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SNIa publishes enterprise-level SSD metrics to provide a level playing field

A few days ago, the Storage Network Industry Association (Storage Networking Industry Association,snia) released specifications that could be used to test solid-state hard disk (SSD) performance. SNIa is an industry organization established by manufacturers and universities dedicated to developing and promoting storage-system standards. The SSD Performance Test specification was presented by SNIa's Solid-State Storage Initiative Group (Solid State Storage Initiative,sssi) to provide a fair basis for benchmarking ...

Convenient mass data access Huawei released SSD server

Huawei Announces Unified Intel Corporation Introduces All-Solid State Drive (SSD) Server with New-Generation Intel Solid-State Drives, Breaking Storage Bottlenecks, Significantly Improving Server Performance and Enables Real-Time Access to Mass Data . The booming development of cloud computing, big data, high performance computing and other data center applications has driven the need for real-time data access. For enterprises that always pay attention to the market trend, "data is the business itself" has become an indisputable fact. In addition to the huge amount of data, another challenge comes from the real-time access to massive data ...

99 yuan cloud host SSD Synchronous teach you how to choose really cloud

Intermediary trading"> SEO diagnostic Taobao guest hosting technology hall With the continuous development of science and technology, cloud hosting in our country's development is also in full swing, and a lot of The traditional host replaced by the potential, which also led to the major SME owners on the cloud host of great concern.But the cloud host in our country, after all, as a new thing, in many customers heart is an abstraction to reach the concept of remote. ..

HGST with NEC to push PCIe SSD devices for SQL Server

"Tenkine Server channel August 14 message" "> The Western data storage company HGST and NEC are jointly publishing a PCIe SSD device for Microsoft SQL Server, a performance-oriented Reference Architecture based on the NEC Express 5800 Scalable Enterprise Server family and HGST high performance Flashmax II PCIe clothes ...

LSI: Changes from the computing architecture to the data flow architecture

Something happened in August, but the data presented is backward: Google 1 minutes worth 110,000 dollars, Amazon 100 minutes worth 7 million dollars and so on. We can feel clearly that the data that beats every minute is being collected, kept (stored) and analyzed, and brings value!  This is the nature of cloud computing and large data, and one of the fundamental reasons IT systems need to transition from traditional architectures to cloud architectures. Remember the fifth session of China's cloud Computing conference, LSI President and CEO Abhi Talwalkar Clear Table ...

Microsoft Azure combines cloud to build Izumo storage

Tiered storage Management (HSM) was first born in the mainframe era, when even a 300MB "high-capacity" disk would cost tens of thousands of of dollars. So, at that point, we had to look for a slower but cheaper disk repository that was built outside the disk array. However, while many emerging storage has emerged, HSM systems are still playing a role in today's specific environments. For example, Australia's CSIRO (the federal Organization for Scientific and Industrial research) still relies heavily on HSM schemes. Current Cloud ...

Comparable to minicomputer Huawei New generation server Global sync start

"Tenkine Server channel February 24" The world's leading provider of information and communication solutions Huawei, in Beijing, China and Barcelona, Spain, the global release of a new generation of high-performance, highly reliable multi-channel server: intel® xeon® ®e7-8800 v2 processor RH8100 V3 eight server, The four-way compute node E9000 CH242 for the rh5885h V3 Quad server and V3 Blade server based on the intel® xeon® ®e7-4800 v2 processor. ...

How to choose? Inventory Five Trusted storage vendors

What do you want in a storage solution?   Do you want to get high performance, reliability, special workload optimization, scalability, low energy consumption or lower start price? Your favorite storage vendor will give you a solution for each of your needs. From centralized management to automation to innovative technology, storage is no longer the age-old topic of yawning. Storage is already one of the hottest data center topics. Virtualization, Private cloud, and disk-based backup have kept the storage world in contention, and the topic of storage has been the focus of attention. Storage space than "Dilith ...

Cloud storage and Integration System is the direction of storage transformation

In the storage area, convergence is one of the recognized technical directions in recent years, but the integration to achieve the ultimate is Huawei, its Oceanstor Enterprise Unified Storage V3 Series, the realization of the multi-standard, performance and capacity, data value, data lifecycle, multi-vendor equipment, such as the integration of five, so that data more easily for business services,   Help enterprise customers meet the challenges of the future. May 15, Huawei in Beijing released its third generation of unified storage products OceanStorV3 series, including Oceanstor6900v3, OceanStor680 ...

Convenient massive data access Huawei releases solid state hard disk server

"Tenkine Server channel March 20 News" Huawei announced that the United Intel company launched a full-state hard drive (SSD) server, the adoption of a new generation of Intel solid-state hard disk, breakthrough storage bottlenecks, significantly improve server performance, to help users in a large number of data to achieve real-time access. The booming of cloud computing, large data, high-performance computing, and other data center applications drives the need for real-time data access. The "data is the business itself" has become an indisputable fact for companies that are always concerned about the direction of the market. In addition to massive data, another challenge comes from real-time visits to massive numbers ...

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