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Case study: Hands-on teaching you to design a film director Studio homepage

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall One, the final effect and PSD file PS: Because the file is relatively large, So I will design psd source files in the Flying Fish Sonar group shared files, welcome to download. Group number: 1,680,837,582, design requirements to create a film guide ...

What is a responsive web design? How to proceed?

Start the first article. The old rules, first boring talk about the weather. 11 long vacation, the weather finally began some autumn flavor, sitting in the room even feel the need for hot coffee. Said two years ago is also in the National Day holiday began to do Joomla document translation; Good time for a long holiday, always can spare a day or two, quiet nest in the home Do blog, learn to do something new, simply no more comfortable things. Say the right thing. Be prepared to focus on a few recent studies on the topic of "responsive web design", including concepts, practices, cases, and discussion of viewpoints. Compared to ...

A List Apart Classic article: Web design Path (next)

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall This is a List Apart classic technical essay A Dao of Web design The second part, based on the first part, describes how to achieve flexible, adaptable Web design in terms of font, font size, layout, and color matching. Finally, the author points out that ...

Mobile development Those things

To tell you the truth, we developed the mobile end of the project, the entire team of people are the first time, the initial project for the choice of native app and web app also debated, and finally comprehensive consideration, we chose the web (we chose the H5) development. But from the characteristics of these two development models, from the date of their birth began the constant debate, which is good or bad, this article does not discuss, but simply listed under my development problems and the final solution. 1. Responsive Web Design Speaking of this, mobile development facing the screen size that is called a abundant ...

Specification for design dimensions for iOS and Android interfaces

When you first touch the UI, the most is the size of the problem, what the canvas to build how large, the text should be used to fit, I have to do a few sets of interfaces can be? What 7788 is really a bit of a headache. & ">nbsp;    Nonsense not to say, I hope we patiently read, do not dwell on the size of the relevant things! Size and resolution ...

Guidelines for reading Good experiences: 100% Easy-2-read

Translator: Two days ago to see an article, feel pretty good, simple translation to share to everyone. Most websites are packed with small text that makes people feel miserable reading. What is the cause of this problem? If we think about it, there's no reason to cram so much information into a tiny screen. In fact, this is only a historical problem, because in the past, the screen is really small. Screen VS. Magazine: 100% is not big (from Wilson Miner) so ... Don't let me adjust the font size I don't want every ...

The road to success of Web applications-early prototype design and user testing

Recently some difficult to suppress the brain itch itch, reading and the desire of the code word is increasing, but by the time and energy and other absolute objective factors, have to maintain the frequency of a translation of a week, feel how much more frustrated and helpless. About this article, actually hesitated for a long time in the title. This is the 15th chapter of the new book a Practical Guide to web app success; The theme should obviously be in the Web application, but this chapter is a separate look, but it works for a variety of common types of web products. Whatever, not spears ...

IPad Mini brings developers more opportunities than challenges

Beijing Time October 26 news, according to foreign media reports, many of the previous applications are able to run smoothly on the ipad Mini. For program developers, the IPad Mini offers far more opportunities than challenges. Apple's ipad size never seemed to change before, the report said. Until recently, the company's newest ipad mini size was between the iphone and the ipad. Because it can run 275,000 applications, some people are puzzled. Many users spit on Weibo: "This guy is more like an enlarged iphon ...

Another perspective landscape: mobile phone product design horizontal screen mode

The process of designing is more than thinking. A valuable design, not how gorgeous design, how successful innovation is how successful, those who will know that he is a good designer to do such a design, his design is the essence of what is. Internet products or mobile products even more so, designers need to know what your product to solve a core issue, and then propose a sufficiently elegant solution, so as to solve the user's "pain point" problem, give users the most intimate design. When I first started designing, I liked to add complex animations to some details.

The success of Web applications prototype design and user testing in early product

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall recently some difficult to suppress the brain itch itch, reading and the desire of the code word is also increasing, but by the time energy and so on absolute objective factor limit, have to maintain a week a translation frequency, feel how many have so little frustration and helpless. About this article, actually hesitated for a long time in the title. This is the 15th chapter of the new book a Practical Guide to web app success; The theme should obviously be in the Web application, but this chapter alone ...

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