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Code generator for the. NET CORE Framework ABP (ABP Code Power Tools) using the documentation

ObjectiveHello everyone, another one months did not update the article.Why, we all know, too busy ~Near the end of the year, the company's projects, annual meetings to do technical support, colleagues and friends have more frequent meals.Of course,

Release of rdiframework. NET platform code generator V1.0 (download available)

Rdiframework. NET platform code generator V1.0Publish (download available) Rdiframework. Net (. NET rapid development and integration framework) is a framework for rapid development and integration of information systems. The first goal is to

Develop an automatic. Net code generator to give a good name to the software.

Two days ago, I received another letter from Chengdu luobin, and I suddenly felt something. After soliciting comments from the author, I have published some emails from some netizens. You are welcome to discuss some questions.Bytes ------------------

My tool: Jone. Net code generator released the latest source code

Software introduction: Jone. Net Automatic Code A generator is a code generation tool that automatically generates code based on templates. Different Levels of code and development documents are generated based on different templates. All software

Dot Net Design Mode-generator Mode

1. Summary 1.1 intent Separates the construction and representation of complex objects so that different representations can be created during the same construction process. Note the following points. (1) Construction and representation separation:

. Net Code Generator

From: tsingsunli's blog 1. Code Smith The most famous foreign businessCodeGeneratorHttp:// 2. mygeneratoe The most famous free code generator in ChinaHttp:// 3. Dynamic

Net Code Generator

1. Code Smith The most famous foreign businessCodeGeneratorHttp:// 2. mygeneratoe The most famous free code generator in code generator usage Summary code generator usage Summary Code Smith: powerful, but you need to prepare a template before generating it. PASS MyGeneratoe: Same as CS .. Troublesome and difficult to use Blue blue. Net Code Generator: After I got down, I couldn't

Service layer and data layer Automatic Code Generator dohope. Net (. NET 1.1 and. NET 2.0 are both common)

Object relational mapping (ORM for short). I believe everyone should be familiar with it. It is a technology designed to solve the mismatch between object-oriented and relational databases. Using the O/R Mapping mode to develop database applications Platform Code Generator V3.1 Release-Updated in 2016-10-08 (download available)

  The main content of this update:  1. Increase the view of Oracle table creation statement.2. Added support for MySQL code generation.3, the comprehensive reconstruction of multi-threaded support, change the past will not cause the phenomenon of

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