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The new sea should be 298 million yuan Wujiang a plot

New Hai Yi (002089) March 3 evening Notice that the company participated in the Wujiang Land and Resources Bureau held in the state-owned land use rights listed transfer activities, successfully won the number 20110102 plots of state-owned land use rights. It is reported that the land transfer area of 79,600 square meters, volume rate is not greater than 2.5, the transaction amount of 298 million yuan.

Mei Ling Electrical company 65 million transfer of a plot

Mei Ling Electrical Appliances (000521), Wan Mei Ling B (200521) January 20 Evening announcement, January 14, the company under the holding subsidiary of Jiangxi Meiling Refrigeration Co., Ltd. and Jingdezhen Land Reserve Center signed a contract, Jingdezhen Land Reserve Center for paid storage in Jiangxi Mei Ling enjoys the state-owned land use rights (area of 159,400 square meters), the land of the compensation price total 65 million yuan. The above matters have been agreed by the company's board of directors.

Double Arrow shares intend to use 15 million yuan to buy land

Double arrow shares (002381) January 21 Evening Notice that, in order to broaden the company's plant area, it is intended to use not more than 15 million yuan to participate in bidding companies to bid for the project production plant north side plots of land use rights. The announcement shows that the auction land used to sell the way to sell, transfer area of 55,900 square meters, the company intends to be used for the planning and construction of new rubber refining workshop and related ancillary projects.

60 million Fengxian of silver wheel shares proposed

Zhejiang Silver Wheel Machinery Co., Ltd. announced yesterday that the company plans to buy a 200-acre industrial land in Shanghai Fengxian to extend the industry to the Yangtze River delta area. The company selected specific plots are located in Shanghai Fengxian Qing Village, Block Dongzhi Air Tong Road, south to the Regiment Tsing Highway, west to the Feng Road, north to Tsing Highway, using the way to sell to the company.  Land area of about 200 acres, the nature of the use of industrial land, land use life of 50 years. The right to use the right to land for 291,000 yuan/mu, the land use rights are expected to sell the total price of about 60 million RMB ...

Member Wu Zhengde suggested that urban-rural unified real estate levy system should be recommended

CPPCC member Wu Zhengde recommended the formulation of "rural collective land expropriation and housing compensation regulations" keywords: Wu Zhengde, vice chairman of Sichuan CPPCC, a member of the National Political Consultative Committee, proposes to draw up the legislation on the collection and compensation of rural collective land by drawing on the legislative experience of the regulations on House expropriation and compensation in state-owned land.  , gradually establish a unified urban and rural real estate collection legal system. Administrative proceedings should be allowed for the expropriation decision Wu Zhengde that the rural collective and farmers ' legal rights are not fully charged in the countryside, especially in the suburbs of land expropriation and housing demolition compensation.

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