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Big discussion on "learning and learning" Software Engineering Education for modern software engineering Learning

Instructor Xin's Blog is here: Software Engineering Education learned by modern software engineering Then I read the opinions of many students. When I think of High School, the teacher taught me that a good argumentative paper must show my opinion at the beginning. (Well, that's to cope with the college entrance examination. I am far away]. However, in my opinion,Not totally agreeThe opinions of instructors

Nmap source code learning three software is simple to use, nmap source code learning software

Nmap source code learning three software is simple to use, nmap source code learning software The software installation environment is win7, Zenmap, nmap6.49BETA2 Scan host portNmap-T4-A-v Output result: Scan the entire SubnetNmap mul

"Software analysis and mining" multiple kernel ensemble learning for software defect prediction

Summary: Using the historical defect data in the software to establish the classifier, the software flaw detection. Multi-core learning (multiple kernel learning): Map historical defect data to high-dimensional feature space, so that the data can be better expressed; Integrated

Learning Software Testing: Software Testing is a confidence that a program can run as expected.

verified.The main test method for white box testing.Gray box test: between Black and white box test.Static testing.Static testing refers to the execution of the program under test, but by reviewing the software documentation or code. Measure the static complexity of the program, check whether the software conforms to the standard of programming, to find out the shortcomings of the program written, reduce t

Software Test Learning Essay (8) The stage of software testing

sandwich integration can be used.(3) Systems test system TestingThe final phase of the test before the product is submitted to the user during system testing. The so-called system testing, is the confirmed software, hardware, peripherals, networks and other elements together to carry out a variety of information system assembly testing and validation testing, system testing is for the entire product system testing, the purpose is to verify whether th

Excellent open source Software Learning Series (i)--from zero learning Spring4 and learning method sharing

constantly try to encourage yourself and tempt yourself. Because even say the flowers, learning is always the most boring thing in the world-the more you know, the more you know your ignorance, the more people will be nameless panic, thereby denying themselves.V. SummarySo that's the plan. In writing this article, I was just going to make this attempt. This is what I have mentioned in the article: to constantly encourage themselves, through sharing a

Programmer Development Learning Tool article (under) document software-the best way to get software and materials

The following content, the development of beginners to see, skilled skip.The Analects has a statement: 工欲善其事 its prerequisite, meaning that craftsmen want to make his work well, must first make the tool sharp. It is very important to prepare for a good thing.In the second chapter, we talk about the efficient way of software, documentation and information acquisition.First of all, the programmer's software,

Python Learning _ Directory specification for software development and sample code (to solve the path problem of software porting)

__name__ ' __main__ ' : src.run ()Set log path (and database path) in 3.conf/settings.pyThe same is the dynamic access to the root directory of software, and then stitching to the specified directory of the software log to solve the migration problemImport osbase_dir=os.path.dirname (os.path.dirname (__file__'log' ' Transaction.log ')A general method of 4.lib/common.py from Import Settings Import Time

Writing machine learning from the perspective of Software Project Project analysis of main supervised learning algorithms in 3--

on project, although in many cases a ready-made code base is used, the difficulty of implementing the algorithm affects the number and quality of available code bases. And with the development of computer hardware and software architectures. Always requires the implementation of the algorithm code with The Times (distributed, hardware acceleration, etc.). At this time, the difficulty of the algorithm is also determined to update its difficult.In addi

《. The preface of net Software technology learning and practice

PrefaceThis is a book with its own characteristics. It's a book about technology, more about learning methods. This is an implementation from the first to the end "to teach people and fish, it's better to teach people and fish. 2003 Summer Vacation I in the CSDN Program Life Forum published personal autobiography-" a common it person's 10 years Review "(has been the book supporting CD-ROM), a stone stirred thousand layers of waves, was Xu Many sites r

