information: This article is a joint work by Madhan Arumugam and Guy Bowerman of the SQL Server Cloud infrastructure team. Where SQL data is hosted, Windows Azure gives you two choices, SQL Server on the VM (hereinafter referred to as SQL/VM) and Windows Azure SQL database (hereinafter referred to as SQL DB). SQL/VM and SQ ...

Microsoft Azure combines cloud to build Izumo storage

Tiered storage Management (HSM) was first born in the mainframe era, when even a 300MB "high-capacity" disk would cost tens of thousands of of dollars. So, at that point, we had to look for a slower but cheaper disk repository that was built outside the disk array. However, while many emerging storage has emerged, HSM systems are still playing a role in today's specific environments. For example, Australia's CSIRO (the federal Organization for Scientific and Industrial research) still relies heavily on HSM schemes. Current Cloud ...

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