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Building-mobile-apps-with-ionic-2 Chinese Translation work

There hasn't been much work lately,And then we finish the book,And then I couldn't find what to do,So why don't you translate the book?This book first gives us the basic knowledge of Ionic 2,Ionic 2 and Ionic 1 have essentially the difference,Ionic 1 is using angular 1,Ionic 2 is using angular 2,and is used by the typescript developed.The author then taught us to make 5 applications.Finally, test, debug, package, and publish to the App Store.The translation of the Chinese title to "Ionic 2 from

Sharing 15 essential new resources and tools for developers to develop mobile apps sharing 15 essential new resources and tools for developers to develop mobile apps

and supports touch.Demo 4. jqmphp: HTML code generation of jquery mobile Jqmphp is an open-source project designed to simplify jquery mobile's development with PHP.This is a PHP class that can generate HTML output,JqmphpIsPHPTo easily create HTML files and then use the jquery mobile framework.All classes can be converted to strings in the jqmphp package Demo 5. vinisketch designer: Free tools for

HoloLens Development Notes-build 2D apps Building 2D Apps

also ensures a better voice experience. HoloLens is responsible for handling all the complex content of UWP apps, abstracting your gaze and gestures and translating them into pointer events for the regular UWP input mechanism. For example, HoloLens clicker simulates air-tap gestures, but 2D applications do not need to know where the input came from, they only know that a pointer click event has occurred.The following is a high-level concept/scenario

The prototype creation tool for mobile apps

paying 299 knives/month fees. There are other options available between the two options, not to be added here. 2. App Machine AppMachine is an easy-to-use platform for building and designing professional native applications on iOS and Android. By using the drag-and-drop interface, you can freely integrate different building blocks to showcase the variety of app features, such as integrating some informati

Building iPhone apps with html css and JavaScript

provides localstorage, sessionstorage and client database 9. Use HTML5 to implement offline applicationsOffline applications need to store a manifest file on the server, and then The file format of manifest is as follows:Cache manifestIndex.htmlScripts/demo. jsStyles/screen.cssNetwork: ----> fallback:Logo.jpg ----> logo.jpg offline.jpgNetwork indicates the online file whitelist. If you are offline, this image will not be displayed. If you want to replace this image with other images, you can ch

Get started building Android apps with Eclipse PhoneGap

. Select your application under Android application on the left side of the Run Configurations dialog box. Click the Target tab, and then select Manual as Deployment Target Selection Mode. When you are ready to start the application, click Run (see Figure 14). Figure 14. Prepare to run the application on the device.In the Android Device Chooser dialog box, you can select an emulator or a connected Android device. All of your connected Android devices will be displayed in th

10 tips for building excellent professional Android apps with Firemonkey

Original link: article has simplified the original text.# 1, using SSL secure data connectionIf you are using Rese or tidhttp components in your mobile app, you should use SSL to encrypt your connection to keep your users ' data safe. or use TurboPower LockBox

Android API Guides web app ------------ Building Web Apps in WebView (WebView and page binding)

Android API Guides web app ------------ Building Web Apps in WebView (WebView and page binding) If you want to implement a web app on your mobile phone or load a web page in the app, you need to use the WebView control. This WebView class is an extension subclass of the View class. It allows web pages to be displayed as part of the application layout. It does not

Pitfalls that traditional enterprises may encounter when building their own apps

both sides or parties, who cannot persuade anyone. Because the company personnel position represents the interest, itself is far away from the audience user, no one can speak on behalf of the user. It would be better to have a A/ b Test with data at this time.Myth VI: Information over-display"User Experience "," shortening the path "," user behavior " are now being consumed by the transition, and their significance seems to provide theoretical support for all designs with personal emotional fac


I 've already posted before on how to set up Hudson to compile and build iPhone applications, but I just had a "omg I I do most of my mobile development literally while I'm mobile; on the train during my morning commute, from coffee shops on the weekend, or in front of the TV in the evenings when I'm winding down for the night. because of this, I don't have any consistent time when I'm making checkins, n

jquery mobile App 2nd, "Building cross-platform App:jquery Mobile mobile app" Serial Two (simple Qwer keyboard)

have to wrap it to show the content.Tip: In fact, with the jquery Mobile column layout function is much better than this way, but because the column layout can only produce a regular layout, so in the actual use of according to the actual situation to determine the specific use of which method is more appropriate.If you like these examples, it is highly recommended that this is an introductory book on app development for people without any foundation

Building cross-platform App:jquery Mobile mobile app in Chinese PDF scan version

jquery Mobile is currently the most popular cross-platform mobile development Framework, "building cross-platform App:jquery Mobile mobile app combat" with an example-driven approach, so that zero-based readers can easily grasp the application development under JQuery

What needs to be done before mobile apps are developed

As the name suggests, the so-called mobile phone program can be installed in the mobile phone program, improve the original system of deficiencies and personalization. With the development of science and technology, the function of mobile phone is more and more, more and more powerful. is not as simple as the past, the current development to the computer can be c

Why choose React to create hybrid mobile apps?

"Editor's note" the author is the 14islands co-founder and creative Web developer David Lindkvist, who focuses on all aspects of hybrid application building. The article is a domestic ITOM management platform OneAPM compiled rendering.Recently, we were fortunate to work with Fjord to create a HMTL5 hybrid application for its users from scratch.Hybrid mobile apps

"http" speed and Mobility:an approach-HTTP 2.0 to make Mobile Apps and the Web Faster

Prese Rve the existing semantics of HTTP.Why this approach?Improving HTTP starts with speed. There is already broad consensus on the need to make Web browsing much faster.We think that apps-not just browsers-should get faster too. More and more, apps is how people access Web services, in addition to their browser.Improving HTTP should also make mobile better. Fo

Mobile devices and SharePoint 2013-part 5th: Customizing apps

pattern, you benefit from a manageable layer of layers that can be independently developed, tested, and modified.Source: Architecture of the Windows Phone SharePoint List Application TemplateThe SharePoint Phone Application Wizard guides you through 5 simple steps for project setup, with templates that you can use in a few hours from the SharePoint listTraverse to the Windows Phone mobile app.See also: Overview of the Windows Phone SharePoint 2013 Ap

Xamarin-use. Net to develop cross-platform mobile apps

Xamarin-use. Net to develop cross-platform mobile apps Mobile appProgramThe biggest headache for developers is to ensure that their programs can run on mobile phones of the latest IOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. Xamarin CEO Nat Friedman hopes to provide them with tools for sharing on three platformsCodeT

10 tips for building a HTML5 mobile app

"10 Tips for building HTML5 mobile apps"See the original: mobile apps with HTML5 allows experienced web developers

Build mobile Web Development step by step--Environment building

Since 2007, Jobs has brought the first iphone, the entire mobile internet has turned upside-down changes, but also to prove that Jobs's famous saying: "Change the world again."In today's mobile internet, mobile apps are mostly, many apps on

8 Development frameworks for building IOS-style mobile Web applications

Developing mobile applications using HTML5,CSS3 and JavaScript has proven to be a practical way. Here are a few IOS-style mobile app development frameworks that help you develop mobile apps using the Web technology you're good at. Most of these tools are based on HTML CSS, while others may need to use JavaScript libra

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