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CSS simulates position: fixed, scrolling at one side, not scrolling at one side, positionfixed

CSS simulates position: fixed, scrolling at one side, not scrolling at one side, positionfixed 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20

CSS simulation position:fixed, one side scrolling, one side not scrolling

2468101214161820CSS simulation position:fixed, one side scrolling, one side not scrolling

Moving side implements element local scrolling (scrolling an element without scrolling the entire page)

Method: Use Layout controlThe contents of the page are placed in an element a that is as large as the Web page (there is a scrollbar in the content of element B)First, the body and HTML, element a set width:100%;height:100%;Element A is set Overflow:auto;Add a class= ' hidden ' to element aWrite style. hidden{Overflow:hidden;}Then write the JS code (native)var content=document.queryselector (element a);var conbox=document.queryselector (element B with scroll

Why go language is suitable for developing online games server side

Personally think Golang is very suitable for the development of the server side of the game, write down this article to summarize. From the point of view of online games: To successfully operate a online game, to a large extent depends on the player's spontaneous formation of the community. Only the player spontaneously form a stable ecosystem, the game can continue to avoid the emergence of ghost towns. Th

NetEase Games js-Scrolling support adaptive

== ' 6.0 ') $ ('. Progress-inner '). EQ ((current+1)%self._num). AddClass (' progress-loading '); })} niecarousel.prototype.initdefault=function () {var = this; var isFirst = false; This._$children.each (function (index) {index = = 0? isFirst = True:isfirst = false; (!isfirst) $ (this). css ({left: ' 100% '}); This._$nav.find ('. Num '). Each (function (i) {$ (this). html (i+1); }) This._$nav.eq (0). addclass (' on '). Find ('. Default '). CSS (' to

Why go language is suitable for developing online games server side

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed.Some time ago in Golang-china read this post: Have Mook Jong use (or intend) Golang do game server side?Personally think Golang is very suitable for the development of the server side of the game, write down this article to summarize. From the point of view of online games: To succes

"Vue" uses better-scroll on the mobile side for scrolling effects

, PageX, Pagey}, where x, Y represents the scrolling landscape and portrait position; Pagex,pagey represents the horizontal and vertical page index. Usage such as: Getcurrentpage (). PageX GoToPage (x, Y, time, easing) Snap is true, scrolling to the corresponding page, x for landscape page index, Y for Portrait page index, time for animation, easing for easing function (can be omitt

Card Phone Games service-side design based on HTTP protocol __ Architecture Design

Background: Mobile gaming platform Server design at present there are mainly based on the socket state connection and HTTP stateless connection two kinds of architectures. Because the mobile phone users of the network traffic sensitivity and changes in the network state than the PC environment to be complex, so for card games basic use of HTTP connection architecture. Basic principle: A server based on the HTTP connection architecture, consisting of a

Self-clothed, H5 mobile phone-side jquery popup plug-in (event bubbling, singleton mode, hiding part of the default scrolling)

Thanks for browsing, welcome to Exchange =. = Company development Web pages need to use pop-up windows, the use of Jquery-ui custom download still need more than 150 KB, want some luxury (finally down only 11kb, compression 2kb, ah, my God),Mobile phone side pop-up windows and PC side somewhat different, and the phone has a pop-up window rolling with the parent page

jquery implementation side bar follow browser scrolling fixed display

WordPress user adds this code to the sidebar.php sidebar position.Special Note: This code trial with any CMS system, but the special effects in the IE6 can not be implemented, the rest of the browser are no problem, while the rest of the sidebar should use static file calls, use JS call column will appear code overlap phenomenon, call the alliance ads no problem. Effect two: Side bar with the window scrolling

Side bar Following the simple implementation of scrolling code _javascript tips

Browsing the site often see the site, the sidebar of some content scrolling to the top of the page after the fixed in that position, no longer follow the scroll bar and scrolling. This effect is called "Side bar follow scrolling". It is useful for content that does not want to be scrolled out of the page.

