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Run a shell script to turn Ubuntu into Windows 7

Before Ownlinux has introduced the article that will ">ubuntu Hardy to create the Mac OS X Leopard theme, Operation is still relatively complex. If you are busy enough and the eggs are sore enough, you can "turn" your Ubuntu into Windows 7, which is very simple to run a shell script.

Article Pick Liang film version of "dwelling" Teng Huatao carefully find a new script

TV series "Dwelling" after the hot, not only triggered the heat of the house price, there is the work of the film copyright "Hot Rob". This reporter yesterday exclusive learned that "dwelling" director Teng Huatao has been trying to adapt the film version, now he is actively choupai the new film, is expected to start next April, the man has been finalized by the TV series "Beckham" to pick the article, and the heroine, Zhang Ziyi, Cecilia Cheung have been in the scope of consideration, At present, many sets of programmes have not been finalized.  It is reported that Teng Huatao is carefully creating a new script, with a view to passing the review. Reporter Lin Yanwen subject is too sensitive ...

Miller to create a script to find investment is not ready to come to China filming (photo)

Miller spoke to the guests as Miller admitted to the scene of the Wentworth, who arrived in Shanghai yesterday, for its endorsement of a brand new advertising film, after "Prison Break", Miller completed the only film "biochemical Crisis 4" will be released in China recently, but for the film,  Miller yesterday was just an understatement, Miller admits, in the years out of sight, he created two plays, making him happy that one of them has found an investor. The creation of the script to find the investor "Prison Break" in Mike &mid ...

Slkbuild 0.8.6 Publish a script package

Slkbuild is a scripting package that greatly simplifies the process of adding slackware and derivative kits through makepkg from arch. It resolves an slkbuild metafile that is easy to create, and creates a regular build script such as the Slackware wrapper standard and can run on its own. The advantage of Slkbuild is that it ensures the uniformity of the package and allows editing of a simple metafile event that may require customization or may need to be updated to a new version of the script. This also makes the build process much faster because it requires ...

"Treasure Island Village" has nothing to do with political "coffin" as a script pillar

Sina Entertainment News This November, drama "Treasure Island Village" will again on the mainland stage. September 16, Lai Chuan came to Beijing Normal University in the Northland Theater and cultural commentators liming and college students to open a dialogue.  This has nothing to do with politics but human drama, the script pillar is "coffin". "Coffin" into a script pillar "Treasure Island Village" Length 3 hours, is a relatively long stage play. Lai said: "Sometimes intuition is very important, and I intuitively think the play should be a long story for 50 years." "Interestingly, the rehearsal of the play begins with the" Buy coffin "sketch ...

Curses Command Front-End 1.52 The script that publishes the command-line

Curses Command Front-End 1.52 The failure of this version on the compatible architecture has been corrected. Curses Command Front-End is a simple tool to quickly provide an interactive screen-oriented interface, command line scripts and commands. It prompts the user for the information they need to run the command, and can be programmed with your preferred shell to provide default predefined options and runs. It also provides a menu system, layered organization and viewer to navigate the invoked script or command ...

Domain Portfolio Manager 1.0.1 Release

Domain Portfolio Manager 1.0.1 update log: · Added Paypal Log link to admin sidebar navigation. · Fixed Issue #3 the-on Some PHP setups, the PayPal script could Issue a ' call-time pass-by-refere ...

Xu was the first to wear a wedding dress to take the oath of love to the end

Among many female stars, Xu Jing is definitely the most "alternative" one, she is like a rebellious girl in adolescence, secular said should do, she will not do. She in "should get married" 30-Year-old never marry, do director, write script, run Electronic magazine, a person interpretation of the ultimate gorgeous life. She yearned for Twilight love, excluding the wedding, but in "adolescence" for the "fashion Bride" for the first time put on a wedding dress, vigorous love a that is hot and wonderful, and marriage is a rare lucky happiness! [Page] Xu Lei first dressed in a wedding shoot photo [page] Xu Lei first wearing a wedding photo

JS can only enter a number (positive integer, positive, negative, decimal)

JS can only enter a number (positive integer, positive, negative, decimal) This is a simple use of JS to verify that you can only enter the number (positive integer, positive, negative, decimal) Oh, if you are considering allowing users to enter numbers can come in to see. Only numbers are verified <script language= "Web Effects" type= "Text/javascript" > Function checknum (obj) ...

