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Feida Network and Nvidia

June 9, 2011, Shanghai Zhen Travel Network officially announced with the Global graphics processing technology leader Nvidia (nvidia®) company to establish a strategic partnership, Zhen Tour's 3D shooting online games officially joined the Nvidia game (the Way It's meant to be played) project, The two sides will be in the graphics processing technology and marketing to carry out in-depth cooperation. Nvidia's leading graphics processing chip, Nvidia PhysX physical acceleration technology and 3D Stereo vision technology will be in the global mission development process ...

Comparison of 6 platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud and IBM

Start-up company Rare Technologies recently released a hyperscale machine learning benchmark that focuses on GPUs and compares the performance of machine learning costs, ease of use, stability, scalability and performance with several popular hardware providers.

Millet was Lei hunger marketing play bad Huawei has become a stumbling block to millet

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Millet with the two years of rapid development also attracted a lot of controversy, hunger marketing seems to have become synonymous with millet. We have to admit that Lei's hunger marketing has made a great contribution to the success of Millet today, but at the same time, hunger marketing has been criticized by users.        In the continuous learning and imitation of competitors, hunger marketing this model seems to have been playing rotten, an up-and-comer Huawei is also the impact of millet, gradually become Millet's most powerful competitor. In 2011.

Blizzard Carnival: Warcraft new information Film Catastrophe official answer

Q: What is the story of World of Warcraft: The Fission of the Earth? A: When the tribes and the league's attention remained in Northrend, an ancient demon remained dormant in the deep rock continents of the earth element. In this sheltered land away from the Madding Crowd, the fallen wing of the dead Guardian Dragon waits, licking the wounds that had fallen from the last battle with the heroes of Azeroth, and suppressing his hatred of the ordinary creatures of the surface world ...  He was looking for a lava to recast the world. Soon, the death of the dead will return to Azeroth, once he has emerged from the deep rock continent, the world will ...

Interpreting IBM POWER8: Fully open for large data design

"Tenkine Server Channel" a mention of clouds and large data, we will invariably talk about "open" topic, and talk about open, many people first thought of the X86 architecture. This is because, X86 in just a few years time, the development of extremely rapid, the advantages of self-evident-open ecosystems, lower costs, better ease of use ...   Performance is also constantly chasing minicomputer, IBM hardware Department in 2013, as the representative of the UNIX faction power system has been under unprecedented pressure. Face the Intel Camp big ...

52PK Holiday Game Download Analysis report

A few years of vacation, the longest is the Spring festival holiday. However, the day of holiday is always like a flick of the fingers over. Perhaps one eye open eyes, the sky is near dusk. So how many people devote their time to online games? is also dedicated to which online games. According to 52PK download data statistics, download the first ten games are as follows: Top1 "Jin Dance Troupe" "Jin Dance Troupe" is A dance class leisure music online games, its full of personality cute 3D character modelling, portray meticulous characters and coherent body movements, arbitrary with fashion personality decorations attracted the players ' sight. Players can do so from ...

Bean Network Boutique App recommendation 139th: The glory of Liu Xiang

Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] The shadow of the gun Team new Dead Trigger at the end of the month after the success of the Shadow of the Gun (Shadowgun), game developers Madfinger Games continue to launch an all-new masterpiece Dead Trigger. Dead Trigger is a zombie-themed first shooting game, designed for Nvidia Tegra 3 ...

Millet supply Chain hidden danger: Don't expect to win

Abstract: Editor's words: Millet in how to sell mobile phones have been invincible, but its drawbacks in the supply chain are also emerging: and millet cooperation do not expect to win this is not the problem of millet, but compared with the traditional industry, the Internet model itself editor: Millet in how to sell the mobile phone has been invincible   , but its drawbacks in the supply chain are also emerging: cooperation with Millet do not expect to "win together"-this is not the problem of millet, but compared with the traditional industry, the Internet model itself is predatory. Millet Newest Red rice ...

How the millet sold the mobile phone has been invincible.

Millet newest Red meter note again became the hot goods, this price 799 yuan big size handset, is equipped with the MTK6592 eight core processor chip. This MTK's true eight core chips are hot goods, hope to enter the high-end market of domestic manufacturers are favored to add, has come up with products Tcl, ZTE have used, but the initial price of products are approaching 2000 yuan. But the Red meter note is configured with the 1.4GHz mtk6592m, not in front of these manufacturers in the products used in the MTK6592. This configuration and price of products in today's market ...

Face recognition new technology accuracy exceeding 99%: more accurate than the naked eye.

In the early hours of June 23, Tang, Wang Xiaogang, a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and his team announced last week that they had developed a deepid face recognition technique that was more accurate than 99%. The Computer Vision Research Group (MMLAB.IE.CUHK.EDU.HK), led by Tang, developed a depth learning model called deepid (deep), with a 99.15% recognition rate on the LFW (labeled JavaServer in the Wild) database. LFW is face recognition ...

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