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Accounting assumptions, accounting elements, debit and credit bookkeeping, accounting subjects and accounting accounts _ activities

Accounting assumption refers to the prerequisite for the normal accounting work of an organization. 1. Assumption of Accounting subject Accounting subject hypothesis refers to the assumption that accounting is a specific business or unit of economic activity, rather than ram

Insurance Company Accounting 1. Insurance Company Accounting 3

Principles and specifications of insurance companies for determining and measuring accounting elements The accounting information sorting and processing process is actually a process in which the accountant confirms and measures the accounting elements of the accounting items, and presents the

4. Accounting creden

and other departments in a unified manner, or are printed by the economic unit upon the approval of the tax department. The validity of the seal of the issuing authority is effective when the certificate is filled in. Section 3 Accounting credential 1. Receipt credential refers Accounting creden used to record cash and bank deposits. It is Special creden compiled by the cashier based on the original crede

Accounting year and accounting period

Original post address: http://blog.vsharing.com/jingjian/A653365.html In our country, the accounting year and accounting period are fixed: that is, the accounting year is based on the natural year, and the accounting period is 12 calendar months. But in most other countriesThe acc

Automatic accounting how to determine accounting objective lending

Preface: This article will provide you with sap mm automatic accounting, how to determine the purpose of accounting lending, and how to find the corresponding accounting creden。 from the front-end material movement operation. -------------------------- I am an evil splitting line ------------------------------ Suddenly I have a question: although the borrower of

Accounting Computerization exercise question 3 (simulated exercise 8)-The Accounting Qualification Examination Method for 2014 will be significantly adjusted

Accounting Computerization exercise question 3 (Simulation Exercise 8) Notice of friendship: The Beijing Accounting Qualification Certificate examination has been completed in March 2013, and an additional examination will be organized in the second half of 2013. If you miss this exam, you will be able to take the 2014 Accounting Qualification ExaminationMajor a

Accounting Computerization Chapter 1: Accounting Computerization Overview

Accounting Computerization Chapter 1: Accounting Computerization Overview The author sorts out the knowledge points and difficulties in the accounting computerization examination to help those who want to engage in accounting. Specific knowledge points: Accounting softwar

The Accounting standard course is studious, is the accounting standard course good test?

The Accounting standard course is studious, is the accounting standard course good test?Corton View   What are the real implications of these latest changes? What companies are expected to be affected by this change? What should be considered at the time of implementation? To fully understand and effectively grasp the latest changes and trends of accounting stand

The establishment of the formula for calculating the number of financial accounting software for lifetime free accounting

  Zhuo account lifetime free financial software highly integrates the accounting processing, cashier management, assistant accounting, Report processing and other functional modules. The software supports the new and old accounting systems and the country's newest data interface standards. Applicable to all types of enterprises and administrative units. The softw

How do I understand accounting subjects and financial statements?

Accounting subjects are only statistical classifications of management information. Management personnel can add accounting subjects as needed.There is a joke circulating by accounting personnel: a company's financial situation is not very good. By the end of the year, when the annual bonus is issued, the accountant will propose an amount for the boss to raise mo

SAP financial accounting (FI) Terminology

independent item in a credential, that is, a credential item, which should include the amount, account number, debit or credit, and other related information that should be recorded as determined by business transactions.D) line project display:Display of line items of one or more accounts. The premise for displaying row projects is that such accounts should be managed in the form of row project display. For a customer or supplier account, it is preset. For a general ledger account, it must be

Bank Accounting 1

of services for survival and operation, leasing to others, or management Non-monetary long-term assets held for the purpose, without physical forms. Intangible Asset score Identifiable (patents, trademarks, etc.) and unidentifiable assets (goodwill ). 6. Other assets Other assets of a commercial bank, including long-term deferred charges, debt-paying assets, and frozen assets And freeze materials and the property involved in litigation. (2) Liabili

2015-2020 China Accounting Service Market analysis and Investment prospect Research Report

Report Description: Shenyang Industry and Commerce AgencyBooz data released the "2015-2020 China Accounting Services Market analysis and Investment prospects Research Report" A total of 10 chapters. Shenyang Agent Company Report This paper introduces the accounting service industry, the operating environment of China's accoun

Accounting subjects and accounts

. Accounting Account I. Significance of setting an accountAn account is a means of classifying, systematic, and recording various economic services in the ledger according to the specified accounting subject.Relationship Between Accounting Account and accounting

Establish a free accounting date report _access

Microsoft Access reports provide statistics grouped by date, but only for full years, months, days, and so on, that is to say one months of data must be from the beginning of the month to the end of the month. We write programs, there are many statistical systems in the work, and the units of the statistics are based on the accounting date, the accounting date is not necessarily from 1st to 31st, and some c

Cost accounting of IT Project Manager Manual

Enterprise Accounting Standards-Intangible Assets Article 3rd defines intangible assets as "an enterprise provides services for the production of goods and leasing to others, or non-monetary long-term assets held for management purposes, without physical forms ", article 13th" intangible assets developed by the enterprise and applied for in accordance with law, the research and development expenses incurred

SAP financial accounting training

changes caused by these business will be automatically recorded in the accounting system. The fi module system fully takes into account corporate and fiscal regulations. 51sap is a professional sap training center. It brings together a large number of senior professionals and a variety of advanced practices and training experience to form a high-level professional team composed of first-class domestic teachers and senior experts in the industry, thei

co-Cost center Accounting

1. Cost Accounting Concepts 1.1 Cost center The cost center is the smallest unit of responsibility within the enterprise and is the specific recipient of each cost. Each cost center must be assigned to a node of the standard hierarchy when the cost center master data is created, and the standard hierarchy reflects the relationship between the cost center and the cost center, the cost center and the cost center group, the Cost center group, and the cos

Enterprise Accounting Standard number 39th-fair value measurement

Enterprise Accounting Standard number 39th-fair value measurementAccounting [2014]6 No.Chapter I. GENERAL PROVISIONSIn order to standardize the measurement and disclosure of fair value, the code is formulated according to the Enterprise Accounting standards-Basic principles.The second fair value refers to the price that a market participant has to pay for the sale of an asset to receive or transfer a liabil

Shanghai _ accounting _ Shanghai

Shanghai Accounting Institute Accounting Qualification Certificate Examination training http://lixin.sh.cn/44.html Shanghai Accounting Qualification Certificate Examination training workshop advantage http://lixin.sh.cn/45.html Shanghai accounting title examination training registration conditions | examination time an

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