2. CSS Learning-IT software staff Learning series articles

using the CSS settings in the style when it loads.Two, the CSS file selector has 3 kinds: Tag Selector, class selector, ID selector.1. ID selector. Select the HTML tag directly in the CSS settings. Start with the # sign.#nav {color:red;}2, class selector. Set the tag directly in the CSS settings (using the. Start), set it in the HTML element, and use the class attribute to mark it.3, Tag Selector. Set the tag directly in the CSS and define the tag in the HTML element.The following describes the

3. JavaScript Learning-IT software staff Learning series articles

. However, the anonymous function can be run as follows:Anonymous functions cannot be called by function names, but anonymous functions can be run indirectly through pointers, for example:In the example, the first line, the Anonyobject object, points to an anonymous function. The object is based on the window namespace, so the contents of the anonymous function can be called through lines 10th and 14th. Note that the anonyobject here is an object that is not the same as the following function:In

My third iOS app: multi-functional English learning software-wake up your English learning gene is now available!

the read and speak needs can be solved. I am wondering at home whether I can use the iPhone to train my oral skills, engage in a situational conversation, and then talk to my machine, so we have this module: The software has two built-in podcast RSS client clients, one is VOA and the other is ESL. These two clients are good for listen training. I used to listen to ESL frequently and the language speed is very slow, make sure that every sentence can

English Learning Software Learning Practice

It took hundreds of bucks to buy a license to fly English, and to start learning the English way. In fact, buy can fly the authorized to buy the main resources, too lazy on the internet everywhere "scratched" resources, spend a little money diagram of easy, as to fly software how, I can only say can use, the user experience of the software is not too good, but so

Confusion in the process of embedded learning--some people say that software technology changes too quickly, now learning things over two years will be completely eliminated, right?

650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s4.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/80/05/wKiom1c0TJfwz5SbAADS_yb12L0995.jpg "title=" 5.jpg " alt= "Wkiom1c0tjfwz5sbaads_yb12l0995.jpg"/>Some people say that software technology changes too fast, now learning things after two years will be completely eliminated, right?Do you know who said that? It must have been said by the people who have been eliminated. For example, Delphi, BCB, PB

WebEx for the 4412 Development Board Learning WIN8 Installation and learning of basic software

-up64bit virtualization! Win8under theCmd.exeprogramwhen you burn a system image in the back, you need to useWin8comes withCmd.exe. provided byCmd.exeYes, inWin8underCmd.exenot easy to find, here's a quick introduction to how toWin8found under "Cmd.exe". If you enterCdisk. Search "Cmd.exe",as shown in. as shown, search the“Cmd.exe". EnterCmd.exethe directory of the program. will beCmd.exeThe program is copied to the Burning folder, which is the "Usb_fastboot_tool"WenFolder.Read (0)| Comments (0)

Software testing self-learning guide---from Getting Started to mastering (reprint)

First, the basic knowledge of software testingTo get into the industry of testing, you have to understand what a software test is and how to test it.This part of the Learning Goal: Master the basic concept of software testing, software testing process, and can skillfully app

Learning software Development should read the book

Learning software Development should read the bookSource: The log of Li Yue Jia 1. C Language Promotion"C and Pointers"C Defects and pitfalls"C Expert Programming"This three book is a junior C programmer must read three books, but also fresh new employees have to study the textbook, very suitable for the newly graduated college students study2. C + + language promotion"Effective C + +: 55 specific practices

Oschina answers one of the reader's questions: Learning and usage of "Software Engineering"

I used to give oschina an award-winning Q A related to "software engineering practice" (the prize was for the questioner, haha). Now, many questions are still readable, therefore, you can organize the text to enjoy the crowd. Original posted here: http://www.oschina.net/question/12_78459 The question in this article is: how to learn software engineering, how to use it? A: First,

Software Engineering learning experience

During my undergraduate course, my true impression on software engineering is "physical strength" and "no technical skills ". In software engineering practice, I put more energy into language learning and system implementation, and did not pay attention to various document specifications. Obviously, my software enginee

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