How to uninstall Iredmail

When you want to uninstall or reinstall Iredmail, you can use the tools provided by Iredmail to quickly uninstall Iredmail components, reinstall # CD iredmail-0.5.1/tools/# Bash Follow the prompts, and when you reinstall, you still need to run the download script and run the setup script.

Documentburster 4.5.4 Release

Documentburster 4.5.4 This version improves a Ant_vfs.groovy sample script that provides uploading using commons VFS files. Documentburster obtains the metadata from the report file and sends the data through mail or FTP, supporting the format of the report: PDFCreator, Crystal Reports, JasperReports, Pentaho, OpenReports, JFR ...

Yang is 200 million shot "bullet" sequel Geojia will be resurrected

"Let Bullets Fly" poster Sina Entertainment news Beijing Time January 12, according to Hong Kong media reports, the film "Let Bullets Fly" box office Bordeaux, production Fangying boss Sau recently in an event, revealed that will spend 200 million Yuan Choupai sequel, the fastest end of this year with the original class, Jiang has begun to write the script. According to Sau revealed that three of the protagonist Chow Yun-Fat, GE and Carina Lau will be in the sequel "Resurrection" Performance, which in the focus of the gun death Carina Lau, will be confessed to her in fact, in the morning changed the double, the gun is other people;

JS Change font Color two ways

Method article provides two of tested JS change font color code Oh, and so one is set a specified ID to change the ID inside the font color method, the second is to traverse the entire document OH. <html> <body> <script type= "text/web Effects" > function Chcolor () {document.getElementById ("T&q ...

PHP Judge page program execution time code

The PHP tutorial determines the page execution time code to determine the time required for the PHP script to execute correctly for a microsecond.         Inserts the code at the top of the page: <?php $mtime = Microtime (); &nbs ...

Execline 1.1.0 publishes a good scripting tool

Execline is a good scripting tool for developers who need to handle a large number of scripts, or that can execute many times, or to apply nested environments. Many people write shell scripts with bash, or "sh" (it generally, but not always refer to bash). Other shells also have the ability to execute shell scripts, but the problem with shell scripts is that they may consume more memory because if you execute a shell script from a shell, you run two instead of a she ...

Athena on stage admits no pressure erotic play will be old and young

Athena said she played the role of a coquettish woman, but there is absolutely no pornography (1/6) Athena 18 years to play again, repeat the old Rocholand classic repertoire, although Bead Jade in the former, but confident Athena threatened no pressure, ask oneself cumulative more than 10 years of acting experience, I believe that will be able to more than enough. In recent years, the main Athena of the development of the mainland, because of his mentor Zhongjinghui (King) 's invitation, coupled with the script to attract, and then returned to Hong Kong on October 21 to perform a total of 19 "Crazy banquet Cheating" stage play. Athena will play "whore", and another year 55 ...

JS matches the regular expression of the IP address

<script> ip= "555.255.284.255" re=/^ ([3-9]d?| [01]d{0,2}|2d?| 2[0-4]D|25[0-5]). {3} ([3-9]d?| [01]d{0,2}|2d?| 2[0-4]D|25[0-5])/alert (Re.test (IP)) </script> <script> var ...

TEST.PM to Test::More accept 0.2.0 released to Test::More ">converter is a Perl script that transforms the old Perl program, TEST.PM to newer Test::More is not recommended. But it still has some limitations. TEST.PM to Test::More accept 0.2.0 initial release fres ...

"Joy Luck" director Wang will be filming Einstein biography movie (figure)

Wang will shoot Einstein biopic Sina Entertainment news February 12, according to foreign media reports, has filmed "Manhattan Maid" (Maid in Manhattan), "Joy Luck" (The Joy Luck Club) and other films of the Chinese director Wang (Wayne Wang) Today announced that he will direct a Albert Einstein (Albert Einstein) biopic, the script will be by virtue of Rain Man won an Oscar for the screenwriter Lang Basse (...

Wu film producer two not mistaken "perfect husband" reaction nowadays marriage hot spot

A few days ago, as the "perfect husband," the producer of the Wu, the curtain behind the work of two do not delay, busy schedule will be rushed to another cast, starring in the new play of the fitting.  It is reported that the play has entered the final stage of preparation, will be in the near future. Wu the script "perfect husband" started "marriage battle" has produced a children's Law popularization series of animated film "Seabed Amoy Act" and youth Self-Help network drama "No Regrets Youth" Wu, recently has been determined as the family inspirational drama "perfect Husband" of the film producers participate in the play production. "Perfect Husband" adapted from being hailed as "the Apocalypse of life inside and outside the siege ..."

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