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Sort out MOOC notes on Bootstrap typographical and bootstrap typographical MOOC

Sort out MOOC notes on Bootstrap typographical and bootstrap typographical MOOC Organize self-MOOC notes Bootstrap is introduced on GitHub as follows: Simple, flexible, and can be used to construct html, css, and javascript tool sets for popular user interfaces and interactive interfaces. Bootstrap Based on html5

Bootstrap Study record (MU course net tutorial)

1. Small can be nested in H when subtitle is required under the main heading2, when a paragraph needs to be highlighted can add lead class, its role is to increase the text size, bold text, and the line height and margin also do the corresponding processing class= "lead"3, in ordinary elements we generally through the font-weight set to bold keyword to the text b

Bootstrap online e-commerce website actual combat project 5_javascript skills

; padding:0!important; margin-top:6px; margin-bottom:2px; } p { font-size: @font-size-small; line-height:1.3; Color: @gray; } } (3) It's time to solve the layout problem. The key to solving the problem is to find the highest commodity. Let's say we have a guide that has a plan for what pictures and text introductions are used for each item. Small graphs of all items are standard sizes, and th

Zero-Basic Bootstrap tutorial (3) and bootstrap tutorial

that this is a margin-left problem. This attribute is the default in the bootstrap framework and is inherited from the upper-layer elements. Some are-1px and some are 0px, we only need to change it to the same one, for example, change it to 0px: Modify the style attribute in the tmp_button in js Code and add "margin-left: 0px;". Some people may think that the fo

Bootstrap 0 Basic Introductory Tutorials (iii) _JAVASCRIPT skills

observing this setting, the first line has a strange indentation compared to the second line: There is no doubt that this kind of appearance, layout class changes are related to CSS. At this time we can look at the elements of the specific CSS. Take Chrome for example: Click the right mouse button on this element, select inspect, or review, and you will find the appropriate code in the box on the right. Through the comparison, we found that the

Bootstrap entry book (1) typographical _ javascript skills

and margin-bottom, h1 ~ After h3 is reset, all values are 20px; h4 ~ After h6 is reset, all values are 10px. In addition, in Bootstrap, to make the non-title element and title use the same style, we also specifically defined. h1 ~. Six Class names. As follows: In Bootstrap, the following code shows the same effect.

Every day, Bootstrap must learn the navigation bar _ javascript skills

inconsistent ). 2. Basic navigation bar In the Bootstrap box, there are not many differences between the navigation bar and the navigation bar, but in actual use, the navigation bar is much more complex than the navigation bar. Let's first look at the most basic navigation bar-the basic navigation bar. 1) usage: When creating a basic navigation bar, take the following steps: Step 1: first create a navigation list ( ) And add the

"Learning notes" bootstrap CSS layout

uniform effect, so that developers can access or set page elements in a more standard way.6) a page (or element) to be centered, can be easily applied on an external container. Container style. Because the raster system relies on the size setting of the external container, by default the container style has a max-width property that restricts the maximum width of the grid system. The max-width size of the container is related to the maximum resolution of the device.Basic layout1) Title:

Bootstrap the grid system (layout) _javascript skills that must be learned every day

has a set of responsive, mobile devices built into it. 1. The data row (. Row) must be included in the container (. Container) to give it the appropriate alignment and padding (padding). Such as: 2. Columns can be added (. column) in rows (. row), but the sum of the columns cannot exceed the total number of columns, such as 12, that are equally divided. Such as: 3. The specific content should be placed within the column container (columns), and only columns (column)

Every day, Bootstrap must learn the grid system (layout) _ javascript skills

distance of the first column and the right inner distance of the last column. In the 763rd rows of bootstrap.css ~ You can see in row 767th: .row { margin-right: -15px; margin-left: -15px; 5. You can combine rows and columns to see the effect of Row 4. That is, the expected effect is that there is no spacing between the first column and the last column and the container (. container. Horizontal Bar 5 is

Bootstrap form component tutorial _ javascript skills

Common elements of a form include text input box, drop-down selection box, single choice, check box, text field, and button. Next, we will introduce the Bootstrap form component tutorial through this article. If you are interested, let's take a look at the following common elements of the form: text input box, drop-down box, single choice, check box, text field, button, etc. The following are different bootstrap

Every day, Bootstrap must learn the grid system (layout) and bootstrap grid layout.

row 767th: .row { margin-right: -15px; margin-left: -15px; 5. You can combine rows and columns to see the effect of Row 4. That is, the expected effect is that there is no spacing between the first column and the last column and the container (. container. Horizontal Bar 5 is just to show you that you can combine any columns and columns as needed, but the sum of their combinations should not exceed the tot

Getting started with Bootstrap (1) typographical and bootstrap

Class names. As follows: In Bootstrap, the following code shows the same effect. In practical application, we may often encounter a situation where the subject is followed by a subtitle in addition to the main title. Bootstrap sets this effect in a user-friendly way. The usage is also very simple, as follows: Of course, you can use this setting from The row h

Bootstrap entry books (3) raster system, bootstrap raster

: 15px;} Here, we can all think of what will happen! Because of the existence of double padding, the first and last columns have actually isolated the content by 30px. How do we eliminate the impact? Bootstrap is through. the margin (margin) on rows is negative margin-left:-15px; m

Boottarp Learning (1) typographical, boottarp learning typographical

Effect Text alignment Style Text alignment is indispensable in typographical layout. In CSS, text-align is often used to set the text align style. There are four main styles: Left alignment; Value: left Center alignment, value center Right alignment; Value: right Alignment on both ends; Value: justify For ease of use, Bootstrap defines four class names to control the text alignment style: . Text-left: lef

Bootstrap Form Components Tutorial detailed _javascript Tips

The most common elements of a form include text entry boxes, Drop-down selection boxes, radio boxes, check boxes, text fields, buttons, and so on. Here are the different versions of Bootstrap: LESS:forms.less SASS: _forms.scss Bootstrap only customize the fieldset, legend, label labels within the form fieldset { min-width:0; padding:0; margin:0; border

Bootstrap Introductory Book (i) Typesetting _javascript skills

Recommended Reading : Bootstrap Introductory Books (0) Bootstrap Introduction Bootstrap uses Helvetica neue, Helvetica, Arial, and Sans-serif as their default font stacks. With the Bootstrap layout feature, you can create headings, paragraphs, lists, and other inline elements. 1. Title In

Bootstrap's form

Base formThe common elements in the form include:Text input Box、Drop- down selection box, radio button, check button、text FieldAndButtonsuch asOf course, in addition to these elements, there are input,select,textarea and other elements, in the bootstrap framework, by customizing a class name 'Form-control ', that is, if these elements use the class name "Form-con

First contact with the Magic Bootstrap basic typography _javascript skills

3.Bootstrap HTML Standard template Title of 4.Bootstrap As with normal HTML pages, the bootstrap definition title is also used to H1 to H6, except that Bootstrap overrides its default style so that it displays the same effect in all browsers, with specific rules defined as shown in the following table:

Bootstrap grid system details _ javascript skills

(padding), and set the negative margin (margin) for the first and last stacks) to offset the influence of the inner distance (padding ). The bootstrap mesh system has a responsive effect. It has four types of browsers (ultra-small screen, small screen, medium screen, and large screen). The breakpoint is 768px, 992px, and 1220px. The container (. container) has d

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