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Run a shell script to turn Ubuntu into Windows 7

Before Ownlinux has introduced the article that will ">ubuntu Hardy to create the Mac OS X Leopard theme, Operation is still relatively complex. If you are busy enough and the eggs are sore enough, you can "turn" your Ubuntu into Windows 7, which is very simple to run a shell script.

Foreign powerful calculator successfully run "Destroyer"

Times in progress, electrical products are more and more powerful function.  A few days ago, the strong in the Texas limited production of graphics Calculator Nspire successfully run the classic God as "the Destroyer (Doom)." The Omnimaga, a strong man with his own ti calculator, did a 1-minute game run demo, although there was no sound, but the screen seemed smooth, with the feeling of a GB game, but the 3D was more robust.  Today's calculator performance has reached the 90 's PC level, this is really big. More capital ...

3DS will be with area lock function port version can not run the Japanese version of the game

(Compilation/Sky White) Although there have been rumours from last year E3 that Nintendo's latest handheld 3DS will add a zone lock, Nintendo has not made any announcements about it, but from recent media information, 3DS does add regional locks. What is a zone lock, the domestic players may not know much.  This area lock function is the world's version of the game through the region code divided, so that the United States version or Japanese version of the game can not run through the port version of the 3DS. Although the news appears very sudden, Nintendo's previous NDS and NDSL are not ...

Lin June 20 million Super run announced the Taipei Sing plus field (PHOTOS)

JJ Lin to play the scene of the super-run scenery Lin will reproduce the Golden Melody Award performance thousands Car "I am" Add a press conference Sina Entertainment to sing as King JJ Lin "I AM World Tour Concert-Taipei Station" will be boarded on April 2, Taipei small giant eggs, yesterday, he held "I am" in particular in Taiwan to celebrate the press conference. In the press conference, Lin June Lin, solemnly announced the determination of April Fool's Day on April 1 Add field, 2 consecutive days to detonate small giant eggs! More driving more than 20 million of Lamborghini sports car scenery to attend the press conference, Symbolic concert box office as "super Run", "Sprint speed ..."

Run, hide, fight! You should do that when you're in a terrorist attack.

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Kunming tragedy to us sounded the alarm, terrorism and our distance is actually not far. What should we do when the evil criminals go to the innocent people? This problem is not in the original natural disaster Protection manual. This is a new problem for all of humanity ... The U.S. Department of Defense's video tells Americans what to do when they encounter a sudden terrorist event: Run (...).

How do I run multiple x windows in Linux?

How do I run multiple x windows in Linux? StartX defaults to display:0.0 the first x, by passing parameters to X can play multiple x: # STARTX-: 1.0# startx-: 2.0 ... Then use Ctrl-alt-f7/f8 ... Switch

St days run sales of urea equipment assets and fertilizer industry equity

St Day Run (002113) March 10 Night Notice, the company intends to sell a wholly-owned subsidiary Yueyang Macro Run Fertilizer Co., Ltd., 100%, using open tendering, listing or auction methods for sale; by the end of 2009,  Macro-run fertilizer industry book assets of 75.3856 million yuan, accounting for the end of 2009 audited total assets of 11.38%. At the same time, the company announced that the company intends to sell the production of urea has been discontinued, idle equipment. By the end of 2009, the paper value of the urea equipment in the cut-off state was 170 million yuan, accounting for the total assets audited at the end of 2009.

Chinese-style Office card-toss people to run broken legs! Chinese people's lives are on the way to the cards.

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > According to statistics: a Chinese from birth to death, at least more than 80 certificates. People live a lifetime, an average of more than one credit per year. "Run the leg, grind the mouth, pay the money, the crime." Run more than 10 departments, cover dozens of official seals ... "This is something that many people have experienced or are experiencing ..." Zhengzhou a pregnant woman 4 months to run nearly 20 times, still not run under Zhongsheng.

Chinese steel stocks run away in the afternoon

View the latest quotes Hong Kong stock market on the afternoon of 22nd, the Chinese steel shares ran the big market, Anshan iron and steel shares are down 5.31%, Magang shares fell 4.13%, JPMorgan to the shares of cautious view, is expected to run a large market. The Hong Kong stock market narrowed down on the afternoon of January 22, with the Hang Seng index at 20,567.35, down 295.32 or 1.42%, and the state-owned enterprise indices reported 11,834 81, down 123.02 or 1.03%; $14.28, MA Steel shares (0 ...)

Design and Development of the A run-time Monitor for multi-core architectures in Cloud Computing

Design and Development of a run-time Monitor for multi-core architectures in Cloud Computing Mikyung Kang, dong-in Kang, Stephe N P. Crago, Gyung-leen Park and Junghoon Lee in ...

Pacific crown to maintain the century interconnection run win the market rating

Beijing time August 21 Evening News, the Pacific Crown Securities published a study today, maintaining the century interconnection (nasdaq:vnet) shares of the run-win market rating, and the target price raised to 18 U.S. dollars. The following is the full report: We are connected to the century long Beijing time, August 21 Evening News, Pacific Crown Securities today released a study to maintain the century interconnection (nasdaq:vnet) stock ...

