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Li tianfang, founder of animation cloud and founder of course lattice, shares his entrepreneurial experience

more master you are, the more detailed you are, the more willing you are to give up the details. The third challenge is teamwork. As we all know, the collaboration ability in a team is very important, and the instructor's team will inevitably encounter this problem. Instructor Yan patiently explained the precautions for handling the problem: the difference between team-based development and personalized development, the importance of good code habits, the importance of test habits, and communic

Does your little frog really belong to you? | Cloud Fish co-founder Zhenghuajiang: block chain technology will redefine the "game asset" attribution problem

2018 the beginning of the new year, but the block chain this huge stone has undoubtedly been thrown into the internet, and stirred up layers of ripples, causing the people to pay attention to, everyone stared at the block chain, and swing ripples also fluctuate to major industries and personal interests. The stock prices of listed companies on the block chain soared, and even some changed the company name to "block chain company", in order to raise the stock price, want to take the opportunity b

Phase 10: Founder is born

The Founder is a wild boar and a professional is a domestic swine. The wild boar has many characteristics. It must be something that the domestic swine do not have, and Wang Qiang cannot understand: your hard work and fighting spirit are the characteristics of your native founder. You are always unable to communicate with yourself, so once you have an environment, you can start your own business immediately

How grassroots webmaster Upgrade interview Dedecms founder it Plato

Members of the network friendly, we interviewed today is the founder of the famous Dedecms it Plato, in recent years, the Dream of the CMS (DEDECMS) in China has become one of the most popular PHP CMS, and its founder it Plato is almost a well-known legend, 2002 graduated from Guangdong Maoming Institute of Chemical Department of his, from a layman to do almost the industry can not reach the height, this ha

An interview with founder Gao Dayong of the Flash guest Empire

achievements and founder of the Prodigal Son is inseparable, has been "computer newspaper" as "1998 of China's top ten netizens" one (Ding Lei, Charles Zhang was also the list) prodigal Son, is currently the deputy general manager of the interactive company, from personal website to the company operation, He insisted that take the commercial road to have a future, today we invited the Flash Guest Imperial webmaster (border town Prodigal son) Mr. Gao

Bigfoot SEO Hundred Station line Fourth station: Cool easy search and founder pan June

Preface: Bigfoot SEO Hundred station line is SEO practitioner Bigfoot launched the grassroots and the elite face-to-face interview activities, this activity is designed to visit the interview, Mining SEO practitioners and entrepreneurs behind the wonderful story, show the SEO industry practitioners of the current life and practice status.   Visit object: Pan June    Bigfoot and Pan June in the company (his iconic thumb)    A corner of Pan June Office People profile:

MySQL Founder: Write code better than playing games, programmers should soak up the open source community

MySQL team, using the same official language: "Crappy English". Many of the enthusiastic open source followers of MySQL followed Monty to Mariadb. MARIADB is more developer-oriented, allowing outsiders to patch things like this, and in many Linux distributions it's the default database.Monty's commitment to open source and developers is firm--openocean originally Monty with his own in MySQL, the mission is to devote to the developer-driven, technical depth of the product. He is still hosting th

Linux founder Lenas Tovaz "still wants to occupy the desktop market"

This article is translated to: http://www.eweek.com/enterprise-apps/linux-founder-linus-torvalds-still-wants-the-desktop.htmlIn a LinuxCon panel discussion, Lenas Tovoz presented in-depth insights on the 2014 Linux Development and non-development content.CHICAGO-Linux fans gathered in LinuxCon today to listen to Linux core developers, especially Lenas Tovoz, who were not disappointed. At the theme Group meeting, Torvalds spoke of his hopes and the 201

Facebook founder: Facebook will become more open

The "TechCrunch 40" seminar, hosted by TechCrunch, a renowned science and technology blog site, was officially opened in Monday, at the TechCrunch founder Michael Al Arlington (Michael Arrington) and social networking site Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg ( Mark Zuckerberg, who said he would not sell Facebook in the near future. The following is a summary of the dialogues: Arlington (hereinafter referred to

RETHINKDB founder teaches you how to find entrepreneurial ideas

watermark/2/text/ahr0cdovl2jsb2cuy3nkbi5uzxqvemh1ymfpdglhbg==/font/5a6l5l2t/fontsize/400/fill/i0jbqkfcma==/ Dissolve/70/gravity/southeast "title=" >(Note: This is the article "the founder of Rethinkdb teaches you how to build a great product" sister article. Welcome to read the examination. Many other latest articles please pay attention to my public number: Techgogogo)About the authorMy name is Slava Akhmechet, I am one of the founders of RETHINKDB,

