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Working with NES (1)

Since I was a child, NES have been developed just for hobbies ........ If you are from a business perspective, you don't have to look at it ..... Introduction: NES are Nintendo (FC )... Baidu .... Planning for the development of Nes. Next, the artist,... we are working on our own. The basic learning is ghost painting. The tool we use is yychr. There are some oth

Bsnes '. nes' File Processing Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Byuu bsnes 0.87Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 53684 Bsnes are SNES Simulators Based on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Bsnes 0.87 has a buffer overflow vulnerability in processing '. nes' files. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code in affected applications. *> Test method:---------------------------------------

FC/nes music sample program Happy Birthday Song

; Start address: $ bff0; End address: $ FFFF; File length: $4010Counter = $00Music_offset1 = $01Music_offset2 = $02. Org $ bff0. DB "Nes", $ 1A, $01, $01, $00, $00. Dw $00, $00, $00, $00. Start $ c000. Org $ c000Reset:SEI; Disable interruptionClDLdx # $ ff; initialize the top pointer of the stack to $ FFTXSBytesSTX counterSTX music_offset1STX music_offset2_ VB1:LDA $2002BPL _ VB1_ VB2:LDA $2002BPL _ VB2LDA #$00Sta $2001 LDA # $ 0f; sound switching: 00

Learner Transplant NES

http://blog.csdn.net/zerokkqq/article/details/52964249Http://bbs.eeworld.com.cn/thread-415692-1-1.htmlAbove this is my transplant reference other people's files. Hands-on teaching you transplant xxx, how awesome.As a thing of the past, you need to figure out what to do next. Don't be silly, we can not know how every detail will be, so here is not clear, remember, do not always rush to complete the task, then our road should be step by step1, I always three minutes of heat, hope this time do not

NES red and White machine simulator 3rd game handle Test Wuyi STM32

;Panax Notoginseng } -GPC_BSRR (0) =1; theDelay_us (Ten); +GPC_BRR (0) =1; A } theGPC_BRR (0) =1; +GPC_BRR (1) =1; - returncmd; $ } $ - intMainvoid) - { the U8 cmd; - //pin Enable clock IOA IOB IOCWuyiRcc->apb2enr |= Rcc_apb2enr_iopaen | Rcc_apb2enr_iopben |Rcc_apb2enr_iopcen; the -GPIOC-GT;CRL =0; Wu - //Configuring the LED lamp pin mode PC7 AboutGPIOC-GT;CRL |= Gpio_crl_mode7;//Mode is set to 11:50m output $GPC_BSRR (7) =1; - - //configuration handle

FPGA development All-in---FPGA development and Xilinx series

Original link:FPGA development of the eight: from the development of programmable devices to see the future trend of FPGAFPGA development All the nine: FPGA main suppliers and products (1)FPGA development All the nine: FPGA main suppliers and products (2)FPGA development All the nine:

Deep learning FPGA Implementation Basics 0 (FPGA defeats GPU and GPP, becoming the future of deep learning?) )

Requirement Description: Deep learning FPGA realizes knowledge reserveFrom: http://power.21ic.com/digi/technical/201603/46230.htmlWill the FPGA defeat the GPU and GPP and become the future of deep learning?In recent years, deep learning has become the most commonly used technology in computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing and other key areas, which are of great concern to the indus

FPGA Development All--FPGA selection

Original link:FPGA Practical Development Tips (1)The fifth chapter, the FPGA actual combat development skill5.1 FPGA Device Selection KnowledgePeng Tong, Hu Yihua/CAS Shanghai Institute of Technical PhysicsThe selection of FPGA devices is very important, unreasonable selection will lead to a series of follow-up design problems, and sometimes even make the design

FPGA learning notes Altera FPGA using JIC file to configure the Cure tutorial (GO)

Many of the friends who have done microcontroller know that after the MCU is burned to write the program firmware, then the program firmware is stored inside the MCU. The program can continue to operate even if the MCU is powered off and then re-energized. This is because the firmware of the MCU is written to write the program firmware to the MCU on-chip program memory ROM, and most modern MCU this ROM is flash memory. Flash memory can be power-down to keep data, so can realize the power-down pr

"On-Chip FPGA Advanced Learning Tour" ddr2+ Gigabit Ethernet circuit design based on Altera FPGA

