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Groovy easy to get started--grails combat basics

Before learning anything, the most important thing is to cultivate interest, groovy one of the world's most dazzling technology--grails believe that we have already heard, I will be through the Grails Combat series to show you the charming style of

Grails Integration with Maven

This article mainly introduces Grails and Maven integration. After the Grails 2.1 release, the integration of Maven has been greatly improved. This article provides an example of how Grails integrates with MAVEN, enabling readers to learn how to

How do you choose between rails and grails?

The various comparisons between rails and grails have not stopped since rails and grails have entered people's eyes. Recently Stephan on its blog with rails and grails working trend charts. As you can see from rails and grails work trends, rails is

Building Rich Internet applications with Grails, part 1th: Building Web Applications with Grails and Flex

Introduction: Rich Internet applications (Rich Internet Applications,ria) ensure the dynamic and functional nature of desktop applications through browsers. One of the main features of RIA is to move the presentation layer to the client and support

Learn about Grails

Grails website http://www.grails.org/is the way to introduce grails.1 It can run on a Java virtual machine, combined with Java's first-Class 2 rapid development 3 using Java-like Dynamic Language 4 conventions better than configuration 5 reduce

Quickly implement data additions and deletions using Dojo and grails (CRUD)

Reasons to choose Grails and Dojo With the wide application of Web, the development of Web application is more and more, and most of web development is to check the deletion of database. For the deletion of a database table, the development of the

Building Rich Internet applications using Grails, part 2nd

Related articles: Building Rich Internet applications with Grails, part 1th: Building Web Applications with Grails and Flex Grails and Google Web Toolkit Introduction: In part 2nd of this 2-part series, a new service is created based on the WEB

Installing the Grails development environment on Windows

For Grails 2.2.xThis first video shows you how to install Grails and Java on Windows. To install Grails, you will need a Java SDK (www.java.com) and a grails library (www.grails.org). This video will show you how to download and install these two

Infoq Chinese site published the Chinese version of grails Getting Started Guide

I once had doubts about projects such as xruby jruby. Why does it take time to associate JVM with Ruby? The answer is fast and reusable. I am more interested in the scripting language. Ruby is my favorite scripting language, followed by JavaScript.

The advantages and disadvantages of the five great JAVA Web frameworks, Spring MVC leads

There is no doubt that Java is one of the most important programming languages in the world today. The JS Framework provides a solid foundation for programmers to build programs. It includes defined classes and functions for hardware device

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