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Based on high performance computational application innovation to accelerate talent training

November 8, 2014, Guangzhou--2014 China High Performance Computing Symposium, held in Guangzhou, to review the achievements of China's High-performance computing technology, application development and talent Training 2014, today is the last day of the agenda, Intel also announced at the meeting that the "2014 National Parallel Application Challenge", sponsored by the China Computer Society High Performance Computing Professional Committee (CCF TCHPC), which is committed to promoting the future of China's high-performance computing software, has ended the intense final schedule. From China University of Science and Technology, Peking University, Shanghai ...

Cloud Wisdom: Implement enterprise application performance management with large data

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall "cloud wisdom helps us to establish a set of monitoring, response, analysis, management mechanism, effectively improve the business system support capacity. "--City tourism director Xu Meifeng" cloud intelligent real-time performance monitoring, in the peak of user access can be found in time to troubleshoot problems, to ensure the stability of the background performance, for the business development of the MO to provide a strong support. "--Mo MO Director Chen Yu Chong" The original thousands of servers need a lot of human task intervention, now realize the full ...

Implementing enterprise application performance management with large data

"Cloud wisdom has helped us to establish a monitoring, response, analysis, management mechanism to effectively improve the support capabilities of the business system." "--City tourism director Xu Meifeng" cloud intelligent real-time performance monitoring, in the peak of user access can be found in time to troubleshoot problems, to ensure the stability of the background performance, for the business development of the MO to provide a strong support. "--Mo MO Director Chen Yu Chong" The original thousands of servers need a lot of human task intervention, now achieve full automation, reduce the impact on business operations. "--pea pod quality ...

Second generation firewall standard release: Fusion security, depth content detection, Application layer performance

On the afternoon of February 4, 2015, under the guidance of the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Information Technology Informatization, the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security and other relevant departments, the deep convincing science and technology, NSFocus and the net God Information technology were jointly held by the second generation Firewall standard conference in Beijing National Conference Center. The chief engineer of the Network Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Safety, Shun Chunming of the Third Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, as well as the senior security experts who are deeply convinced, NSFocus and Guo Qiquan, made an important speech at the meeting. The second generation firewall standard should rise to the national standard Guo Qiquan introduced our country network security development ...

How to build a high-performance mobile user experience

In the new home a little bit settled down, but the heart or lack of practical sense of direction, cats are also some look forward to panic, to continue to habit; I hope everyone is well. The present candidate seems to have already had a translation, but as I said in "About Beforweb," I only pick what I like, my own learning and collection value, other factors that I do not have a half a dime relationship. No more, just get to the point. In interpersonal relationships, good first impressions are very important and people are willing to be in each other's body ...

Improve embedded system performance multi-core processor architecture

The processor's design is shifting from increasing the frequency to reducing power consumption, to meet higher performance requirements and to make the power consumption less than many applications can withstand, a significant change in the microprocessor is shifting from frequency to multi-core architecture.   This paper analyzes the improvement of the performance of embedded "> System design." Dual-core microprocessor is the focus of current computing design, to meet higher performance ...

Application delivery value emerging to ensure rapid cloud computing practices

Application of the prosperity and experience needs of the promotion, so that the traditional load balanced development to today's application delivery, however, with the advent of mobile internet and cloud computing applications, operators have put forward new requirements for the application delivery equipment, the major application delivery vendors also launched a concept based on their respective application delivery solutions, We have also invited digital applications to the top of the major companies in the market to explore the opportunities and challenges of the application delivery market in the telecommunications industry. Dialogue Guest: Radware, vice President of China ...

8 ways to improve ASP.NET Web API performance"> ASP .NET Web APIs are great technologies to write Web APIs so easily that many developers do not spend time designing application structures In this article, I will introduce 8 to improve the ASP.NET Web API performance of the technology. 1) the fastest JSON serialization tools ...

Yii PHP Framework v1.1.6 Publishing Large Web application high performance PHP frameworks

Yii is a component-based, high-performance PHP Framework for developing large WEB applications. In web development Yii can maximize code reuse, greatly improve the speed of development. The name Yii (pronunciation is Yee or [JI:], should be "easy" pronunciation) is representative of the easy, efficient (effcient) and extensible (extensible). This is the component-based, high-performance php ... uses large data to improve Web site performance

Car Sales Web site through the Web user clicks and machine generated log files to improve the revenue of the enterprise, and successfully resisted the malicious robot. E-Commerce has established an association between revenue and the quality of the user experience. For the large data of, the measurement of the degree of experience has become the main goal of the large data analysis. By analyzing 12 million visits per month, the company has not only optimized the user experience for consumers, but also gained deep operational insight and fraud prevention capabilities. To make a ...

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