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PHP Request remote URL content method

PHP requests a remote URL content with two methods fopen/file_get_contents and curl.The difference between 1,fopen/file_get_contents and curl(1) Fopen/file_get_contents each request will be re-made DNS query, does not cache the DNS information.

Php request rewriting-php Tutorial

A problem with php request rewriting a problem with php request rewriting My colleague asked me to help explain a problem: a PHP-generated redirect request generates two completely different records in the Nginx log: The response body size is

PHP Request a workaround for remote address setting timeout time _php tips

PHP Request remote Address set timeout, mainly explained file_get_contents, fopen, curl These three simple commonly used functions to set the time-out time method, generally recommended to use curl, the best performance, efficiency is the highest. 1

PHP Request Parameter limits

The company has a mass SMS small project, the project has been on the line for a long time there is no problem, recently there are businessmen said I can not use the message massThe phenomenon is: found sometimes can be sent, sometimes can not send,

Login via PHP Request

PHP/** * Created by Phpstorm. * User: Spirit Magic Museum * date:2016/5/24 0024 * Time: PM 17:07*///before you start to do a few notes, first you have to know the user name and password because it is simulated browser behavior to achieve login, the

Nginx parsing PHP request is 404

Just set up the LNMP environment, found that if my program is placed in a folder, and then Nginx agent when it will be 404;The Nginx configuration is as follows: # Pass the PHP scripts to FastCGI server listening on # ~


The place where PHP compares pits is to achieve the same goal, and can use super multiple means. For example (File_get_contents and fopen, and now the curl and fsockopen, and of course, sockets) are really hard to choose for a less experienced

How does a PHP request end?

The previous article said: Web-server will create a thread (process) to process received PHP requests. (The difference between using threads or processes can be found in blog: ). How

PHP Request PHP

function Post2 ($url, $data) {//file_get_content $postdata = http_build_query ( $data ); $opts = Array (' http ' = = Array (' method ' = ' + ' POST ',

PHP Request Remote Link

PHP request remote links commonly used to parse the interface of other people, generally we will think of using file_get_contents this function, but the efficiency of the sub-function is relatively low, if a large range of use may cause page lag

PHP Request Socket Interface Test Instance _php instance

Using PHP to read the socket interface data, pass the request method and request parameters through PHP, get the return result PHP File: connsocket ("getmaillist\r\n{' id ': 2}\r\n"); echo $result; } Private Function Connsocket

PHP request to return data in Geojson format

PHP/** Following code would list all the products*///Array for JSON response$response=Array();//include DB Connect classrequire_once__dir__. '/db_connect.php ';//Connecting to DB$db=NewDb_connect ();//get All products from the Products

Source-php-request-2-php tutorial

Source-php-request-2 php is more pitfall place is to achieve the same purpose, can use a variety of super means. For example, (file_get_contents, fopen, curl, fsockopen, and socket) is really difficult for a programmer with less experience. , So

Php? $ _ REQUEST

Php? $ _ REQUEST "; Var_dump ($ _ REQUEST); // The content does not contain 'foo' or 'bar'?> $ _ REQUEST? HTTP Request variables indicate that $ _ GET, $ _ POST, and $ _ COOKIE arrays are included by default. Var_dump ($ _ REQUEST); // The

PHP Request Socket Interface Test example detailed

This article mainly introduces the PHP request socket Interface Test example detailed, interested in the friend's reference, I hope to help you. Using PHP to read the data of the socket interface, pass the request method and request parameters

PHP Request Nginx Server returned 403

In the CentOS conf/include of the Nginx configuration of a virtual host, no virtual domain name, the default is to use the hostname as the domain name, the port is replaced by a custom port, but always return 403.In the online search said there are

Http request encapsulation example implemented by php and php request encapsulation example

Http request encapsulation example implemented by php and php request encapsulation example This example describes the http request encapsulation of php. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: /*** HTTP request


I'm used to using Fiddler to send the request header, because composer is so useful. But sometimes loops 1M times, you can not click 1M times. Of course Ab,tsung can be achieved. Sometimes program control is more convenient, so write these: for

How to do bulk delete in PHP? Request Code

How to do bulk delete in PHP? Request Code Recently doing a project, but the bulk delete has not been able to achieve the effect. I put the code below, you and Daniel help me to see, the problem is where, thank you again! 1. Bulk Delete if

A problem with PHP request rewriting

A problem with PHP request rewriting My colleague asked me to help explain a problem: a PHP-generated redirect request produces two distinct records in the Nginx log: One response body size is 0 bytes, and the other response body size is five

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