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Find pseudo-inverse matrix C + + code (Eigen library)

Inverse matrix pseudoinverse of matrices with non-matricesPseudo-inverse matrices are generalized forms of inverse matrices, generalized inverse matricesMATLAB is PINV (a)-"inv (a)."#include"stdafx.h"#include#include#includeTemplate_matrix_type_

3 Generalized inverse matrices

3. Generalized inverse matrix 3.1 definition Generalized inverseAMXN,XMXN a_{m \times n}, x_{m \times n}, if X meets moore-penrose conditions axa=a xax=x (AX) h=ax (ax) ^h=ax (XA) h=xa (XA) ^h=xais called X is a generalized inverse matrix,

How to prevent inverse algorithm

If you are unlucky enough to have a good understanding of the WIN32 application environment, your software will eventually be arbitrarily ravaged by the fierce debugger. But you are far from being defeated, if the anti-debugging technology

Java Theory and Practice: pseudo-typedef anti-mode

Adding generics to the Java language adds complexity to the type system and increases the verbosity of many variables and method declarations. Because there is no "typedef" tool to define the short name of the type, some developers turn to the

Finding generalized inverse matrices of non-square matrix in MATLAB

If it is not a square matrix, there will be a generalized inverse matrix (pseudo inverse), which is implemented using pinv () in MATLAB.The basic syntax is X = pinv (A), x = pinv (A, Tol), where ToL is an error, and pinv is the abbreviation of

Introduction to algorithm 2.4 The algorithm of inverse order number __ in merging sort

2-4 in reverse order Set A[1...N] is an array that contains n different numbers. If, in the case of Ia[j], then (I,J) is called an inverse pair in a. (1) List The five reverse order of the array {2,3,8,6,1}. (2) If the elements of the array are

Makefile summary and inverse sequence character array, the whole right-shift array, Yang Hui triangle!

2015.1.23I'm on duty today.Continue with yesterday Makefile's goal begins to record:The first kind: there is. Phnoy declaration, but no dependent file after colon. Phnoy:cleanclean://No dependent filesRM *.0 TempThe second type: the file before and

Deep understanding of CSS pseudo-class selectors (code example)

This article brings you the content is about in-depth understanding of CSS pseudo-class selector knowledge (code example), there is a certain reference value, the need for friends can refer to, I hope to help you. Objective In the past sporadic to

CSS Magic Hall: slightly deeper pseudo-class selector

Objective In the past sporadic to understand and use :link , ::after and content other pseudo-class, pseudo-element selector, recently found this lack of reading, so decided to study a little bit, the following is the pseudo-class part of the

Hopper reverse pseudo-code makes the big surprise

Online Introduction Hopper has a lot of reverse pseudo-code articles, and think it is omnipotent and cool B. But no one to prove Hopper's inverse pseudo-code reference coefficient (reference value, we have done the development are clear, some

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