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master configuration of PostgreSQL (not ha, not eagerly)

This is just part of the note, the master hangs up and cuts to the repository.Master:192.168. 1.111 from: 192.168. 1.222Primary serversudo apt-get Install rsyncFrom the serversudo apt-get install Rsyncsudo apt-get install Openssh-serverMaster dbCreate usersudo-'123456'; \q exitModifying a configuration fileVim/etc/postgresql/9.x/main/pg_hba.conf0.0. 0.0/0 MD5Vim/etc/postgresql/9.x/main/postgresql.conf" * "

The HA solution for PostgreSQL-Project Overview

The database used by the company PostgreSQL, has been running smoothly, but the recent Java new management platform, due to more users, concurrency is relatively large. In addition the new system may also have problems with optimization, so PG often crashes, so I began to study how to matter PG's high-performance, high-availability HA db cluster solution. The main idea is to use PostgreSQL's own stream repl

The HA solution for PostgreSQL-1 master-slave and back-up (Master/slave and backup)

Label:I. Deployment notes1.1 Implementation EnvironmentThe experimental environment for this document is as follows:Pgsql Host: Standby Machine: and system versionsPgsql version: Pgsql 9.2.4Linux version: Redhat 5.81.2 Document DescriptionThis document details the dual-machine extension of PG, so that the Pgsql database is equipped with dual-machine hot-standby-stream replication function. Note that there is a master-slave relationship in the hot standby of

Apache version of Hadoop ha cluster boot detailed steps "including zookeeper, HDFS ha, YARN ha, HBase ha" (Graphic detail)

Not much to say, directly on the dry goods!  1, start each machine zookeeper (,,, start the ZKFC ([Email protected] hadoop-2.6.0]$ pwd/opt/modules/hadoop-2.6.0[Email protected] hadoop-2.6.0]$ sbin/ start ZKFC Then, see "authored" Https://   Full network most detailed start or format ZKFC when the route to host appears ...

Mysql HA-Install DRBD + HeartBeat + Mysql On Redhat 6.3, ha-installdrbd

Mysql HA-Install DRBD + HeartBeat + Mysql On Redhat 6.3, ha-installdrbd Configuration information: Primary:Name:zbdba1OS:redhat 6.3IP: 6.3IP: The procedure is as follows: 1. Install DRBD 2. Install Mysql 3. Test DRBD 4. Install Heartbeat 5. Test Heartbeat 1. Install DRBDDownload drbd:Wget http://oss

HA high-availability cluster and HA Available Cluster

HA high-availability cluster and HA Available ClusterPrepare two machines:Master: master, slave: master192.168.254.141 slave1. Master and master installation:Wget epel-release-6-8_64.noarch.rpmYum install-y libnetyum install-y heartbeat2. Edit the three configurati

ha-cluster (high available) HA cluster (dual standby) rookie entry level

HA (High available) High Availability cluster ( two-machine hot standby)1. Understanding: Two servers A and B , when a service, B idle standby, when a service outage, will automatically switch to the B machine to continue to provide services. When the host is back to normal, the data consistency is resolved through the shared storage system by automatically or manually switching to the host as set by the user.2. The software that implements this func

Understanding OpenStack High Availability (HA) (5): MySQL HA

Label:This series analyzes OpenStack's high availability (HA) concepts and solutions: (1) Overview of OpenStack high-availability scenarios (2) Neutron L3 Agent HA-VRRP (Virtual Routing Redundancy Protocol) (3) Neutron L3 Agent ha-dvr (Distributed virtual machine router) (4) RabbitMQ HA (5) MySQL HA1. MySQL

Oracle ha High Availability detailed (ii, in-depth parsing of TAF, and HA framework)

Tags: managing databases Oracle RAC HAOracle HA High Availability detailed (one, client, server-side service details): Http://'ve seen Taf. Oracle's session can be automatically reconnected, it should be explained that this capability is based on the OCI, is a function of the OCI, JDBC Thin driver Invalid, because this driver is not built on the OCI library.Although this feature originated in RAC, TAF is not limited to RA

Linux-HA practice (2)-virtual IP address of TFS Nameserver HA

The machine-level HA for the Nameserver of TFS can be done through the virtual IP mechanism. You only need a 'heartbeat' to solve the problem. The following is a simple example of the next step. ** Operating system **: 'centos 6.4 x86_64 '** Heartbeat **: ''' [root @ jdzhan1 ha. d] # rpm-q heartbeatheartbeat-3.0.4-2.el6.x86_64 ''' ----- ** Step0 **: Install Heartbeatyum installation and source code installa

