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Differences between high-frequency and power-frequency machines

The power frequency machine is a traditional X-ray equipment that uses 50Hz AC as the power supply of High Voltage Generators. We know that the composition of X-ray machine (or X-ray equipment) can be roughly divided into two parts: X-ray Generator (X-ray source) and auxiliary equipment. The following discussion will confuse the x-ray machine with the X-ray

Pulse generator with adjustable PWM duty ratio frequency

:f_out=clk0;1:F_OUT=CLK1;2:F_OUT=CLK2;3:F_OUT=CLK3;4:F_OUT=CLK4;5:F_OUT=CLK5;6:f_out=clk6;7:F_OUT=CLK7;EndcaseEndmoduleThe realization of the non-fixed duty ratio (frequency adjustment, the duty ratio will follow the change)Module Pulse_gen(Input clk_in,Inputrst_n_in,Inputkey_menu,INPUTKEY_UP,Inputkey_down,Outputmenu_state,Outputregpulse_out);Debounce for Key_menuDebounce debounce_menu (. CLK (Clk_in),. Rst_n (Rst_n_in),. Key_n (Key_menu),. Key_state

(reproduced) key indicators for high speed ADCs: Quantization error, offset/gain error, DNL, INL, ENOB, resolution, RMS, SFDR, THD, SINAD, DBFS, two-tone IMD

, which is the full-scale relative level (DBFS). Because a maximum value of 0 is specified, the full-scale relative level of the signal actually processed by an ADC is negative. The dBFS of a 12-bit ADC chip: DBFS = LOG10 (sample signal/1111 1111 1111). Therefore, Fin = -1dbfs is often seen in the ADC data document, so that the -1DBFS fin in this case is equivalent to 0.8913 of the full scale input amplitude, as calculated from the above formula. 8. Two-tone

Photoshop High-frequency rub-skin tutorial Share

For users of Photoshop software, share a tutorial on high frequency grinding. Tutorial Sharing: First, early processing: 1-1, this step we are mainly to adjust the color of the light and shade, eliminate the partial color. Create a new group named "Pre-processing," as shown in the following figure. 1-2, click on the group, the group expansion, the followi

PS use high-low-frequency grinding method for the finishing of Fashion portrait processing later tutorial

of the information in the original file, Merging them together is a complete original image. The advantage of saving different frequency information with different layers is that we can make more specific adjustments to the features of different frequency information contained in the picture. Low-frequency detail layer contains the basic color and

ADSL divides the high frequency of telephone lines into many tones.

ADSL divides the high-frequency part of a telephone line into many tones. Each tone carries a certain bit bandwidth, and the total bandwidth that all tones can carry is the maximum bandwidth of this ADSL line. Each tone has a certain background noise. After the bandwidth occupied by this background noise is removed, th

PS How to use high frequency to remove messy hair

PS teaches you to use high frequency to remove messy hair I have already set the tone in the LR, and now open the picture directly in the PS. The following figure ① the continuous replication of two layers, the above name: High-frequency, the

Ibus database high-frequency keyword Error Correction script

Ibus database high-frequency keyword Error Correction script-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information, the following is a detailed description. After using ibus for a long time, I often suddenly find that some of the original preference or commonly used words suddenly fall behind, or even to the second page, it is not squeezed out by other words, however, the ibus user database

The method of using high and low frequency grinding skin for PS detailed explanation

PS Detailed use of the method of grinding skin with high frequency. the essence of the high frequency grinding skin is to separate the color layer from the texture layer; the skin layer is the low-frequency layer, do not keep the details, just a little fuzzy, and maintain th

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