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Photo of Stockholm 16: upsara (5)

After returning from old upsara, I went to the linnai Botanical Garden and looked at it. Along the fyrisan River, I walked north of the city to the south and saw several other buildings at upsara University. Finally, I took the train back to

Closeness and closeness-My Historical View

In the age when technology is insufficient, small scope is the scope of activity. Only technological advances and large scope of closeness can play a role, therefore, the scope of activities is related to technical capabilities. In the age of

Suggestions for future programmers

Advice to students of computer scienceAbout a year or two ago, I was shouting that a Windows graphical interface client with a good user experience (rich Windows GUI clients) would be the future trend. Although I said so, but occasionally there are

Good Life plan

To sum up, the things I have done so far this year include:1. It took 10 months to travel around the world through 17 countries and regions in Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, Central and South America. The theme of this trip is surfing and

Translation: The Shanghai Six at five

The Shanghai Six at fiveJun 8th 2006 | BeijingFrom the economy ist print edition A club, yes, but not a gentlemen's clubSix countries in Shanghai are still in the middleA club, indeed. But it is not a gentleman's club. As the maximum th birthday on

Why is the development efficiency of 5% of technicians 20 times that of other 95%? Zz

ArticleDirectory Bruce Eckel's point of view: Reading, analyzing, summarizing, and practicing Jeff Atwood (coding horror): Technical blog importance 5% myth Bruce Eckel (author of thinking in Java/C ++) mentioned in his 5%

[Reprinted] Why is the development efficiency of 5% of technical staff 20 times that of other 95%?

5% myth Bruce Eckel (author of thinking in Java/C ++) mentioned in his 5% myth (mythical 5%): 5%ProgramDevelopers are 20 times more efficient than other 95% programmers (5% of programmers are 20x more productive than the other 95% ). According

North American cable Fault test U-mail the superiority of mail relay communications

Let's look at two news:News : media reports: June 9, 2016, 8 o'clock in the morning China Telecom to North America submarine cable failure, resulting in large areas of telecommunications users can not connect to the United States website. According

11 hot vacation spots you 've never heard

Best places you 've never heard of: dürnstein, Austria The Traveler:Michael guerriero, author of the Guidebook "party photo SS America: 101 of the greatest festivals, sporting events, and celebrations in the U. s. "(partypolicssamericw.k.com),

Geography error and wearing lens in the film assassination of Kim Jong-un (for entertainment only)

In the first 15 minutes, North Korean communications officials called the producer Aaron Rapaport and gave him a coordinate to meet with the North Korean side, which was given in decimal degrees and latitude and longitude:"Latitude 40.1326,

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