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Linux cloud computing Web2.0 together to create open source

In the absence of a breakthrough in desktop Linux, the steady growth of Linux in the server market has made it more of an enterprise-class application business card. However, with Linux's breakthrough in the field of mobile computing, mobile office has a new interpretation of the concept of Linux enterprise-class applications.  In addition, the development of WEB 2.0 and cloud computing has brought new development opportunities and challenges to open source. The virtualization giant VMware, a firm leader in Mobile, has recently joined the Open-source organization Li ...

Why don't you just run open source software on Linux?

For some industries, running proprietary (proprietary) software on open source Linux distributions is not an exception--rather common. On Wall Street, for example, "99% of apps on Wall Street rely on proprietary software."   Oracle is one of the things that we like to run on Linux with proprietary licenses, says Victor Yodaiken, Fsmlabs's president. Migrating to a Linux platform is not an either-or proposition. Linux as a ...

Advanced Linux Routing and traffic control: multicast routing

Multicast-howto is already very old (relatively), and inaccurate and even mistaken for 21136.html "> Reader. Before you start multicast routing, you need to reconfigure your Linux kernel to support the type of multicast routing you want to implement. This step requires you to decide what type of multicast route to use. There are basically four kinds: DVMRP (multicast version of the RIP Unicast Protocol), MOSPF (similarly, just OSPF), PIM ("Pr ...").

Linux (Centos) automatic offsite backup data (WEB+MYSQL)

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall article before the beginning, ask the webmaster a question: What is very important to stationmaster? In fact, for the webmaster, a lot of things are very important.   But we now exclude external factors, the scope of the site to reduce the system itself, which is very important? The website data is one of them. Website ...

The new opportunity and challenge of open source in the era of large data

Open source Hotspot Inventory 1984, Richard Stallman launched GNU and Free Softwarefoundation, which has been open source for more than 28 years. From the bottom of the operating system to advanced desktop applications, there are open source footprint. Linux, which is especially open source operating system, is a controversial issue and is subject to many commercial attacks.   Many people like to put open source and business together, to accuse Open source is how "irregular", "energy consumption", "instability" and so on, especially Microsoft. Talk about ...

Netbook triggers operating system redraw layout

Search giant Google recently announced that it will launch the Netbook OS Chrome OS in 2010 before it is extended to desktop computers.  The move means Google is officially declaring war on Microsoft, trying to pull the software giant off the throne of the global PC operating system market leader. Google's operating system is expected to come next year. Google recently said it intends to launch a new operating system for all kinds of computers, from netbooks to desktops. Before that, it had competed with Microsoft in e-mail, networking and other software products. Google said in its official blog that Chr ...

Cloud Computing Week Jevin Review (2.27-3.3)

Peak Showdown: hypertable (c + +) throughput Test victory HBase (Java) as is well known, in 2006 Google unveiled its BigTable paper as another innovation after Google's two innovations in GFs and MapReduce, It has a great technical advantage in the design of the management structure data in the case of mass data processing. and Hypertable and HBase are the most well-known two based on the bigtable design of the database, their differences ...

Deep analysis of the specific technologies used behind cloud computing

As a new computing model, cloud computing is still in its early stage of development. Many different sizes and types of providers provide their own cloud-based application services. This paper introduces three typical cloud computing implementations, such as Amazon, Google and IBM, to analyze the specific technology behind "cloud computing", to analyze the current cloud computing platform construction method and the application construction way. Chen Zheng People's Republic of Tsinghua University 1:google cloud computing platform and application Google's cloud computing technology is actually for go ...

Next IT revolution: micro-servers

"Editor's note" If you are a careful person, you will notice that devices in your home or office, such as televisions and routers, have rarely been upgraded since the factory, and they usually have a proprietary hardware platform and embedded Linux operating systems, but now the next generation of it change has begun, These proprietary devices will make way for multi-core processors such as arm and Intel, and the presence of micro-servers will change many industries today, and if you are a VC, this could be your next investment goal. The following is the full text: Have you ever calculated your home or work ...

4 reasons companies embrace open source

When developers think of open source, they only associate "free" with nothing else.   Because in general, people don't pay much attention to technologies that make them free to use and have little license restrictions. Now, when companies think of open source, they immediately think of "business agility."   In the face of today's rapidly changing market, enterprises pay more and more attention to "business flexibility", and put it in the first place in the development of enterprises. The relevant IT industry people say, using open source technology, can quickly and effectively develop new applications, but also to save costs, which makes Xu ...

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