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Oracle's environment configuration-oem Enterprise Manager-oracle emterprise Manager

/j2ee/oc4j_applications/applications/em/em/cabo/images/cache/zhs/[Email protected] zhs]$ RM *.gif4. Restart the service[Email protected] zhs]$ emctl start dbconsoleTZ set to PRCOracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control Release (c) 1996, 2005 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.Http://oracle3:1158/em/console/aboutApplicationStarting Oracle

Oracle Help---Win7 Oracle configuration-related questions starting Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control ... A system error 5 occurred.

3. C:\users\xiaofeng>emctl Start Dbconsole Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control Release Copyright (c) 1996, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved. Http:// Error opening logfile for output in nmeula_new Error opening logfile for output in nmeula_new Starting

[Oracle] manual configuration of Oracle 10g enterprise manager [reprinted]

Manual configuration of Oracle 10g Enterprise ManagerThe following error is reported when oracle is installed several times; Enterprise Manager Configuration failed due to the following errorAn error occurred while starting Database Control.For more information, see log file

Oracle Database Configuration method Two--using the Net Manager configuration database

The database is configured with NET configuration in the Oracle installation configuration, and today we introduce the second configuration method, net Manager configuration.Find our net Manager shortcuts first, as belowThis is ac

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c R4 installation configuration

generic part of Root.shscript.Now product-specific root actions would beperformed./etc existCreating/etc/oragchomelist file .../u01/app/oracle/oms12cr3/omsFinished execution of/u01/app/oracle/oms12cr3/oms/ ...Starting to execute/u01/app/oracle/agent12cr3/core/ ...Finished product-specific root actions./etc existFinished execution of/u01/

"Oracle Connection string" "Oracle Net Manager Service naming Configuration" "PL/SQL Landing database"

Label:Several important parameters to connect to the database: 1. Login Username: User; 2. Login Password: password; 3. The server address (SERVER_IP) and Port (Server_port) that holds the database; 4. Database name (db_name);I. Oracle connection string If we want to connect db_name this data, in addition to the user name password, we also need to enter a connection string like "Server_ip:server_port/db_name". Ii.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c R4 installation Configuration

: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Warning the database enters the silent mode when you delete the archive. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue? [Yes (Y)/NO (N)]: y 2013-12-9 21: 07: 54oracle. sysman. emcp. EMConfig perform Information: The operation is logged to/u01/app/ora11g/export toollogs/emca/ngcdb/emca_2013_12_09_21_06_51.log. 2013-12-9 21: 07: 55oracle. sysman. emcp. util. DBControlUtilstopOMS Information:

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c:node Manager configuration and use

. 4. Check the configuration of the physical host that was created in the guided Oracle WebLogic Server 12c:creating and configuring machines .In domain structure, expand Environment (by clicking the + next to it). Click Machines 5. In machines , click dizzyMachine1. 6. In Configure DizzyMachine1, click the Confi

Oracle Manager Server Installation Configuration

Install omsBefore logging on to oms, you must first install the oms service. Start Oracle universal installer, check the installed products, and expand oracle main directory-oraHome92. If oracle9i management and integration is not available, it means you have not installed Oracle. Installation Method: In the list of available products of

Oracle ' s business Intelligence applications Configuration Manager Basic Concepts

Oracle ' s business Intelligence applications Configuration MANAGER:BIACMOnce The Biapps installation is completed, the newly introduced web-based JAVA applications, BI Configuration Manager (BIACM) and functional set-up Manager (FSM), is available for administrators to comp

Basic concepts of Oracle & #39; s Business Intelligence Applications Configuration Manager, configurationmanager

Basic concepts of Oracle's Business Intelligence Applications Configuration Manager, configurationmanagerOracle's Business Intelligence Applications Configuration Manager: BIACM Once the BIAPPS installation is completed, the newly introduced web-based JAVA applications, BI Configu

installation, configuration, and related issues with Oracle EM Enterprise Manager

2017-05-10First, configure the ORACLE_UNQNAME environment variableIi. reconstruction of the EM database: Emca-repos recreateThird, configure the EM account password: DBSNMP, SysmanIv. Configuring the EM Database: Emca-config Dbcontrol dbV. Solve the problem of listener status UnknowVI. Enterprise Production Environment EM external network port mapping#查看EM进程emctl Status Dbconsole#查看ORACLE_UNQNAME环境变量 Select name, db_unique_name from V$database;#配置ORACLE_UNQNAME环境变量vim. Bash_profileexport oracle_

Oracle Net Manager Service naming configuration and landing database with PL/SQL

database has been created and the global database name is: Kane.test.1. Open the Oracle Net Manager tool, select the "Service Naming" node, click on the left Green "+" button to eject the "Net Service Naming Wizard"The "Network Service name" is the custom service name, which is the key mentioned above, can be arbitrarily selected, mainly not with the existing service naming conflicts. If you take my_simple

Why Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g is favored by partners

for Brocade Serverlron. The network administrator can use this plug-in to perform active monitoring and detailed Configuration Analysis on Brocade ServerIron. · Voltaire plug-in: Allows Oracle Enterprise Manager to manage Voltaire InfiniBand and receive alerts about interconnection issues in the Oracle Real Applicatio

Oracle Workspace Manager Component Description

associatedmetadata. Uninstalling Workspace Manager will remove any workspace and associated metadata. The procedure is as follows: 1) Disable versioning on allversion-enabled tables in the database before de-installing Oracle workspacemanager. 2) To de-install login to SQL * plusas sysdba, invoke the de-installation script:SQL> @ $ ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/owmuinst. PLB The install/upgrade/de-install proce

Apache-Subversion Configuration | svn Configuration | Code Manager service configuration

Apache-Subversion Configuration | svn Configuration | Code Manager service configuration IntroductionI believe many new users will also encounter such problems and do not know how to configure them. As a side dish, I will share with you the problems I encountered! Haha! Below I will only talk about the svn environment

Configure Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c in Silent Mode

successful OMS OracleHome :/u01/app/oracle/Middleware Applying the required one-off patches. Warning: The following configuration scripts need to be executed as the "root" user /u01/app/oraInventory/ /u01/app/oracle/Middleware/oms/ To execute the configuration scripts: Open a new terminal wi

Oracle reconstruction Enterprise Manager

10g Database Control... ... Stopped. 6. Delete the em database emca-repos drop [Oracle @ primary ~] $ Emca-repos drop Started emca at Jun 17,201 4 8:44:08 AM EM Configuration Assistant, Version Production Copyright (c) 2003,200 5, Oracle. All rights reserved. Enter the following information: Database SID: orcl Listener port number: 1521 Password for

Reconfigure Oracle Enterprise Management Tool orcale Enterprise Manager (OEM)

mconfiguration Information: The Database Control has been started successfully. 14:41:40 oracle. sysman. emcp. emdbpostconfig configure mconfiguration Warning: The Database Control shortcut cannot be created. 14:41:41 oracle. sysman. emcp. emdbpostconfig configure mconfiguration Information: >>>>>>>>>> Database Control URL is http: // PC-20100401BTXZ: 5500/EM Enterprise

Oracle Enterprise Manager cannot log on

/aboutapplication Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g is not running. C: \ windows \ system32> emca-config dbcontrol DB Emca started at 9:59:45Em configuration assistant, official versionCopyright (c) 2003,200 5, Oracle. All rights reserved. Enter the following information:Database Sid: ChongYou have configured Da

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