True love life, away from outsourcing! Ha ha

; PARAMETERS[5]. Value = model. Returnorderreason; PARAMETERS[6]. Value = DateTime.Now.ToString ("yyyymmddhhmmssfff") + moDel. Userid.padleft (5, ' 0 ') + "RO"; Dbhelpersql.runprocedure ("Api_returnorder_add", parameters, out rowsaffected); return (int) parameters[0]. Value; } Stored procedures: CREATE PROCEDURE api_returnorder_add@returnorderid int output, @ProductSKUId int, @UserId int, @ReturnCount int,@ Applyreturnmoney Decimal (18,2), @ReturnOrderRe

In python, if X is a list, why can X + = "ha" Run While X = x + "ha" throw an exception?

Problem As we all know, in Python, The + operator can be used on the list, and the + operator only needs the second operand to be iterated (Original: iterable. @ Justjavac), then+ The operation can obviously be performed on "ha. The Code is as follows: >>> x = []>>> x += "ha">>> x['h', 'a']>>> x = x + "ha"Traceback (most recent call last):File "Answer When we use

Oracle ha High Availability specific explanation (ii, in-depth parsing of TAF, and HA framework)

Label: Oracle HA High Availability specific explanation (one, client, server-side service specific explanation): Http:// We've seen Taf. Oracle's session can be connected on its own initiative, and it needs to be explained. This capability is based on the OCI and is a function of the OCI, and the JDBC Thin driver is invalid. Because such a drive is not built on the OCI library. Although this feature originated in RAC. But

CentOS 7 under source code compilation install PHP support PostgreSQL postgresql manual PostgreSQL website download PostgreSQL video teach

1. Download the source code $ mkdir /usr/downloads$ wget -c$ tar -xvf php-5.6.20.tar.gz$ mv php-5.6.20 /usr/local/src$ cd !$ cd php-5.6.20 2. Read the installation Instructions $ ls -also$ less README$ less INSTALL 3. Installing dependent Packages $ yum install apr apr-util apr-devel apr-util-devel prce lynx 4. Installing httpd $ wget -c$ tar -xvf httpd-2.4.20.tar.gz$ cd httpd-2.4.20$ ./config

Hadoop2 Namenode ha + federated + Resource Manager ha Experiment

The Hadoop version of the experiment was 2.5.2, the hardware environment is 5 virtual machines, using the CentOS6.6 operating system, the virtual machine IP and hostname are: Node1.zhch192.168.63.172 Node2.zhch192.168.63.173 Node3.zhch192.168.63.174 Node4.zhch192.168.63.175 Node5.zhch SSH password-free, firewall, JDK here is not a repeat. The role assignments for virtual machines are:Node1 main Namenode1, Master Resource Manager, zookeeper, JournalnodeNode2 to prepare namendoe1, zo

HDFS HA Series Experiment Three: Ha+nfs+zookeeper

Due to the time relationship, the original plan on the Hadoop cluster2 implementation of Ha+nfs+zookeeper, changed to implement on the Hadoop cluster1, so that the SSH no password login configuration link and hadoop cluster configuration link. The configuration environment of this article is based on the HDFS HA series experiment Two: Ha+journalnode+zookeeper. 1:

Simple understanding of HA and ha cluster removal

nodes, provide more than the dual-machine hot standby, higher functionality, to meet the changing needs of users.three ways to implement HA :(1) Master-SlaveUnder normal circumstances, the work is undertaken by the primary node, only when the primary node fails, the server will automatically switch to the slave node, the node will start the service, usually do not start the service, the primary server must have a cluster IP(vip), Services, Public sto

An issue to be aware of when Hadoop goes from non-ha to Namenode ha

Configure Core-site.xmlConfigure Hdfs-site.xmlConfigure Mapred-site.xmlConfigure Yarn-site.xmlSend to other nodesModify RM 2.. N the node information aboveFormat ZK HDFs Zkfc-formatzkInitialize Journalnode:HDFs namenode-initializesharededitsYou need to start the process of each Journalnode node before the operation.Otherwise, formatting is unsuccessful.No reformatting of data is required to turn from non-ha to ha

Codis proxy layer HA, codisproxy layer HA

Codis proxy layer HA, codisproxy layer HA For Java users, you can use the modified Jedis ------- Jodis to implement HA on the proxy layer. It monitors the registration information on zk to obtain the list of currently available proxies in real time, which can ensure high availability or achieve Load Balancing by requesting all proxies in turn. The jodis address i

Ah ha-Ha, the latest winner of the championship tricks seek death


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