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Cloud storage era: Does entity storage really die?

At present, the concept of the most fire is the cloud, including PCs, mobile phones and even digital cameras and other manufacturers have their own equipment and the cloud link. In particular, in the upcoming 802.11AC Gigabit Wireless network environment, more and more users in the minds of the idea that the future is stored in the cloud, we also need physical storage? In the cloud storage age, does entity storage really die? Cloud storage Theory: Free and quick to share cloud storage represents the future trend, more and more terminal equipment began to support cloud storage, many PCs even put storage devices directly in the cloud, including ...

The disappearance of a sense of entity

This article can be used as the "distance between people and things" sequel, in the "distance between people and things" in this article, the main discussion is from the traditional handicraft to industrialization, when the market and the Division of labor, People and things appeared in isolation. This one will be discussed with the deepening of the digital revolution, the distance between people and things again be pulled large-the disappearance of the sense of entity. Digital revolution, "> Information society, 0101, virtual world, expansion ...

The revelation of the electric business: How the shop and the entity combine perfectly

Rising prices, housing costs and other increases to more and more physical shopkeepers have brought unprecedented pressure to survive. Recently, netizens "" > Unique 11 "in the Tianya post for help: Open the chain of days more and more sad, is not to the real store demise of the day?" Physical stores will never die, but shop represents today, tomorrow trend. "Cloud plan mentor, Alibaba Group board chairman Ma Yun answers." ...

Some methods of purchasing domestic virtual space

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall website use of virtual space host quality is a very important thing for our webmaster, Because this is related to our website has no development, can occupy a place in the domestic Internet, but the current domestic virtual space host This field is called "a mixed bag", what kind of virtual space host have, not ...

Some HTML tags that a novice webmaster must understand

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall One, Basic concepts: Web pages, Web sites, browsers, Ie/netscape HTML: Hypertext Markup Language, what is hypertext, what is markup language. How the content of HTML is displayed. Second, HTML syntax: <html></html> <head></head> &nb ...

Hong Kong space and the number of VPS rentals in Hong Kong has grown alarmingly

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall according to the relevant department statistics report, 2012 Hong Kong Space and Hong Kong VPS rental volume than the same year growth of 36 .4%.   According to the department's secret disclosure, the Hong Kong space and the Hong Kong VPS Rental volume is still increasing. As Hong Kong space and the number of VPS rental in Hong Kong continues to increase, Hong Kong ID ...

Parsing discuz! X1.5 Expand the function of brand space

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall discuz! X1.5 is a platform of multiple application stations launched by China's leading community platform and service provider sing (Comsenz), which brings together forums (BBS), portals (portal), social networking (SNS), Group (group), open platform (opening P ...).

discuz! X1.5 how to set up brand space

Http:// ">discuz! X1.5 is a platform of multiple application stations launched by China's leading community platform and service provider sing (Comsenz), which brings together forums (BBS), portals (portal), social networking (SNS), Group (group), open platform (open Platform) Five major services, the realization of the "Cross-border integration" concept. ...

To eliminate the space distance of Shun Fung

& ">nbsp; and other companies, shun Fung difficult to define, said Shun Fung is a courier company, electric business platform, internet financial companies, such as not appropriate. My own judgment is shun Fung is to eliminate the space distance life Service company. There is a distance between any living thing, a natural space distance, and a trading distance. For example, I and a bag of rice between the supermarket this 300 meters, ...

Seo up space blocked, grassroots webmaster Road where?

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall presumably many grassroots stationmaster all more or less know point SEO, because this is the site to obtain high-quality flow of one of the best channels, and the individual build station rely on SEO successful people are not uncommon. But the Midas Touch (hereinafter referred to as gold) SEO should not be the mainstream, It is only a small branch of network operation, but in the habit of taking shortcuts, many grassroots webmaster will be through a variety of SEO means (such as black hat) so that the site quickly in search engines to get a good ranking, SEO is not normal push ...

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