Webview-ios Cancel right side, bottom scroll bar, place a black background for scrolling up and down the border

Uiwebview*d_intro=[[uiwebviewalloc]init];d _intro.delegate=self ;d _intro.datadetectortypes=uidatadetectortypelink;//Cancel the right side, the lower scroll bar, Place the black background of the top and bottom scrolling border d_intro.backgroundColor=[UIColorclearColor]; for (Uiview*_aviewin[d_introsubviews]) {if ([_aviewiskindofclass:[uiscrollview class]]) { [(uiscrollview*) _aview setshowsverticalscroll

WebKit Kernel Browser mobile phone side scrolling card processing method modification

There is a problem today. Because I have met before, solved, but suddenly can't remember how to solveSo, just record this today.The problem is this:A container under the body section height is 100% width of 100%That is, the parent class is the same width as the screen. But the height of the sub-label under the section exceeds the parent tagAt this point scrolling on the phone side is likely to roll the card

No scrolling on the mobile side

varstartpos = 0,endpos = 0,isscrolling = 0;d Ocument.addeventlistener (' Touchstart ',function(event) {vartouch = event.targettouches[0];//touches array objects get all the touch on the screen, take the first touchstartpos = {x:touch.pagex,y:touch.pagey,time:+NewDate};//take the coordinate value of the first touchisscrolling = 0;//This parameter determines whether to scroll vertically or horizontally},false);//Unbind Event web front-end developmentDocument.addeventlistener (' Touchend ',function

Canvas implementation of a horizontal scroll (side-scrolling) map

The title is a bit of a fuss, in fact, to achieve a seemingly continuous movement of the background picture. The effect is as follows:Implementation principle:Picture 1 and Picture 2 is a two-way picture, image 1 to move out of the canvas at a certain speed, picture 2 slowly moved into the canvas, when the picture 1 completely moved out of the canvas range, immediately reset the picture 1 position, because the two images are the end-to-end cohesion, so it looks like an infinite

Use dwr3.0 to implement the service side to the browser to do message push, do scrolling comments or pop-up effect, and according to the video ID do push message interception function

= dwr.util.getValue ("text");var oid = window.parent.document.getElementById (' oid '). Value;Dwr.util.setValue ("Text", "");Javascriptchat.addmessage (text,oid);}function Receivemessages (Messages) {var chatlog = "";for (var data in messages) {Chatlog = "}Dwr.util.setValue ("Chatlog", Chatlog, {escapehtml:false});}When you do that, watch a blog on the web that compares DWR to the Web address: Click to open the linkThe disadvantage of usin

JS side bar Follow screen scrolling effect code

The sidebar follows the on-screen scrolling effect, which is now very popular. In particular, blogs and information types of Web sites, in the main page is relatively long case, side bar following the screen scrolling, can greatly increase the user viscosity, improve the PV site. So this is recommended in this classic JS special effects. The use of this effect i

Mobile page size fixed area scrolling/overflow:auto scroll bar not displayed on mobile side

Mobile Web page, to realize the function, the pieceInitial idea, use DL to set a fixed width to DL and then scroll through the full content with Overflow:auto settingsProblem 1: Scroll bar does not display, but can scroll normally,SolutionsProblem 2: When the function of this method is sliding to the bottom of the block, the entire page is sliding upwardWorkaround: Use the Iscroll plugin to scrollHTML codeCSS CodeJS CodePerfect solution! Mobile page size fixed area

When scrolling through the list, let the input box lose focus (the mobile side will pick up the keyboard)

1. Expanding the Scroll.vue event1 beforescroll:{2 Type:boolean,3 default:false4 }5 6 7 if( This. beforescroll) {//Scroll down the list and close the keyboard (mobile)8 This. Scroll.on (' Beforescrollstart ', () ={9 This. $emit (' Beforescroll ')Ten }) One}2. Declare beforescrll:true in Suggest.vue, and $emit (Beforescroll) event1 Beforescroll () {2 this. $emit (' Beforescroll ')3 },3. Write the lost focus event in the

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