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Explore Symantec cloud Computing in depth

In the Symantec Company in March 2010 at the Shanghai expensive hotel held in the "cloud speed forward-Symantec Cloud Computing Seminar", attended by Tsinghua University, director of high-energy Zheng Weimin, Jiangxi Telecom Network Development Department, Dr. Liuli, Jiangxi Post and Telecommunications Planning Institute of IT and new business planning director Xu Qi,   Mr. Mauri, senior Technical manager at Symantec East Side, and Mr. Lin Yu-min, the Symantec Senior Information Security Advisor, have developed in-depth dialogues and explorations on the value of Symantec in cloud computing technology and Symantec cloud computing for businesses and users. ...

Symantec China Cloud Computing Center is expected to settle in Chengdu

After the research and Development Center and the Security Response center settled in Chengdu, the global information security and storage giant "> Symantec is positioning its China cloud computing Center in Chengdu. Yesterday, Symantec in Chengdu released its latest data protection strategy, Symantec Huaxi District general manager Zhang Gianwen said, is currently with the relevant government departments and operators to negotiate, "the specific situation is not yet disclosed, but the importance of the cloud computing in Chengdu, to ...

Small meeting to explore cloud computing

According to Xiaobian know, recently Guidu Hotel in Shanghai held a "cloud forward - Symantec cloud computing seminar." Zheng Weimin, Director of High Energy Institute of Tsinghua University and Dr. Liu Lifeng of Network Development Department of Jiangxi Telecom attended the meeting. Xu Qi, director of IT and New Business Planning Institute of Jiangxi Posts and Telecommunications Planning and Design Institute, Mr. Mao Lifeng, senior technology manager of Symantec Eastern Region, Mr. Lin Yumin, a senior information security consultant of Tieke, attended the meeting and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on Symantec's technology application in cloud computing and the value that Symantec Cloud Computing brings to enterprises and users. please...

Qiu Long: excellent technology to meet the needs of Huawei server better and better

【YORK HCC & HENC2013 News】 With the advent of the era of mobile Internet and BYOD, the user increasingly rely on the back-end computing support. This is an unprecedented new opportunity for server makers. As a new army in the server industry, Huawei released a new server computing node on HCC 2013, improving the layout of the server product line. Huawei has always been famous for its network equipment at home and abroad, and on the server side, Huawei successfully surpassed HP in the first quarter of 2013 and reached the domestic level in terms of shipments.

Cloud storage standards who will follow the CDMI specification

The cloud storage Standard--CDMI specification, published by SNIa in April 2010, may have been a thrill for cloud-storage-related vendors, but how much does it do for the security and stability of cloud storage and the scalability of the current user's suspicions?     We don't know. Cloud storage was originally a concept that came out after cloud computing, but it didn't come up with a standard before cloud computing. This also fulfilled the phrase Bill Gates once said: "Cloud storage will be faster than cloud computing." Cloud ...

Intel publishes Cloud Cloud SSO cloud-based Password Management Service

Recently, according to foreign media reports, Intel Corporation released a cloud-based password management Service Cloud SSO, which is a very small pressure on Intel's competitor Symantec. It is understood that this service has been applied on its website. In February, Intel released a beta version of single sign-on (Cloud SSO), which has been tested by more than 20 companies. "We are trying to make this service even more vikas," said Vikas, director of the Intel Cloud identity and security product management.

Eight large cloud storage and online backup solutions

Today, online backup has become an important tool for personal and SME backup, and only needs to log on to the Web Administration page to back up the data anytime, anywhere. Online backups have multiple names, which can be called network Backup, SaaS, or cloud backup.       The scale of online backup is very small, here to introduce a more well-known online backup enterprises, I hope to help. A. Mozy Mozy is a secure online backup service (ie, network hard disk). It is a simple, intelligent ...

Virtualization has become the main driving force behind the cloud, followed by the cloud

According to the latest backup software revenue results show that: virtualization is still the main driving force of sales, but the cloud has become an important factor followed only. These mainstream backup trends have helped Veeam Software, a virtual backup specialist, and CommVault, an all-in-one backup company, grow faster than its larger competitors. Unlisted company Veeam announced that overall bookings revenues in the second quarter doubled compared with the same period in 2012, with new bookings revenue up 96%. In listed companies, CommV ...

Intel buys McAfee to enter mobile market, analysts say

Beijing time August 20 morning news, foreign media commented today, Intel acquired Security software company McAfee, is intended to help itself in the handheld devices and embedded market to find a real foothold. The following is the full text of the article: Intel Thursday announced the acquisition of 7.68 billion U.S. dollars in cash to purchase McAfee, said the acquisition will help Intel consolidate hardware products and software security services, thereby enhancing device security.  Intel says this will benefit Intel and McAfee products and improve security performance for products such as servers and mobile devices. Intel CEO Paul ...

Anhui Mobile: Disaster tolerance construction under cloud storage

Discussions about cloud computing are on the rise, with more and more operators representing businesses starting to research and deploy cloud computing. However, there are a large number of heterogeneous environments in the cloud storage environment, while the traditional disaster-tolerant technology is based on homogeneous storage and cannot realize disaster-tolerant protection in heterogeneous environment. China Mobile Anhui Company (hereinafter referred to as Anhui Mobile) has explored the heterogeneous storage disaster under the cloud storage environment. The independence and openness of building an independent and open disaster tolerance system is of vital importance to the flexibility of the current and future storage platforms of Anhui Mobile. A good disaster ...

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