background worker thread

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003-web worker worker Thread

I. About Web worker worker threadsHTML5 several advantages, including the Web worker, the goods can be known as multi-threaded, normal situation, the browser when the execution of a program will block until after the end of the run is back to normal

Web Worker javascript multi-threaded programming (1) and worker multi-threaded programming

Web Worker javascript multi-threaded programming (1) and worker multi-threaded programming What is Web Worker? Web worker is the JavaScript running in the background. It does not occupy the browser's own thread and is independent of other scripts.

What WEB worker is

. What WEB worker isWeb Worker is part of the HTML5 standard, which defines a set of APIs that allow a piece of JavaScript program to run in another thread outside the main thread. Two types of worker threads are defined in the Web Worker

"Go" Web Worker JavaScript multithreaded programming (i)

Original: --------------------------------------------What is a Web Worker?Web Worker is a

Line Cheng ThreadPool class and worker thread-< second >

One, CLR thread poolThe best way to manage thread overhead: Create threads as little as possible and reuse threads (thread pool initialization without threads, program request thread to create threads); It is best not to destroy but

7 things you need to know about web worker

IntroducedBy using Web Worker, we can run JavaScript in the background of the browser without consuming the browser's own thread. WEB workers can improve the overall performance of your app and improve the user experience. If you want to use Web

Multithreading in "Worker" JS

Because the next project to use some of the countdown function, so prepared in advance, the province will be the time when the interface is unfriendly and some other things. Just take advantage of this opportunity to deepen the usage and

HTML5 new features multi-thread (Worker SharedWorker) and html5sharedworker

HTML5 new features multi-thread (Worker SharedWorker) and html5sharedworker There is no doubt that JavaScript does not have multithreading. He can only do one thing and one thing, and then do the next thing, if your js needs to take a long time to

The implementation mechanism of Web worker in WebKit

Web Worker is a JavaScript running in the background, independent of other scripts, without affecting the performance of the page. This is a standard of HTML5, implementation of the browser for Wokrer launched a new thread, thus realizing the

Introduction to JavaScript multithreading in HTML5 Web Worker

JavaScript single threadThe JavaScript language runs in a browser in a single thread. Speaking of a single thread, you have to start with the operating system process. Both processes and threads are operating systems. A process is an execution

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