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Interview Webmaster Mao Hongliang of Xiaogan Portal Network

Summary: Hello, Welcome to Tencent Technology It webmaster interview column. This issue we interviewed is the webmaster Mao Hongliang of Xiaogan Portal network. This interview, Mao Red light to share with us how he designed a user experience high site, how to organize so many wonderful everyone good, welcome to Tencent Technology It webmaster interview column. This issue we interviewed is the webmaster Mao Hongliang of Xiaogan Portal network. This interview, Mao Red light to share with us how he designed a user experience high site, how to organize so many wonderful offline activities and how to carefully plan the future development of the site, every step ...

FortiOS 6.0 VPN: SSL VPN troubleshooting

This page contains tips to help you with common challenges for SSL VPN. Tips are organized in two sections: diagnose commands and common issues.

Windows 7 system prompts you to perform a clean boot to resolve this issue

"Clean boot" is similar to > Safe mode, when you start your computer in this mode, you will run only the minimum number of startup programs and services. For example, if there is no error when you start your computer in Safe mode, a startup program or service may be causing the problem. When you troubleshoot a problem with a clean boot, you can try to turn off all startup programs and services when you start your computer, and then turn the startup items on or off systematically ...

How to build a private cloud

It is not a simple matter to build a private cloud. Let's begin to understand the expectations and definitions of the business environment, the cloud. So that we can structure the model we have created. If you want to ensure that the entire organization is covered, you must understand all of its processes and the techniques for building cloud computing. Here are ten steps to think about, build, and maintain your private cloud. 1. The first is what you want cloud trip is a huge IT trend. The problem is that the term cloud computing also means something for everyone. To start the journey, businesses need pragmatic cloud computing goals ...

Cloud vulnerability Release Report message, Ctrip leaked user credit card payment loophole

In 2014, March 22, the afternoon of the 18:18 points, Cloud vulnerability platform released data message that Ctrip system storage technology loopholes, may lead to user personal information and bank card information leaks. According to the survey of cloud platform, Ctrip opened the debugging function to the service interface for processing user's payment, so that some of the packets that were transmitted to the bank to verify the owner interface of the card were kept directly in the local server. The cloud report said that the leak of information included the user's name, ID number, bank card number, bank card category ...

Group buying site must not operate without a license, group buying website to do "gatekeeper" resolutely investigate "overlord contract"

The general Administration of Industry and Commerce issued opinions to standardize the network group purchase: Prohibit unlicensed operation, to protect the rights of consumers to return refunds, such as "3 15 International Consumer Rights Day" came, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "on strengthening the management of the network group buying business advice" to standardize the network group buying market Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of network consumers and operators. According to Xinhua News agency, Beijing, March 14, group buying site should not operate without a license to do "gatekeeper" resolutely investigate the "Overlord contract" opinion clearly stipulates that group buying website operators should be according to law ...

How to enhance the Exchange service by the key electric supplier in market competition

With the rise of the electric quotient, the Tenkine of Zhu Wei in south China has been followed by various problems. Among them, the exchange of goods is the most popular criticism, but this is an important issue to be solved. Return is a key to restricting the development of electric dealers, is a short board of the overall service. This is like a bucket, which determines the amount of water in this bucket is the short plate.   How to solve the after-sale problem so that consumers ' satisfaction is a subject between the major electric companies. After the maintenance of more relying on vendors, looking forward to Third-party platform network shopping is different from the offline sales, from the consumer under the single ...

Through the earthquake website was black focus on the site security capabilities

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall "5.12" since the earthquake, in China the earth has happened too many too many things. "Prosperous", let us see the hope of Sichuan, China's hope. But in this time of national mourning, there have been some things that have been spurned. Let's take a look at the relevant media reports: May 28, 29th night, Shaanxi province earthquake Information Network was a series of malicious attacks, the suspect modified the relevant information, and the homepage of the site to spread "23:30 Shaanxi will have a strong earthquake occurred" and so on ...

The traditional enterprise enters the electric business way: The Enterprise structure presents 4 big changes

In the cool has nets, send the network hosted "2010 Cool has the electronic Commerce Summit", the domestic e-commerce industry leader Cong, Massamasso CEO Hong, general manager Bustie, such as a few of the Big Boss, on "How to do a good job in apparel E-commerce," the theme of the discussion. Traditional clothing enterprises to speed up the process in 2010 Cool Clothing E-commerce Summit, Kongkong proposed: Domestic apparel enterprises to accelerate the process. 85% of the leading companies in the United States are formerly well-known traditional enterprises, but China's traditional enterprises are not a few leading. Because in the United States these biography ...

Group buying site to do "gatekeeper", unlicensed operation will close the site

The opinion clearly stipulates that the group purchase website operator should transact business registration and obtain the business license according to law, and in its website main page eye-catching position openly has the information which the business license publishes or its business license electronic link identification.   The general Administration of industry and commerce to remind consumers, in the network buy, should pay attention to the above information, found that the problem should not be traded, and to the Industry and Commerce Department report.   For unlicensed operations, the industry and Commerce departments will be investigated and banned, and brought to the Communications Management department to close the site. Group buying site to do "gatekeeper" opinion, the group purchase site operators should apply to the application ...

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