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DNS Literacy Series 7: Focus on Domain Name Security

DNS Literacy Series 7: paying attention to domain name security and network security should not only be verbally concerned. It turns out that network security risks are everywhere on the Internet. Recently, Twitter and Baidu have the same problems.

Overview of DNS system parsing process

Overview of DNS system parsing process DNS (domain name servive) is the most basic and important service in internet/intranet, providing automatic conversion of domain name to IP address in network access. We know that there are thousands of hosts

Godaddy-powerful free Domain Name DNS resolution service

Godaddy is the world's No. 1 domain name and virtual host service provider. It is found that Godaddy also provides free Domain Name DNS resolution services, and does not need to buy any Godaddy services, you only need to register as a Godaddy member

DNS Protocol Base Supplement

Types of DNS serversWhen a website in the ISP successfully applied to the IP address, and then in the domestic domain name service providers (such as Ali million network) to apply for a domain name, and then the domain name and IP address bundled

How to modify the DNS of a Linux-based VPS host


[Cloudxns experience sharing] Modify NS, domain name takeover status x not in a hurry

In the domain name resolution process, some users like me, always feel that the takeover status from X to √ wait too long.For example, in the Cloudxns, see the following Red Cross question the Lord always has a thing to do not do always wait to see

Telecom shielding GoDaddy part of the DNS service

Starting from July 16, some local users (mainly in XI ' an telecom and some of the local unicom users) to me, unable to visit my blog, after my test to find out, the reason is that some areas of telecommunications operators blocked my blog DNS

Let the peanut shell bind your top-level domain free

Peanut shells are officially not supported by binding your top-level domain.If you need to bind the top-level domain name, you may need to oray the registration, or, to change DNS to Oray, still need to charge.But, I teach you a trick, can let

Linux iptables firewall hijacking and intercepting DNS query 53 port implementation steering

Enterprise intranet often have such a demand, For example, the IP address of the Business Server is, we are accustomed to visit this address, Yun-dimensional is also very kind of a domain name resolution to this IP address, so that we

Take what to save you: our domain pain

If you buy a car and park it in the parking lot, if you want to drive away, the parking lot asks you for complicated formalities to prove that the car is yours and requires you to pay a parking fee for a year or several years, even if you don't want

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