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Continue to cocos2dx3.2 study! One, vs development cocos2dx 3.2 ERA code folding. C is not as direct as C # #region can be folded, very distressed. Degree Niang Google, found can be like this: #pragma region name #pragma endregion rejoice extremely!

Problem children come from different world OVA discussion on the problems of PHP closure characteristics in practical application

Well, in fact, most of the time it is possible, and some aspects are still very disturbing, the following slow way. Many languages offer a very elegant and beautiful way to manipulate arrays. In the following example, the closure functionality

Optimization and analysis of PHP-FPM process in Linux

On several offline servers that are not very busy, the number of PHP-FPM processes is found to be more than 500, and some processes run for several months. The following troubleshooting was performed to determine if there is a problem with the

Is there a direct connection between the number of Pm.max children and the concurrency capability of PHP-FPM?

Is there a direct connection between the number of Pm.max children and the concurrency capability of PHP-FPM? Thank you Reply content: Is there a direct connection between the number of Pm.max children and the concurrency capability of PHP-FPM?

Php global variables and classes used in combination with full resolution _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

Php global variables and classes use full resolution. Case 1: father. php is defined as follows :? Php $ jack1000 ;? Children. php is defined as follows :? Phprequire (father. php); $ jack123; echo $ jack. n ;? Phpchildren. php running output is 123.

Problem children are coming from the different World OVA PHP interview encountered problems here do the next record

Code optimization Copy the Code code as follows: for ($i =0; $i Array_push ($week, $arr);} Copy the Code code as follows: for ($i =0; $i $week []= $arr [$i];}So there's no extra burden on the calling function. The advantages and

PHP tips for a few humble children

It is not trivial to say that small tricks, in fact, should be said to be not commonly used in the regular application bar. A lot of things are like this, know is a horse thing, will use is a horse thing, fine learning is another horse thing. To

Actual combat Nginx and PHP (FastCGI) installation, configuration and optimization ____php

from: One, what is FastCGIFastCGI is a scalable, high-speed interface for communicating between HTTP server and dynamic scripting languages. Most popular HTTP servers support FASTCGI, including Apache,

installation, configuration and optimization of Nginx and PHP (FastCGI)

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Better websites for children collected

I. Integrated Children's Network (1) 0-3 years old education 1, Sina parent-child center 2, Sohu maternal 3. Children's blog 4. China preschool education

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