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A refactoring pattern for adding new requirements to old code

Application ScenariosI believe you have encountered this scenario:There are already a bunch of if-else or switch-case in the old code, and the product requires adding a new function to the process.What do people do at this time?My advice is to:

"Old code said programming to play the Swift Lake" a book finally published

Today, our first book, based on XCode6.1 's latest version of Swift Grammar, has a lovely name: "The old code says programming to the Swift River," and a beautiful cover:This book is not a pedigree, it's just a five-bit it old yard kid.One day in

JavaScript refactoring (7): reuse old code

In Java, there is an old code like this: Java code classRound {publicvoiddrawRound (); // circle} now the new Code wants to coexist with it and use a Person object to control it, however, it may be drawRound or drawRect: Java code class...

"Old Code Farm Nostalgia" A simple and easy-to-use paging stored procedure

A database stored procedure is a set of SQL statements that are pre-created and stored on the database server with the specified name, and will be used in a more frequent or complex operation, pre-written with SQL statements and stored with a

Experience: 35-Year-Old Code workers give suggestions to their elders

Experience: 35-Year-Old Code workers give suggestions to their elders Thanks to this post by csdn netizen worry for the valuable lessons! I have benefited a lot from this and do not dare to enjoy it exclusively. I hope more friends can see it.

More than 10 years later, it is very touching to look back at the old code years. To show you I started learning VC + +, the creation of the Enlightenment works, hehe

1. Shortest path Freud algorithm VC + + Demo:The above demo software source code download: http://download.csdn.net/detail/vinglemar/8417887Related papers: Shortest path Floyd algorithm concrete demonstration

Swift type creation customization a type of detail _swift

Small partners, the type of bool in Swift has very important grammatical functions, and supports the entire SWIFT system in the logical judgment system, after the old Code of study and learning, the bool type itself is actually on the basis of the

Making a type is not a dream-vernacular swift type creation

Translation: Old code team translation Group-tyrion proofreading: Old Code team translation Group-oberyn This page contains content: Custom Prototypes Implementing default values Support for Basic Boolean initialization

Description of a custom type for Swift type creation

Description of a custom type for Swift type creation This article describes how to create a custom Swift type, this article describes the User-Defined prototype, implementation of default values, support for basic Boolean initialization, support for

New and Old code compatibility

Mix standard library class string and C-style strings You can initialize a string class object with the literal character of strings. Typically, because C-style strings have the same data type as string literals, and are null-character-free, you

The old code farmer teaches you how to learn English

Author's microblog: @ laobaonong's home location The importance of English is naturally beyond doubt for our coders who are highly advanced and always in line with international standards. Especially those who are ambitious and want to break into

Old code C # decompress and compress the ZIP file to save it as a collection ~~

Note: This code is a little bug, so you have to use it together ~~ Bug1: If duplicate files exist, a window indicating whether to overwrite the files is displayed on the server. Therefore, do not duplicate the directories when extracting files. Bug2:

JavaScript refactoring (7): reuse old code

In Java, there is such an old code:Java codeClass Round {Public void drawRound (); // draw a circle} Now the new Code wants to coexist with it and use a Person object to control it. However, it may be drawRound or drawRect:Java codeClass Rect

Adapt. NET data to [old code]

Add reference: system. configuration. dll, system. Windows. Forms. dll Using system; Using system. Collections. Generic; Using system. text; Using system. configuration;Using system. Data;Using system. Data. oledb;Using system. Windows.

Dynamic code evolution for Java dcevm Principle

In hostswap dcevm, we have a simple understanding of dynamic code evolution VM.ArticleThe implementation principle of dynamic code evolution VM is introduced. There are two concepts that need to be different: Dynamic code evolution

Programmer, why don't you rewrite the code?

As a 100offer programmer auction operation, we often talk with users, there is a topic enduring: the programmer to take over the new company after the existing code, how to deal with it?Programmers have the heart of an engineer, so the first thing

Cultivation of reconstruction-from the practice of restructuring command line operations

Article structure index: ========================================================== ================================ PrefaceModifying code is different from refactoring. Basic Premise of reconstruction: Understanding the original design

Why should programmers never rewrite code?

Programmers have an engineer's heart, so the first thing they want to do when they get to a new venue is to push the old one back. Yes, they will never be satisfied with simple incremental labor. Perhaps this subtle psychological orientation can

Me and my ad front-end Code (II): Burst demand, advertising law, labeling, patching

Overview:At the beginning of the refactoring ad ' old code ' occurred a burst of demand, below I briefly introduce, perhaps more of the text is thinking and structure of things. The specific business implementation will also be simple to say, but

C ++ code optimization solution (1)

1. select an appropriate algorithm and Data Structure It is important to select a proper data structure. If a large number of insert and delete commands are used in a pile of Random storage numbers, it is much faster to use a linked list. Arrays are

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