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Google malware warning: "This website may contain malware and may harm your computer"

In today's era of information technology, almost everything we do is inseparable from the Internet, and the security of websites is becoming increasingly important. Websites that contain malware often cause problems with users' computers, leakage of

Eliminating "malware" is better than preventing

Today, "Rogue software" has become between the virus and normal software between a special software exists, and as the general software writers for money bundled "rogue software" increased, the intrusion of the user's behavior more and more fierce,

Ease enterprise network threats mid-range Enterprise Web security device shopping guide

This is no longer a secret-network threats have become more common and complex than ever before-it is difficult to rely solely on a single anti-virus solution. Many malicious Trojans and worms, such as Koobface and Conficker, are used to snoop key

Six Elements of Web Application Security Protection"

Web applications are more difficult to ensure security than client applications, because they do not have the same number of web applications and user-defined scripts as web servers with four or five major vendors, in addition, each vulnerability

Notice on purchasing Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Protection System

Nowadays, enterprises have many choices to protect the network from external attacks. For example, firewall is a good choice. In most cases, it can distinguish abnormal data packets, therefore, we can take timely measures to prevent problems before

How to Develop Apache security best practices?

Apache HTTP Server software was first launched 18 years ago and has been the most popular Web Server software for more than 10 years. Apache accounts for more than 50% of the Web Server market, this also makes it the most popular attack

Step 5: clear viruses and spyware from customers' computers

Step 5: clear viruses and spyware from customers' computers Author: Erik EckelTranslation: endurer, 2nd Tags: infection, virus, anti-spyware, spyware, advertising software & malware, network threats, security, viruses and worms, Erik Eckel   IT

Five things you should know about Windows 7 Security

Microsoft said that Windows 7 is the safest version ever developed by Windows. This is no big deal, right? I'm pretty sure that in the past 15 years, Microsoft has claimed this for every Windows version. Of course, this is also a valid

Exclusive interview with vb100: Trend Micro exited due to new virus detection failure

 Trend Micro, a world-renowned antivirus company, recently reiterated that it had withdrawn from the vb100 virus test (Virus Bulletin antivirus software virus detection rate testing organization) and stirred up a large wave of waves in the circle.

Top 10 free firewalls

Not long ago, I summarized the current "ten free anti-virus software ". In general, free anti-virus software does not have a firewall. Therefore, we are specially searching and collecting popular firewalls to facilitate the use of free anti-virus

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