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DOS out of date? A few sets of Win10 DOS commands very good 2015-07-02 17:12 Source: Pconline Original Author: Tangshan Ju people

Perhaps for many, after 00, DOS is the product of the last century, and many of them have not even heard of the name DOS. But in fact, even in the latest version of the WIN10 system, Microsoft has not put this "product of the last century"

Converting a DOS batch file to a shell script

Converting a DOS batch file to a shell script Quite a few programmers who learn scripts on a PC are running DOS. In fact, the Disabled DOS batch file language can also write some powerful scripts, although they generally need to rely on external

VC Execute DOS command _dos

Moor a Huanxiangwa dedicated to the group of you small white, old white don't peek, thank you.Sometimes in the VC to execute the familiar DOS commands can write a lot less code, such as sharing/cancellation of a folder, shut down a service, in the

Operate Telnet in DOS batch for Automatic Remote Login

Shortly after joining the work, the Project Manager handed over the task of program release to me. There was a new feeling in the first few days. After a long time, there were just a few commands that really didn't mean much, but I still have to do

Delphi Execution DOS command displayed to text box

Delphi Execution DOS command displayed to text box (TMemo)2007-11-24 22:03 Procedure Cmdexecandview (filename:string; memo:tmemo);Procedure _addinfo (Mminfo:tmemo; s:string; var line:string);VarI, P:integer;BeginIf MmInfo.Lines.Count >

Bash shell Command (2), bashshell command

Bash shell Command (2), bashshell command In the previous article 《Bash shell Command (1)This section describes several simple linux shell commands. Address:Http://, Reprinted, please specify the source

Win7 sleep wake up the computer but the screen has been black screen is not bright solution

Win7 sleep wake up the computer but the screen has been black screen is not bright solution 1, right click on the desktop "Computer", select "Device Manager" option in the menu bar; 2, into the "Device Manager" interface, click on the bottom of

FTP commands under DOS (full set of FTP commands)

FTP commands are one of the most frequently used commands by Internet users. Whether using FTP in DOS or UNIX operating systems, a large number of FTP Internal commands are encountered. You are familiar with and flexible to use FTP Internal commands,

What about the black screen after Windows 7 wake up sleep?

Recently a lot of netizens reflect the computer in the wake of sleep state to enter the black screen, not normal access to the screen, the system has also been reinstalled or no response, the following small series for everyone to share under the

Win7 Wake sleep function when the computer black screen what to do?

Recently saw a lot of netizens in the know to ask questions, said the computer into the sleep function, wake up when not able to normal access to the desktop, will enter the black screen state, encountered this situation and most of our hardware

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