How to run a program as an administrator

Find the program you want to run (I'll take PS for example) right click after the following interface: There is an administrator to run, click on it but if we do that every time is not very troublesome, I here to teach you a faster way to open: First: Find the program you want to open as an administrator (for example, I take PS here); second: Right-click after the open properties of the following interface: Click Compatibility after the following interface: Every time as an administrator to run the hook, the final confirmation on the line. Open again will not be so troublesome, directly double-click ...

Run Run: More than a century legend

January 7, 2014 News, Hong Kong film producer, Shaw Brothers, one of the founders of the film company, philanthropist Shaw died at home at 8:39 A.M. at the age of 107. Sir Run Run, the Grand Bauhinia-Hyun, ranked 6th among sibling 8, was called "Shaolo" in Shanghai, and was later honored as "six uncles" in Hong Kong. Is a well-known Hong Kong film producer, entertainment tycoon, philanthropist. Over the years, Shaw has donated tens of billions of dollars to the mainland and Hong Kong to build education and medical facilities. Run Run Shaw family ...

Life science-Secrets Why do we run so fast in our dreams?

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Run who will. In reality you run countless times, swinging your arms and alternating your legs. But when you go into a dream, running becomes complicated. In the dream, in order to get rid of some invisible to catch up with you in danger, you drag the heavy body to run desperately, but feel slow and sluggish limbs, like the film in slow motion ... Why is that? Some studies have shown that, as a whole, our ...

TVB Tai Qing Gao Heining Liang Zhengfangdouyan Liza Run Run Shaw Kiss

2010, the 43 anniversary of TVB Tai Qing Liang, Shaw on both sides are Wayne Sheren and Chenhao, Charmaine (1/23) The annual Hong Kong television event--TVB Taiwan(China) celebrates its 43rd anniversary this year. October 18, TVB leader "six uncle" Run Run run by the whole Taiwan(China) artists in the TV city to hold a ceremony and a big photo, the announcement of TVB officially entered the Taiwan(China) Celebration month. In the TVB light ceremony of the big picture in the position of all the artistes to analyze its status, is the example of the past years of the quiz show. 43 anniversary of TVB Tai Qing control 42 Anniversary ...

Curses Command Front-End 1.51 The script that publishes the command-line

Curses Command Front-End is a simple tool to quickly provide an interactive screen-oriented interface, command line scripts and commands. It prompts the user for the information they need to run the command, and can be programmed with your preferred shell to provide default predefined options and runs. It also provides a menu system, layered organization and viewer to browse the standard output and standard errors of invoked scripts or commands. Curses Command Front-End 1.51 This version fixes an error: Day ...

SA Chen Weixian Spring Festival "advance Honeymoon" Phuket 4 days 3 nights

A SA and Chen Weixian lunar hand shopping (1/7) Eve morning, a SA and Chen Weixian Foot to the Hong Kong airport, arrived at the Thai Phuket Airport at noon, and then stay with the top private pool hotel for HK $12,000 per night. Lunar, two people to the hotel near the seaside to see the scenery, wearing a short skirt of the SA was excited to run to the seaside, and Chen Weixian is obediently followed. After the two people go to Thai restaurant for lunch, a SA's eyes have not left her boyfriend, Chen Weixian also played a funny instinct to coax his girlfriend. It is reported that 4 days 3 nights journey ...

Sha Hu intentionally open pop "Shahu Inn" or will come true

Chengdu Business News (reporter Zhang Shihao intern Zengling) yesterday, just with the sand overflow in Beijing to hold a grand wedding Hu received the interview of Chengdu Business Newspaper reporter, the default is pregnant, but not previously said on the Internet "5 months", and said that there and Sha together to run "Shahu Inn" hotel chain of consideration. Sha hu Wedding, many friends come to congratulate, live beaming. In this respect, Hu admits, "After the wedding, the sense of responsibility is stronger." The scene of the ceremony and friends of the visit and blessing, let me feel that the completion of a transformation, better state. "All along, ...

Hong Kong rich businessman Shau and Shanghai SMG Scramble for TVB?

TVB, general manager of the Hong Kong Television Broadcasting (TVB) business that has been indicted, a few days ago in the court "still for the wireless to carry out special task" detonated alarming news, the news that he refers to the "mission" is on behalf of large shareholders run run to discuss the sale of TVB shares to Hong Kong businessmen, Henderson Real Estate Chairman Shau, The amount of money involved is as high as 8 billion to HK $9 billion.  In response, the spokesman refused to respond, TVB's spokesman said that did not hear the rumors. However, in addition to the news that Shau is interested in purchasing TVB, there is a media agency has been with TVB's deputy ...

6 billion shares of the group's mining assets in Baotou Steel trading

NetEase Financial March 14, Baotou Steel shares 12th announced the announcement of Non-public offerings, including the holding shareholder of Baotou Steel Group, not more than 10 special investors issued not more than 1.63 billion shares, the issue price is not less than 3.68 yuan/share, the total amount of fund-raising not more than 6 billion yuan, For the acquisition of Baotou Steel Group quality mine assets.  Among them, Baotou Steel group will be not less than 500 million yuan not more than 2 billion yuan in cash to subscribe to the private issue of the shares. The plan shows that the collection of funds in the deduction of the issue of the specific investment after the two, including the acquisition of Baogang Group Run Mining Limited liability ...

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