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PHP Eclipse PDT Debug Environment Build ____php

The environment used in this post is: Win7 + PHP Version 5.2.17 thread safe +apache 2.2 + Zend Eclipse PDT +Studio Web debugger has been doing a Java EE, the company recently to use PHP, want to build their own PHP development environment, how to

Php development environment setup (eclipse pdt xampp xdebug)

1. Download and install and configure XAMPP   I downloaded the XAMPP lite (Lite version) Zip package, Http://www.apachefriends.org/zh_cn/xampp-windows.html   According to the description in XAMPP, decompressing the package to the root directory

Install Eclipse PDT in Ubuntu Linux

In Ubuntu Linux for PHP development, You can first install the LAMP environment and phpmyadmin Mysql database management tool, and then select an FTP Transfer tool such as Filezilla. Finally, we need to select the PHP development tool, the built-in

Professional PHP 7 Ide-eclipse PDT 40 finally born

June 22, 2016, the first open source free full support PHP 7 version of IDE-PDT 4 finally released. Originally I was expecting NetBeans 8.2, but PDT 4.0 was released and couldn't wait. PDT Team is pleased to announce that PDT new version-4.0

PDT + Xdebug Debug PHP

PDT + Xdebug Debug PHP environment: PHP Version 5.2.9-1 Apache 2.2.11Mysql5.0 PDT (PHP Development Tools) Http://www.eclipse.org/pdt/downloads/ Download pdt all-in-ones, and my website is pdt-all-in-one-win32-2.0.0ga.zip.

Comparison of PDT and PHPEclipse

1. Operating habits are similar, do not change 2. PDT is very good for F3 of class static functions and automatically directs to the correct class function, and phpeclipse only recognizes the function name, which will bounce out to let you select

Ide-eclipse PDT How to set PHP server

When you phper to develop PHP website, how do you usually see the effect of a page? Are you building projects directly with Eclipse in Apache's Htdoc directory?I installed the latest PDT plugin in Eclipse, The Xdebug was installed and the

EclipseforPHPDevelopers install PHP formatting plug-in pdt

The PHP code-based function of eclipsephp plug-in version is too weak. Today, I occasionally see the following website: www. ciphp. the com201112774comment-page-1 was then installed on the Virtual Machine: EclipseforPHPDevelopers looked for

ECLIPSE/PDT xdebug Debugging PHP

Software: XAMPP 1.6.6 uncompressed version. PDT 1.0.2 release All-in-one. XDebug 2.0.2 | Windows modules PHP 5.2.1-5.2.7. Note that the version of Xdebug must be compatible with the PHP version in XAMPP, XAMPP 1.6.6 PHP version is 5.2.5, so use

How to use eclipse PDT to debug a PHP program _php tutorial

This article is mainly about how to debug PHP code with eclipse PDT. 1. Download eclipse, find it on the official website, and verify that the current system has a Java environment, the JDK and the JRE. 2. Installed PDT, the use of an online

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