DDR2 Circuit DesignHigh-speed large-capacity cache is an essential hardware in high-speed big data applications. At present, the use of a wide range of high-speed large-capacity memory in FPGA system has a classical low-speed single data rate of SDRAM memory, and high-speed dual-rate DDR, DDR2, DDR3 type SDRAM memory, The DDR series of memory all require the FPGA chip has the corresponding hardware circuit

FPGA timing problems and fpga timing problems

FPGA timing problems and fpga timing problems Recently I made a project ------ 4 1080 p (1920x1080) to synthesize a 4 K (3840x2160,297 M) interface board. When 1080 p goes in and p goes out, the video is played normally. However, when P and 4 K are in progress, the video image will have water ripple. At that time, it was assumed that the timing sequence sent by FPGA

Implementation of floating-point operations in FPGA-calibration and fpga floating-point operations

Implementation of floating-point operations in FPGA-calibration and fpga floating-point operations In some FPGAs, floating point numbers cannot be operated directly, but only fixed points can be used for numerical operations. For FPGA, the book involved in mathematical operations is a 16-bit integer number. What if there is a decimal number in the mathematical o

My FPGA Learning History (--FPGA) basic knowledge and Quartus installation

The advanced embedded market is divided into the following three categories: ARM, DSP and FPGA. ARM is the industry leader, currently almost all Android smartphones use ARM authorized CPU architecture, while DSP (digital signal processor) has been widely used in the early years of the telephone, DVD, communication base Station and other fields. The difference between DSP and arm is that arm is a universal CPU,DSP and a dedicated CPU.

[Serialization plan] [everyone learns FPGA/FPGA Together]

ArticleDirectory Part 1 Introduction to software Part 2 Introduction to OpenGL Part 3 exercise with OpenGL Part 4: Part 3 Part 5 Time Series Constraints Part 6 software skills Description There is no link to the unfinished document. Comments A lot of feedback shows that many FPGA beginners are passionate at the beginning, but if they are not getting started for a long time, some people will gradually lose their interest a

FPGA training expert V3 College FPGA expert takes you to learn Verilog language Top_down writing skills

This article is originally from V3 College Www.v3edu.org,FPGA training SpecialistIn order to improve the reuse rate of our code, we can write the code of different functions and then connect to the top layer. We give a simple example, the following procedure, we implement the LED water.In the LED module, we first divide the system clock into 1HZ clock, and then use the crossover clock to control the flow of LED lights, but my crossover and led light f

FPGA development--concept article

Original link:FPGA development One: Why is FPGA so hot?FPGA development All-in-two: Why should engineers master the knowledge of FPGA development?FPGA development: The basic knowledge and development trend of FPGA (part1)FPGA deve

FPGA frequency measurement principle and FPGA code

In general, there are two FPGA measurement frequency algorithms: frequency measurement and measurement Week. I used the electronic measurement textbook to find the definition. The frequency measurement is to count the input signal period within a certain period of time, while the measurement week is opposite. It is within the input signal period, count the standard signal period. It can be understood that the frequency measurement uses a slow clock to

FPGA notes (11)-FPGA pin Verification

FPGA pin Verification Step (quartusii) 1, new TXT file, write pin configuration (no write voltage type) Syntax only set_location_assignment pin-to pin name such as: Set_location_assignment pin_b11-to CLK2 Set_location_assignment pin_g7-to P1db[0] (This is a multi-bit input and output, you need to disassemble the configuration) diagram: 2, new project, choose the type of FPGA you want to use, if not, you

[Serialization] [FPGA black gold Development Board] those issues with the FPGA-tends to perform parallel operations (III)

: For details, see the original project under "./experiment02. For the modeling process, see the modeling video "video_exp02 ". For the configuration process, see "Experiment 2 configuration" Flash_module.v is a 10Hz, 50% duty cycle output function module. To put it simply, the timer switch... The code is relatively simple. Run_module.v is a flow lamp with a scanning frequency of 3.3hz. It is written in the form of a "control module. 16 ~ The 24 rows are 1 ms counters. 28 ~ The 36 rows are

Some misunderstandings in FPGA learning

Reproduced from the network, the author is unknown.I have many years of work on the FPGA study of QQ group administrators, a lot of new recruits for a long time are always repeating asked some very simple but let the novice puzzled questions. As administrators often to the novice to popularize the basic knowledge, but very unfortunate is a lot of rookie with a impetuous mentality to learn FPGA, always anxio

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