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Miscellaneous PID control algorithms-final article: using C language to implement PID Algorithms in 51 Single-Chip Microcomputer

; RK-PID-> CK; PID-> UK_REAL = PID-> UK_REAL + PID-> KP * (PID-> EK [0]-PID-> EK [1]) // after one differentiation, the integral is the original number + (float) PID-> KI *

Realization of fuzzy PID temperature control algorithm (a): The concept of parameter self-tuning fuzzy PID algorithm

Last semester has basically realized the PID temperature control algorithm, in order to write a small paper, the first thing this semester to do is to realize the fuzzy PID temperature control algorithm.The main difference between the structure of fuzzy control system and th

Position-based PID control algorithm

Just before soon had a PID, part of the procedure is as follows, for reference only /*============================================================================== In the use of single-chip microcomputer as the control of the CPU, please simplify, the specific PID parameters must be determined by the concrete object through the experiment. Because of the proce

Realization of PID temperature control

realization of PID temperature control Introduction to PIDPID (proportional Integral derivative) control is a control strategy which is mature and widely used in control engineering, and after long-term engineering practice, a complete set of

PID control to play and see

PID control to play and see PID three parameters exactly how to adjust, really is an art.Although there are self-measured functions in the Marlin firmware, the results are not as satisfying as they are, or need to be adjusted. But how exactly should it be adjusted? from which parameters do you start? Does the value increase or decrease? will not adjust this, but

C # Implementation of PID control simulation test and curve drawing

This paper is divided into two parts, part of the implementation of the PID algorithm, the other part is about how to use the dynamic curve to draw the results of the PID operation. First of all, the theoretical model of the PID algorithm, please refer to the theory of automatic control, the first occurrence of analog

PID controller-control crawling speed

I. First recognized PID Controller Winter folks like to heat up. The common situation is that four people are surrounded by Mahjong tables, with a pot of carbon at the bottom of the table. Some people think the fire is not big enough. Add some charcoal, not big enough. After a while, I felt that the fire was too big and my feet were almost cooked. Then I took out some wood Carbon ...... Until the fire in the basin is just right. In such a seemingly si

PID control to play and see

PID control to play and seePID three parameters exactly how to adjust, really is an art.Although there are self-measured functions in the Marlin firmware, the results are not as satisfying as they are, or need to be adjusted. But how exactly should it be adjusted? from which parameters do you start? Does the value increase or decrease? will not adjust this, but also need to go back to adjust the last one? T

Design of double closed-loop PID control for two-wheel self-balancing trolley

physical meaning and convenient observation, and the balance car is not very expensive from the cost, it occupies a small area, and is a good experiment tool . In addition, the research on the balance system based on this theory can adapt to the navigation and patrol of complex environment, and has great application potential in industrial production and social life.The control methods used in the two-wheel balance vehicle include : State feedback

PID control algorithm C source code

* Derror//Differential Term); }/*==================================================================================================== Initialize PID Structure pid parameter Initialization =====================================================================================================*/ voidPidinit (PID *PP) {memset (PP,0,sizeof(

PID control method and its realization in C language

Let's turn it into a simulation technology here!A period of time due to the control of switching power supply, do a bit of PID control algorithm, and before their own method of comparison, the feeling effect is really good, the key is the parameters adjusted after the stability, voltage fluctuation is relatively small, so there is a certain value and practical va

Marlin crowded temperature control PID value correction

Marlin crowded temperature control PID value correction Crowded the heater, the temperature sensor is installed, it is not urgent to directly specify the temperature of the work and heat. Because the temperature control PID parameters on the control panel have not been corre

PID control principle and algorithm

Closed-loop control is a control method based on the output feedback of the control object, which is corrected according to the norm or standard when measuring the deviation between the actual and the plan. For example, to control the speed of a motor, it is necessary to have a measuring speed of the sensor, and the re

Miscellaneous PID control algorithms-Article 2: tuning & #183; Three Quantities

In the previous article, the three constants in the PID algorithm play an approximate role in the PID algorithm, but in actual use, how to adjust the three PID control algorithms (or set them in more professional words. First, you can set all the three constants KP, KI, and KD to one and check whether the system's adju

Research on PID control algorithm

1, Matlab Fuzzy Control Toolbox:, Books: Advanced PID control MATLAB simulation/With3,, fuzzy control1. The composition of the fuzzy controller: Fuzziness: The main function is to select the input amount of the fuzzy controller and convert

Python through JS control scroll bar Pull the full text through psutil get PID window handle, through Win32gui to make the program window front through Pyauto implement right-click menu and Save as Operation

found')4. Right-click Operation via Autopy, and save page as fromAutopyImportKey, MousedefSave_result (Driver): Time_for_filename= Time.strftime ('%h%m%s') with open ('%s.html'%time_for_filename,'WB') as F:f.write (Driver.page_source.encode ('Utf-8')) #e = Driver.find_element_by_xpath ('//img[@src = "/static/images/logo.png"] #actionchains (Driver). Context_click (E). Perform () #Time.sleep (1.5) #ESC exits the right-click menu #Key.tap (key. K_escape) #driver.set_wind

Increment PID control function source code (C language)

Bowen from: typedef struct pid{Double Command; Input directivesDouble proportion; Proportional coefficientDouble Integral; Integral coefficientDouble derivative; Differential coefficientDouble Pre2err; First two beat errorDouble Preerr; Previous beat Error}pid; Double Pidcale (PID *p,double feedback){Double E

Incremental PID control C-language code

Incremental PID Control C-Language code Incremental-PID Control formula: The above U (k) is the amount of control increment, and "incremental pid" is controlled directly by this increment. As for the parameters of the adjustment,

Several PID control codes in C Language

1. incremental PID control algorithm Void pid_control (void) {offside1 = standard_speed-actual_speed; // calculate the current speed deviation R1 = Kp * (offside1-offside2); r2 = Ki * offside1; pid_result = (unsigned char) (R1 + R2); // The floating point number is forcibly converted to the hexadecimal number offside2 = offside1 ;} 2. PID

PID control of Gaussian distribution input in MATLAB

=error (k); Endfigure (1);p lot (Time,rin, ' B ', time,yout, ' R '); Xlabel (' Time (s) '); Ylabel (' Rin,yout ')  Three, Gaussian distribution of input%pid controlerclear All;close all;s=1:1:500;in = 0.1*randn (1,500) +1; % of 500 (0.95,1.05) of the random number of the distribution of the plot (S,in, ' * '); grid ONTS=0.001;SYS=TF (5.235e005,[1,87.35,1.047e004,0]);% Build transfer function dsys= C2D (sys,ts, ' z ');% converts a continuous time model

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