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GPRS Billing analysis

GPRS, as a transition from second-generation mobile communication to third generation mobile communication, has taken an important step in mobile internet. As a new business, its billing system is closely combined with the communication Process

Research and Implementation of the real-time billing function of the VoIP system

I. architecture of the billing systemThe design of the VoIP Billing system follows the design principle of real-time Internet billing, and features real-time, stability, reliability, portability, and scalability. The function design not only takes

Telecom Billing Service: Sub-statement

the problem of arrears has always been a problem for telecom enterprises. In the beginning, the telecom enterprises adopt the model of after-pay, that is, calculate the cost once a month, if the cost is not paid within a certain period of time to

Easy Access Billiards Billing software

Easy access Billiard room Billing software Master the core technology, independent design and production, we have the ability, we have the confidence, we dare to guarantee.8 countries in the world, 34 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide,

Introduction of China Telecom OCS

With the evolution of the network and the intensification of competition in the telecom market, the telecom billing system is gradually changing. In terms of network capabilities, the billing system must constantly meet the Billing needs of fixed

Responsibility Chain Design Model-calculate the billing Validity Period

I. project: Data room Charging System Ii. Analysis on the demand for offline checkout YesSet the preparation time (minutes), minimum machine time (minutes), incremental time (minutes), fixed user fee of half an hour, and temporary user hourly fee.

Google Cloud platform Free to apply for a trial account (billing accounts) automatically closed, unable to open the issue

Automatic Google gift of 300 dollars to extend the validity period of 12 months later, I believe many people are now experimenting with Google's cloud platform. Registered account is relatively simple, from the trial access will be a step-by-step

Data center billing, report, and data center billing report

Data center billing, report, and data center billing report Understanding: checkout is actually a collection of funds, that is, a summary of the work of an operator and administrator on the day, and transfer the funds in their hands to the company's

Use Squid to implement proxy Internet access and billing

Article title: use Squid to implement proxy Internet access and billing. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and

3G business operation support system boss plan

Summary With the maturity of 3G technology and related businesses, 3G commercialization has been put on the agenda by major telecom operators in China. This article first briefly introduces the current situation of the Business Operation Support

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