Google founder calls Windows obsolete in browser era

"Sadie Network News" July 11, according to foreign media reports, Google co-founder Larry Page said in Thursday, Microsoft Windows operating system is outdated. Although Windows is not mentioned directly, page suggests that in the current internet age, there is a growing use of web browsers, and Windows is outdated. "Living in the online world, people don't necessarily need something from Eric's time," says Page. Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google,

Good 173 website founder: hao123 mode is subject to mobile phone

January 5 15:00~16:00 Wireless internet site navigation Station-Good 173 site founder Liu Yongxu, Xia Zhengwei visit NetEase Science and Technology "Genesis", SP Forum "WAP Webmaster Interview" to explore how to transplant "hao123 mode" to the mobile phone up, the following is the classic two-point view. Wireless Address the status of navigation: We feel that many mobile internet users too need to navigate the Web site, but there are some Web site n

Fackbook Founder: Facebook is a social tool, not a community

Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, the nation's second-biggest social networking site, has been interviewed by Time magazine. He talked about the future of Facebook, his day's work and so on, and said that Facebook was not an online community but a social tool. Here's what the interview is about: Time: Facebook is going through a fast-growing period, with up to 150,000 new subscribers a day, three times times faster than MySpace, and what is the reason

Microsoft co-founder returns to software market to create email company

"Sohu It News" Beijing time June 23 News, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen (Paul Allen) recently returned to the software market, created a xiant e-mail company, to help Outlook users organize mail management. Xiant is the latest in a growing number of new companies offering e-mail plug-ins. Allen himself was also an investor in Gist, an e-mail search site, who last month gist a 6.75 milli

RETHINKDB founder teaches you how to build a great product

-growing market. But the failure of a start-up company for these reasons is dwarfed by the fact that the company has been killed because of the choice of a niche market or the lack of a timely way to market a great product.[2] What happens in reality is that people do buy the unique colors and skins of their phones. But here we overlook this subtle aspect, and let's focus on the big things first. ——— finished ———-English Original: http://www.defmacro.org/2013/09/26/products.htmlMake/Translator:

Founder Vision: Enterprise website construction seo three "golden rule"

before writing a "founder Vision: How to make effective Web site communication" For everyone to talk about what to do when talking about the site. The website talks down, must make, then the Enterprise website construction SEO work must plan beforehand, otherwise once discovers the problem again to make the change, will increase the cost. Once a friend has made a website, the site has been done for half a year, the keywords are beginning to have a ran

Start-up company PlayCafe Close founder summarizes 10 major failure lessons

Guide: PlayCafe, founder of the Internet video game website, Mark Goldenson (Mark Goldenson) has written a summary of ten lessons of his own entrepreneurial failure. The following is the main content of the article:1.5 ago, I founded the Internet video game website PlayCafe with co-founder David Naigue (Dev Nag), and we are ambitious to run a game show that is engaging and interactive. Players can watch our

The founder of playcafe, a startup company, summarized 10 major failure lessons

Introduction: Mark goldenson, the founder of Internet TV game website playcafe, recently wrote an article about ten lessons of his entrepreneurial failure. The main content of this article is as follows: A year and a half ago, I joined our co-founder, DevNag) founded the Internet TV game website playcafe. We are ambitious to run a game show with a high degree of interaction. Players can watch our programs,

"SD2.0 Convention" Cool founder Thunder: Four elements of personal growth of programmers

China's largest IT technology community CSDN United States authoritative IT technology Media CMP Group, together for China's millions of developers to bring the most authoritative top software technology conference----"2007 Software Development 2.0 Technical Conference" (SD2C) in the nine Huashan village continued. Cool company founder, MBA from Stanford University in the United States and thunder of computer Master's degree from Peking University in

Founder of MySQL: Return to open source under Sun's Guidance

Nearly half a year after Sun's acquisition, what impact does Sun have on the open-source world? The founder of MySQL stood up to answer questions. When Sun acquired MySQL, an open-source database vendor, for $1 billion at the beginning of this year, the entire MySQL Community was waiting to see how the new owners would affect their communities. At this year's OReilly open source event (OSCON), MySQLA Nearly half a year after Sun's acquisition, what im

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