nam file

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Ns2-nam and Nam implementation files

The first is the *. h/CC file: ./Trace/basetrace. H, CC: basetrace base class ./Trace/trace. H, CC: trace class implementation ./Trace/cmu-trace.h, CC: especially the nam_format function in the Note: The above three classes are

Ubuntu 16--installs--ns2.35 and Nam

  Ubuntu 16.04 Installation Ns2.35+namSummarize the following installation steps1: Update sourcesudo apt-get update #更新源列表sudo apt-get upgrade #更新已经安装的包sudo apt-get dist-upgrade #更新软件, upgrade system2: Install the NS2 required packagesudo apt-get

Analysis of why Nam file is not displayed in NS2

Today, I wrote a piece of code--defined a new transport protocol and a common contract application, the results run to the end, always show that Nam, is very distressed. However, after viewing the Nam file has been found, and Nam Out.nam, to be able

Jquery $ ("nam") cannot obtain the html id generated by js? Let's look at the code.

Jquery $ (& quot; # nam & quot;) cannot obtain the html id generated by js ?? Come and see the code! You can directly copy my code to the PHP file to test it! I used js to generate an html text box. the id value is nam! I can't get this id from

Differences between different levels of OracleSQLtrace

Level Waits Binds 1 False False 4 False True 8 True False 12 True True For the same statement sys@DEX11g> var oname varchar2(200) ;sys@DEX11g> exec :oname := 'PUBLIC' ;PL/SQL

Once again, the Oracle foreign key must be indexed

Foreign key indexing is common sense and must be kept in mind. I did not want to write this simple case, but encountered several consecutive foreign keys without indexing caused performance problems, so write it. A brother asked me to delete from

Java.lang.RuntimeException:Invalid Action class configuration references an unknown class Nam

It may be that your configuration does not have this class or you do not have a corresponding operation on the returned parameters.I was using struts2.1 once is the return string is not configured all have this problemJust can't find the class you

Remember insert because DB file sequential read affects performance-led analysis of performance reasons

With detailed 10046 trace discovery, a large number of IO waits are distributed on the following data files:Misses in library cache during parse:0Elapsed times include waiting on following events:Event waited on Times Max. Wait Total waited----------

Oracle 10046 trace File analysis

Generate the 10046 trace file:Sql> CREATE TABLE t10046 as SELECT * from Dba_objects; Table created. Sql> Select File_id,block_id,blocks from dba_extents where segment_name= ' T10046 '; file_id block_id BLOCKS------------------------------1

The difference between ALTER INDEX rebuild and ALTER index rebuild online

What are the general conditions for refactoring the index1. When the index is based on the table of DML operations frequently, over time, indexing efficiency is lower and higher, so you need to rebuild the index2. When the table is moved to another

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