Introduction To Jquery Mobile

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High-performance Web site Building Guide: 14 Principles for performance improvement

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud mainframe technology Hall today roughly browsed the high configured Web Sites." The Chinese version of this book is the "High performance Web site Building guide." This book has a further in-depth study of the individual issues of the advanced chapter "Evan Faster Web Sites", the translation of High-performance network ...

Hand-painted mobile end extreme experience

(Lennart Hennigs Ellazou & Charrywang translation Crispinzhu correction Check the original reproduced please specify the source) mobile end user experience design is becoming more and more mature. One way to measure this is to look at tools. The prototype tool allows us to create wireframe and click events, such as Balsamiq ...

Top Menu Usability research can make site navigation faster 22%

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Lobby summary: navigation is one of the most important elements in Web sites, but it is not easy to use in the design of the problem. "Top navigation" can accelerate the navigation speed of the website, speed up about 22%. can be achieved through CSS and JavaScript (or jquery) technology.   But it also has some disadvantages, such as the compatibility of mobile devices, the limitations of design. SirsiDynix company Ux/ui designer Hyrum Denney in Smashi ...

A brief introduction to the technical staff with product thinking

Page refactoring engineers have a special position in the Web research and development world, and his basic skill is to restore the design concept. The single Foundation is not enough, still need to focus on forward-looking web technology, participate in page dynamic design, sometimes even need to deal with some basic visual design work, and some refactoring engineers may also have server-side development capabilities or canvas, SVG and other graphics processing capabilities.   Abroad, this position is generally called Web Designer, but we prefer to call ourselves "page Aberdeen". If you have done page related ...

As a successful webmaster must master the 10 major technology, software

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall think of so many years walk through the pioneering road, really a bitter tears ah!" but think of so many halfway to give up, Failed, I am still very lucky, summed up their experience, I think the biggest factor is the overall technical structure of their own and the team is more comprehensive, and in the field of excellence to the first level. Today I think we have ...

Timeline Web site large Collection

If you have friends who are using Facebook, recently should have gradually started to have the opportunity to use the new version of the time axis interface, although the user for the time axis interface is mixed, but in reality, the time Axis browsing interface has several advantages: quick to see you and friends of good memories quickly meet a new friend to see More powerful, in particular, users can selectively enlarge some of the information in the time Axis browsing interface can easily let you add to the past has occurred in the life of events (Figure time ...).

A5 Source November Free construction site code update recommended

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall CMS article PHPCMS Content Management System Brief Introduction: Phpcms is an open source PHP development framework.   PHPCMS consists of more than 20 functional modules including content model, member, ask, topic, Finance, order, advertisement, mail subscription, short message, custom form, whole station search etc., built-in news, picture, download, information, product 5 big content model. PHPCMS uses modular development to support custom content models and Membership modules ...

Analyze website product mobilization strategy development process

At present, the mobile Internet is being sought after by the continuous introduction and update of smartphones and tablets, and the concept of SoLoMo (SocialLocalMobile) puts the mobile Internet as an important direction for the future development of the Internet. In this case, the Web site as a provider of online content and services should follow up the mobilization? Website how to layout mobile strategy? How to implement the strategy? Let's explore together. To answer the question of whether mobilization should be followed, it depends first on requirements, including user needs and site needs ...

How to keep our users

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall here to discuss with you, how to retain our users, you build the station purpose is? To the user to see, to the user to take what he wants, if you do not, you think he will come?   So this is all the building site team or individual must face the problem. So what a good way not to believe that everyone ...

How does the Pixable architecture support 20 million pictures per day?

Introduction: Pixable is becoming a light blog Tumblr (tumblr:150 The architectural challenges behind the amount of browsing), another hot social media, it is a photo-sharing center. But pixable can automatically grab your Facebook and Twitter images and add up to 20 million images a day, how do they handle, save, and analyze the data that is exploding? Pixable CTO Alberto Lopez Toledo and Engineering vice President Julio V ...

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