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35 open source tools help IOT

If you've been hitting the IT industry for some reason in recent years, then you've probably heard the word "Internet of Things." According to Gartner, although people are very much interested in the Internet of Things, but for the substantive development of the Internet of Things is not large. The number of devices connected to the network in 2009 was less than 1 billion, but Gartner predicts 26 billion devices will be connected to the network by 2020, generating $ 300 billion in revenue for manufacturers and service providers. all...

The EPC middleware system based on cloud computing platform

Last year, Premier Wen Jiabao made it clear in the government's work report that "speeding up the development and application of the Internet of things" once again reflects the Government's high emphasis on the developments of Internet of things. With the promotion of national policy, telecom operators are actively involved in the Internet of things, and the internet of Things is an important profit point in the future. 1 IoT architecture and design features of existing EPC middleware the Internet of Things is through radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning system, laser scanners and other information sensing equipment, according to the agreed agreement, any items connected to the Internet, exchange of information and communication to achieve intelligent ...

Design and realization of the minimum object networking system by a creator programmer

About the Internet of things (Internet of Things, abbreviated IoT) is an internet-based, traditional telecommunications network, such as information carrier, so that all can be independently addressed common physical objects to achieve interconnection network. The internet of Things is generally wireless network, since everyone around the equipment can reach 1000 to 5,000, so the Internet may have to contain 500 trillion to 1000 trillion objects, in the Internet of things, everyone can use electronic tags to connect real objects online, can find out their specific location on the Internet of things. Pass STH.

Oracle and Freescale Deep cooperation

Too much protocol and customization has led to the current disunity field of Internet, where each agency develops products that are printed with their own labels. Thankfully, there are also many institutions that are contributing to the development of the ecosystem as a whole. Prior to the Eclipse Foundation's foray into the internet of things, did the Machine-to-machine standard have been Dongfeng? In this article, we describe the Eclipse Foundation's 4 new projects to establish the Internet standards agreement and tools, and have been responded to by many names such as IBM, Sierra Wireless, Eurotech and Axeda. According to the recent ...

is open source Hadoop really cheap? To figure out your IT costs

& ">nbsp; Speaking at the TDWI summit of the 2014 Data Warehousing Institute in the United States, Richard Winter, a consultant with rich experience in data lifecycle management, pointed out that when using an open-source Hadoop architecture, it was important to calculate the cost of the data. Because many hidden costs lurk in the surface free architecture, ...

IBM WebSphere Cast Iron collaboration with WebSphere MQ telemetry by to deliver business message push

The web-based WebSphere MQ telemetry by (MQTT)-related technology provides a bridge between cloud computing and mobile devices to provide you with reliable network services in a low-bandwidth and unstable mobile internet. Cloud computing, mobile Internet, and IoT are the hottest keywords at the moment, and are the key technologies for future development. Cloud computing can provide people with strong computing power and storage capabilities, can effectively solve the mobile device computing capacity and small storage limitations, however, the real ...

2014 open source projects worthy of attention

1. Appium Official website: Http:// is an open source automation testing framework, which is mainly used for native mobile applications or hybrid mobile applications.   Appium uses Webdriver:json wire Kyoto to drive iOS apps and Android apps. Note: Webdriver is a selenium based automated test class library that is not running in the browser Javas ...

10 open source projects worthy of concern in 2014

"Editor's note" If you think the advantage of open source software is free and doctrine, then you are wrong, in today's software market, open source projects more and more dazzling, the choice of open source software is the biggest advantage is low risk, product transparency, industry adaptability and so on, but in the open source project area really influential enterprises, It is absolutely the enterprise that contributes the most code to this project. Network name for the architect of the blogger Li Qiang summed up the worthy attention of the 10 open source projects, are very valuable, the following is the original: 1. Appium official website: http://appiu ...

Data mining processing in large data age

In recent years, with the emergence of new forms of information, represented by social networking sites, location-based services, and the rapid development of cloud computing, mobile and IoT technologies, ubiquitous mobile, wireless sensors and other devices are generating data at all times, Hundreds of millions of users of Internet services are always generating data interaction, the big Data era has come. In the present, large data is hot, whether it is business or individuals are talking about or engaged in large data-related topics and business, we create large data is also surrounded by the big data age. Although the market prospect of big data makes people ...

14 Questions for Silicon Valley and Silicon Valley technology companies: Valuation Bubbles/Big Data

From the Silicon Valley firm, to everyone's discussion of the bubble problem, how large data and artificial intelligence combined? What is the prospect of science and technology in the 2015? Dong Fei, a Coursera software engineer from Silicon Valley, sorted out the dry goods and various occasions in his recent Stanford public lectures to share with you. He has a hands-on experience, as well as a detailed analysis of some of the companies that have worked or studied in depth, such as Hadoop, Amazon, and LinkedIn. Dong Fei page Here, the mailbox is Dongfeiwww@gmail ....

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