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PHP generates CAPTCHA pictures from getting started and proficient in tutorials

In PHP to generate a CAPTCHA image is quite simple, because in PHP for us to provide a graphics Gd.dll library, to enable the GD graphics library we just php.ini in the PHP-GD front; Method a $authnum = '; $ychar = "0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z&qu ...

The essential knowledge of stationmaster ten construction station procedure

Intermediary transaction SEO troubleshooting Taobao Cloud Host Technology Hall I am a website enthusiasts, often on the Internet to check the information on the site, but also has been looking for a good construction site procedures, today I gathered information to all of you to share resources, build station program is webmaster operating site is the fundamental. How to choose the construction station program, to provide users with their own web site Membership system services and applications, has been the majority of webmaster friends more concerned about the topic. , please support me a lot, support my website: Bloody Romantic Camp I will regularly post new messages on my website ...

Millions technical preparation for visiting the website (i)

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall opened its own domain name blog, the first one to get a heavy bit of the 4 U.S. dollars to the domain name. As a technical practitioner for ten years, stroll around for ten years to find some knowledge East a hammer West a club to look around the whole time to tidy up a clue, that I on the system point of the beginning of the step-by-step, a small web site from the day thousands of visit to the day to visit 1 million or 2 million of small sites, how to let it smoothly through this stage, not in The technology appears congenitally deficient, writes to some technical personnel, also writes does not understand ...

2014: Development Opportunities for ARM and Cloud Co-existence, Problems and Challenges co-exist

The battle for architecture between ARM and Intel processors continues. Intel x86 advanced in the industry's status is indeed unshakeable, but ARM significant power advantages, the future will obviously be more attractive. That kind of CPU is the most able to meet future needs? ARM 2011 released the Cortex-A15 processor, which uses multi-core out of order superscalar design, clocked at up to 2.5 GHz. Cortex-A15 is of great importance as it runs counter to the previous generation of ARM designs.

Pro: Be a real seoer are you ready?

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall Pro, do a real seoer are you ready? Whether you are seoer or not, read it first; whether you are a bitter seoer, look at it is the hard truth. Since I decided to be a glorious webmaster to join the ranks of the seoer, decided to be sure to go down calmly. American camel from their own web site after the line, after the domain name analysis, binding, program modification, daily update write original articles, hair outside the chain, to join the Webmaster Group Exchange Learning, a ...

On the choice of CMS from the technical point of view

For the pro-Pro for the webmaster, the choice of CMS program is a headache, at the same time, the choice of CMS is just the contact station friend of a thorny problem. This article from the CMS language, "> Functional aspects to analyze how to choose CMS, this is" on the selection of CMS and Web site planning, "added   Or it can be said to be another angle to talk about if you choose CMS. Now the mainstream of the web ...

For different needs, Blue ocean communication provides two kinds of products and service delivery mode

In fact, for the different needs of enterprise users in the application management solution deployment and delivery model, Blue Ocean provides two product and service delivery modes: The traditional software licensing model (Blueware) and the Cloud based SaaS model (ONEAPM). Blueware mainly for traditional large enterprises, while ONEAPM mainly for Internet enterprise developers. With ONEAPM, developers can increase development speed, release applications faster, and pinpoint bottlenecks in the usage experience. According to the introduction of Blue Ocean News, ONEAPM ...

60 design layouts that you deserve to know

For every it practitioner, their daily job is to interact with the computer until the work is perfect or a project is completed. And to achieve perfection is not an easy task, need to undergo a revision of the review, one after another letter description. In fact, many people gradually fear the computer. But with the progress of the times and reform, we have to contact, because it is everywhere. So, since can not evade why not to set a good environment for themselves, so that the work does not look so monotonous and boring. We shared 60 awesome about workspaces ...

Credit Card trading function library: Pfpro_process_raw

Pfpro_process_raw (PHP4 CVS only) pfpro_process_raw---& "> nbsp; Processing raw Payflow Pro transaction Syntax: String pfpro_process_raw (String parameters [,...

10 Appdiy development tools for entrepreneurs who don't program

You have a great idea, but what about programming? Outsourcing, partnership development or zero-learning programming? Here's another way to do it--using a DIY developer tool without programming. DIY development tools not only save the development of time and money, more those creative unlimited love of the application of people to provide a convenient way to develop, without programming can let the creative landing forming. In addition, DIY development tools to meet the needs of the refinement of the application market, these market users are small, may only be to meet the work of communication and management needs, may only be to interact with fans, may be only ...

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